Iran ship disaster - life pod found

2011-10-22 10:14

Tehran - Iranian officials were hoping on Saturday to find six survivors inside a life pod recovered from an oil services ship that sank in the Gulf, leaving seven others missing and feared dead, state television reported.

Sixty of the 73 people on the ill-fated vessel were rescued on Thursday by naval and civilian boats.

The life pod from the ship - which was said to be watertight and contain a 48-hour supply of oxygen - was hauled to the surface and was headed to shore, where it would be opened.

State television said it was believed at least six of the ship's occupants made it into the pod.

  • Michael - 2011-10-22 11:29

    Copied from Neil Pimento Sat Supv Last evening 21/10/2011 at 2100 hrs we found the vessel,my diver sovince john located the HRC kept tapping no response same with the chamber.Managed to get to the bell which is still locked on found the bell half flooded,the diver kept knocking and we tried to get to just one port hole to peek inside but there was no access.We launched a second bell with 3 man team and they have discovered the other living chamber door open...We have the bell down and penetrating into the system hoping for a slim chance .

  • Michael - 2011-10-22 11:33

    Copied from PG Dive page on Facebook. " Vessel laying to its port side ( Side of sat system) gas quads or control van all scattered away . Bell Diver confirmed HRC flooded , door open. Can not reach to port hole of Living chamber as its been obstructed by derbies, grating ect. Swiber vessel Atlantic, which was heading to location been asked to returned back by Iranian authority . Dulam vessel Providence will be carrying out jobs Contingency plan being discussed for sat divers to enter in to living chamber.( three man bell run, one in bell, one out of chamber door and one go in) All hopes been diminished and we have to remember this historic tragedy for our life long.''

  • Kevin - 2011-10-23 09:12

    Where do you get your information from ??? it was a Saturation diving chamber with 6 Divers trapped inside. NOT a LIFE POD. These 6 Divers didn't survive. If you are going to write a article about tragedy, have the decency to get the facts correct

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