Iran seeks death for American 'spy'

2011-12-27 16:30

Tehran - An American man accused by Iran of working for the CIA could face the death penalty, the semi-official Fars news agency reported on Tuesday.

In a closed court hearing, the prosecution applied for capital punishment, the report said, because the suspect, identified as Amir Mirzaei Hekmati, "admitted that he received training in the United States and planned to imply that Iran was involved in terrorist activities in foreign countries" after returning to the US.

The prosecutor said Hekmati entered Iran's intelligence department three times.

The report said Hekmati repeated a confession broadcast on state TV December 18.

Under Iranian law, spying can lead to death penalty only in military cases .

The Fars report said Hekmati's lawyer, who was identified only by his surname, Samadi, denied the charges. He said Iranian intelligence blocked Hekmati from infiltrating, and under the Iranian law, intention to infiltrate is not a crime.

The lawyer said Hekmati was deceived by the CIA. No date for the next court hearing was released.

Hekmati, 28, was born in Arizona. His family is of Iranian origin. His father, who lives in Michigan, said his son is not a CIA spy and was visiting his grandmothers in Iran when he was arrested.

Iran charges that as a US Marine, he received special training and served at US military bases in Iraq and Afghanistan before heading to Iran for his alleged intelligence mission.

  • Sharkshoot - 2011-12-27 22:11

    The plot thickens. Sounds like a scene from a spy movie. He has all the credentials to be a spy...parentage, has infiltrated their intelligence...I'd be suspicious too.

  • Garth - 2011-12-28 07:11

    This is the perfect opportunity for both america and iran to put their swords back in their pants and to consider the rest of us. Everyone knows that a confession has been elicited. If Iran does the right thing and deports him, it will ease the tensions that have been there since 1979. Many in america have sought such an excuse to vent their hatred and fear on the peoples of that ancient land. That rabid, `short-man-syndrome' amadinejihad(sp.) has been rattling his anti-american sabre for too long. He should sheath it, before america does where he would not prefer. @muedes - iran's resistance on the battlefield will disappear as quickly as iraq's did and the end result will be the same - fragmentation and then prolonged internal strife between the different muslim factions. The ancient culture that has seen much foreign domination would be free - and war shall grant it that chance.

  • Kevin - 2011-12-28 08:21

    All the talk of war wont happen under Obama and the Iranians know this. However if one of the wild eyed Republicans wins in November they had better rethink their strategy. It cant be lost on them that two of their neighbours have been bombed into the 19th century and had hundreds of thousands of their citizens killed. If one of the real Republican party crazies wins they could nuke Iran, then God help the world. Iran should behave in a civilised manner and stop arresting stupid US citizens for minor infractions and claiming they are spies. The US spies by searching the newspapers, internet postings, blogs etc, by sending in stealth drones to take pictures as well as satellite photographs, and by debriefing ordinary Iranians travelling in the west, after all this is the 21st century. Iran should beware of the Blackberry revolution.

  • Brian - 2011-12-28 17:37

    Only good outcome if Zionist America attacks Iran , No more Israhell, it nuclear plants will be targeted by thousands of Iran bombs raining down from the sky like stairrods. Zionist controlled America know that should the Zionist once again embroil America in a war for Zionist greed and plunder , that the despotic , corrupy , evil state of Isreahell will no longer be habitable. Never ever forget Iran already has already developed weapons as powerful as nuclear weapons and with 20 thousand missiles raining down on Israehell within seconds of any agression aganist Iran will mean the end of Israhell. Its the only good thing that can come out of such Zionist warmongering. Iran may also cease to exist but think about it , the Zionist will be millons less, only trouble is the world will be tortured again with their cry, (we was perecuted). Only this time their will be some truth in their pleas.

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