Iran to 'aid anyone confronting Israel'

2012-02-03 17:59

Tehran - Iran will help any nation or group that confronts the "cancer" Israel, the Islamic Republic's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Friday.

He also said in remarks delivered to worshippers at prayers in Tehran and broadcast on state TV that the country would continue its controversial nuclear programme, and warned that any military strike by the US would only make Iran stronger.

Khamenei also warned that Tehran would reveal a letter that it says US President Barack Obama sent the Iranian leadership in an attempt to end the nuclear stand-off. He said it shows that the Americans cannot be trusted. The White House has denied that such a letter exists.

Iranian officials have consistently reacted defiantly to indications by the US and Israel that they might at some point take military action against Iranian nuclear facilities.

Any statement by Iran's Supreme Leader, who has final say on all matters of state, makes it all the more unlikely that Tehran will switch tack.

Khamenei affirmed that Iran had assisted militant groups like the Lebanese Hezbollah and the Palestinian Hamas - a well-known policy, but one that Iranian leaders rarely state explicitly.

No fear

"We have intervened in anti-Israel matters, and it brought victory in the 33-day war by Hezbollah against Israel in 2006, and in the 22-day war" between Hamas and Israel in the Gaza Strip, he said.

Israel's large-scale military incursion against Hamas in 2008-2009 in Gaza ended in a cease-fire, with Israel claiming to have inflicted heavy damage on the militant organisation.

The war in Lebanon ended with a UN-brokered truce that sent thousands of Lebanese troops and international peacekeepers into southern Lebanon to prevent another outbreak.

"From now on, in any place, if any nation or any group confronts the Zionist regime, we will endorse and we will help. We have no fear expressing this," said Khamenei.

He said Israel is a "cancerous tumour that should be cut and will be cut".

The remarks are a rare direct acknowledgment by an Iranian leader of Tehran's intervention against Israel in armed conflicts. Iran has usually said in the past that it offers political support to Hezbollah and the Palestinian groups.

Military option

An Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesperson said he wasn't surprised by Khamenei's remarks. "It's the same kind of hate speech that we've been seeing from Iran for many years now," Yigal Palmor said.

Khamenei also said that the US will suffer defeat and lose standing in the region, if Washington decides to use military force to stop the country's nuclear programme.

"Iran will not withdraw. Then what happens?" asked Khamenei. "In conclusion, the West's hegemony and threats will be discredited" in the Middle East. "The hegemony of Iran will be promoted. In fact, this will be in our service."

Both US and Israel have not ruled out a military option against Iran's nuclear facilities, which the West suspects are aimed at developing weapons technology.

Iran says its nuclear activities have geared toward peaceful purposes such as power generation and medical isotopes.

Another potential military flashpoint is the Strait of Hormuz at the mouth of the Persian Gulf. Iran has threatened to close the strait in response to US and EU sanctions targeting the country's oil exports.

American 'deception'

Khamenei warned that Iran might reveal a letter that it claims to have received from President Obama, which he implied had contained promises that Washington had not offered.

"The US president sent a letter to us and we replied. Then they showed reaction and took action. The letters one day will be revealed to the public and people will find what their words are. One of our essential jobs is to be aware about their deceptions in their promises and smiles," he said.

Khamenei did not say when the letters had supposedly been exchanged.

An Iranian lawmaker in January claimed that Obama had asked for direct talks with Iran in a secret letter, that also warned Tehran against closing the Strait of Hormuz.

Obama administration officials have denied there was such a letter. Tehran and Washington cut diplomatic relations in the aftermath of Iran's 1979 Islamic revolution.

Half of Khamenei's nearly two-hour speech was delivered in Arabic, an apparent nod to the Arab world. Iran has applauded the victory of Islamist groups in elections in 2011 and 2012 that followed the toppling of authoritarian regimes in Egypt and Tunisia.

The Supreme Leader said the Islamist electoral victories will "weaken and isolate" Israel, and that they represented the failure of what he said was US policy based on "anti-Islam" propaganda.

  • Aaron - 2012-02-03 18:10

    VIVA Khamenei for taking such a noble stance against the zionist racist apartheid entity

      Squeegee - 2012-02-03 18:19


      Adam - 2012-02-03 18:20

      viva the israelis that are gonna drop A bombs on islamic republic of scum

      Adam - 2012-02-03 18:24

      lol - and wat about the racist state of (insert every islamic states name here) not to mention sexist? you people must get off your high holy quaran and start seeing the way the world is for what it really is. youi guyshave tried to destroy israel on several occcasions and every single time you go home running with your tale between your legs, so i would say best of luck trying again, except i dont wish you any luck, i wish israel the greatest of blessings when you rubbishes are brought to justice for funding terror groups who target woman and children(sometimes in their sleep) i wont shed a tear when when pictures of teran are shown on the news, buildings up in flames in the back round. have a great weekend

      Godfried - 2012-02-03 18:37

      Squeegee is troll the English for Drol ?

      Ivan - 2012-02-03 22:31

      A guy named Aaron against the state of Israel? Makes sense!

      Dirk - 2012-02-04 05:44

      Aaron is deception. His real name is Barry Mohamed.. Nothing new. Most, the ones with sense, have known all along that this is so and simply justifies Israels intentions to destoy the nuclear sites in Iran. I do hope that they will have a few secondary targets as well and this ajatolla seems a perfect candidate.

      Bram - 2012-02-04 10:41


      rbczovczov - 2012-02-04 17:14

      This is reason enough for Israel to attack Iran Nuclear Facilities. What's the holdup?

      Juan - 2012-02-04 17:15

      Hmmm so Iran is openly declaring that they will support terrorists. The West doesn't take kindly to that, dumn move.

      Fred - 2012-02-07 19:29

      Patrick, open your eyes buddy. They're glued shut.

      Fred - 2012-02-07 19:31

      Adam, it's important to differentiate between the Iranian regime with its extremist supporters and the Iranian people.

  • Squeegee - 2012-02-03 18:20

    Iran will soon go BOOM when Israel does what is necessary...

      kthage - 2012-02-03 19:27

      You do realize that Israel is begging for US help, because they know that Iran is not Gaza or Syria. Iran will retaliate, they did it before when Saddam attacked. The close proximity between Israel and Iran, will make the war between the two very interesting. Another interesting thing is that Israel cannot use its A-bombs, because the World will never forgive such action. The only thing that will validate an attack on Iran is US involvement, without their support, Israel will face a huge challenge. Iran right now has been squeezed into a corner, what else can it do, put yourself in her shoes.

      kthage - 2012-02-03 20:24

      @Frank, Are you a military analyst? Israeli swiftly attacked Syrian nuclear facilities in September 2007 without any pre-threats or rallying for Western support. Israel is not stupid they know what they are up against, with Iran they have been making threats for ages. Why do you think Israel is approaching Iran differently compared to Syria?

      Nibiru - 2012-02-03 21:46

      @kthage So Iran is now an Arab country, your comments should be ignored completely

      jeremy002 - 2012-02-04 07:09

      @kthage - Iran is not an Arab country, they are Persians who happen to be Islamic. The majority speak the farsi language. There is a huge sentiment and growing movement against the totally oppressive fundamentalist radical Islamic government in Iran, ever since they took over in the revolution against the Shah some decades ago. Huge amounts of people choose to follow Islam, but hate the radical government, who run a police state based on fear. The oppression there for any dissident is far greater than what non-whites had to endure under apartheid. Just log onto some of the web sites run by Iranian defectors in the free world and get a taste of what is really going on. As for Israel, it is the stated policy and aim of Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran's Oh my dinner jacket (Ahmedinejad), etc, etc that the state of Israel must be wiped out completely. No amount of appeasement, talks, negotiations and peace settlements will satisfy them. From a biblical point of view, this is a no brainer. "I will bless those that bless you, and curse those that curse you (Israel)". According to bible prophecy, Israel will suffer defeat for a time after the Son of Perdition is revealed, but after that the Messiah (second coming) will utterly defeat all His and Isreal's enemies. Amen to that.

      Garth - 2012-02-04 07:32

      @kthage - um, Syria is also run by shiites. Just thought I would let you in on a well-known secret.

      Juan - 2012-02-04 17:19

      The sad part is that countless innocent people will die. The West must just get rid of the lunatics at the top, that president and supreme leader. The people of Iran don't deserve war.

  • pacmanza - 2012-02-03 18:21

    Israeli and US propaganda machines in full flair.

      Adam - 2012-02-03 18:54

      as opposed to arab women crying that their child is dead after sending them to stand in the front line of battle and dressing them up as suicide bombers every other weekend? please... cutting all the sh1t aside, the arab world is so useless at managing its own affairs that they find israel to be the perfect scapegoat.... amazing how hard you guys care for the poor palestinians who have a better standard of life(and receive full benefits from israel) but you dont a thing to say about the people of syria? more of whom have died in the past 6 months then all the palestinians in over 10 yrs? wow. really says something about propaganda dousnt it?

      lindz.kok - 2012-02-03 19:33

      if you kick against what the west stands for then f@ckoff out of the western world and my country we dont want you!

      Garth - 2012-02-04 07:38

      @pacman - did you read the article? Just from what I read, methinks this is a report on a 2 hour speech made by khamenei and is ayatollah propaganda against Israel and the USA. OPEN BOTH EYES WHEN YOU READ!!

  • ISO - 2012-02-03 18:29

    I see s@#t coming pretty soon!

      Leonard - 2012-02-03 18:43

      Great. Something to watch on telly...

      Byron - 2012-02-03 21:29

      wow ... war=death=entertainment?

  • Matthew Patrick - 2012-02-03 18:47

    The fascist state of Israel and that crazy dictator Khamenei were comparing penis size again. I wonder what Israel is hiding or what dirt they have on the US, or even what secrets they share? There must be a reason the US puts up with Israel's oppressive, racist regime!

      Chris - 2012-02-03 20:17

      The reason for the USA-Israel alliance is due to the cold war, where Israel was courted by both the East and the West. The West won Israel, USSR won various Arab states such as Syria and Iran, all based on military aid. After the end of the cold war, Israel remains a "friend" of the USA as they are looking after the West's strategic interests in the region. This is it in a nutshell, the details fall outside the scope of news24 blogs.

  • Herman - 2012-02-03 18:58

    The US media is priming us for the next OIL war they NEED. Israel is purely a front for the US..... In order to keep the american way of living going they MUST secure all available oil resources left on Earth..... The last big oil country easily available is IRAN..... previously Kuwait, IRAQ, Libya, IRAN and possibly later Venezuela... Peak oil has been reached.... this means that we have consumed more that 50% of the available oil on earth. BP's last survey indicated that we only have oil left for 30 years MAX. The country that can secure the most oil now WILL rule the world in the near future. I work offshore in the oil and gas industry so my info is direct from the offshore oil industry. In the next few months you will see some US/Israel/IRAN incident that will trigger the planned invasion of IRAN. SAD but TRUE

      Chris - 2012-02-03 20:36

      The Gulf wars being about "the Oil" is a very simplistic way of looking at things, as you are implying that the conflicts were all about the ownership of these resources, which is false. The real problem for the USA lies with countries who would sell their oil linked to for example the CNY / JPY (now) or the EUR (Before Gulf War 2) rather than the USD. I think this concept is a little too higher grade for the general population commenting here, but any critical thinker would do well to do their own investigation into consequences of this happening.....and form their own intelligent opinions.

      Jaba - 2012-02-04 06:36

      Israel doesn’t give a flying F about oil - they just want to live to see 2moro. Self defence & pre-emptive moves are parts of war

  • The-Azanian - 2012-02-03 19:04

    This is an interesting war. the first country to attack will seal its fate. if iran attacks 1st it will loose southern hemisphere loyalty. if israel does theyll prove a war monger. if usa does china and russia are the throat.

      lindz.kok - 2012-02-03 19:36

      world war 3 i cant wait, im sighning up for the isrealy army asap!!!

      The-Azanian - 2012-02-03 20:34

      meet you afterlife lindz, i also have free el-al tickets for those tired of living.

      Alfred - 2012-02-04 08:12

      lindz.kok scares me he is a potential Behring Breivik. The authorities should be monitoring him.

      Garth - 2012-02-04 09:31

      `. . . will loose(sic) southern hemisphere loyalty.' Southern Hemisphere loyalty? What the hell will that matter in the greater scheme of things? Delusions of global importance, methinks.

  • lindz.kok - 2012-02-03 19:39

    irhan has china and russia to side with, i promice you that russia never kept to theyre neucluar treaty with the u.s. and russia china and irhan has the entire world pitted against them. wonder who our facist goverment will side with?

  • Dan - 2012-02-03 19:40

    The Usa should give all their nukes to Isreal and the USSR should give all their nukes to Iran.( a good way to get rid of your nukes) Let the Christians have their Armagedon Ayatollah Ali Khamenei also want chaos and the end of the world. Leaving the middle east radioactive and uninhabitable for a million years would rid us of the majority of hotheads and terrorists . Hopefully when they are finished , and after a milion years we can build a more tolerant and sane society

      Garth - 2012-02-04 09:33

      Stay off the green mountain cabbage!

      Godfried - 2012-02-05 07:05

      A better theory than the atheist vs Christian debates on News 24.

  • Vegi - 2012-02-04 06:45

    kthage Iran is not an Arab country and it never was. It is Ancient Persia, a great civilization that emerged thousands of years before the Europeans emerged from their tree and cave dwellings. They do not even speak Arabic. Their main language is Farsi.

      Garth - 2012-02-04 09:39

      There were Celts, in Europe, wearing spun cloth and mining salt for the preservation of foods, at the same time as the Chinese were weaving silk, approx 4000 years ago. Who were living in trees and caves at this time? One guess . . .

  • Alfred - 2012-02-04 07:28

    It certainly looks like there will be a war. War is mass insanity. No sane person advocates war. Expect the oil price to at least triple, plunging the already precarious world economy into a full blown depression from which it will take decades (and maybe never) to recover. From some of the comments above I see that there are self described christians equally rabidly insane as muslim extremists. Religion does seem to stimulate insanity.

      Garth - 2012-02-04 09:43

      Religion, a simile for `hypocrisy', maybe?

  • Frik - 2012-02-04 08:33

    Go Israel remove the real cancer from the world.

      Adam - 2012-02-04 19:28

      patrick/aaron/barry i wish i could talk as much rubbish as you sometimes.

  • Luapolku - 2012-02-04 15:00

    To Really know whats happening in the world read this interview you will be shocked

      Adam - 2012-02-04 19:29

      so is there anything you wont believe?

      Craig - 2012-02-05 15:17

      Wont believe in religions... :)

  • Alex - 2012-02-04 16:49

    Borat: My name i' Borat, I come a-from Kazakhstan. Can I say a-first, we support your War of Terror. [crowd cheers] Borat: May we show our support for our boys in Iraq. [crowd cheers] Borat: May U.S. and A kill every single terrorist. [crowd cheers] Borat: May George Bush a-drink the blood of every single man, woman, and child of Iraq. [crowd cheers wildly] Borat: May you destroy their country so that for the next thousand years not even a single lizard will survive in their desert. [some of crowd still cheers]

  • Juan - 2012-02-04 17:13

    He is openly declaring that they support terrorists. Hmm you know the West doesn't take kindly to that.

  • Craig - 2012-02-05 15:07

    Why cant they all just sit down and talk - GROW UP ALREADY ALL YOU EGOTISTICAL POLITICIANS!

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