Iran wants 'win-win' in nuclear talks

2012-07-02 22:36

Tehran - Iran wants a "win-win" outcome in its talks with world powers over Tehran's disputed nuclear programme, the country's foreign minister said on Monday, warning that the only other choice is confrontation.

Three rounds of nuclear negotiations between Iran and six world powers have failed to produce a breakthrough. A low-level meeting of technical experts is scheduled for Tuesday in Istanbul to see whether there is enough common ground to return to full-fledged talks.

"We want to see a win-win outcome," Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi told the semi-official ISNA news agency on the eve of the discussions in Turkey. "In the talks, the other side has no choice but to find an agreement, otherwise confrontation will be the alternative.

"I don't think that common sense is looking for a confrontation."

Iran is locked in a tense standoff with the West over Tehran's nuclear programme, which the Islamic Republic insists is purely for civilian purposes, such as producing energy and medical isotopes.

The US, Israel and others suspect the programme is instead a cover for building nuclear weapons. Israel has accused Iran of stretching out the talks to move closer to the ability to make an atomic bomb, and it has threatened to attack Iran as a last resort.


Salehi said Iran prefers diplomacy to conflict, but stressed that it is prepared for anything.

"We are looking for a deal and not a confrontation, but if they [world powers] want to react unwisely, they should know that Iran will firmly defend its rights as it did during the Iran-Iraq war" in the 1980s, he said.

The US and EU have imposed several rounds of sanctions to pressure Iran to give up it uranium enrichment programme. On Sunday, an EU ban on the purchase of Iranian oil took effect, days after new US sanctions prohibited the world's banks from completing oil transactions with Iranian banks.

Iran acknowledged that the measures were taking a toll, saying it has stockpiled goods and hard currency to help cushion the economy.

The Islamic Republic initially responded to the sanctions by threatening to block the Strait of Hormuz, the strategic waterway through which about one-fifth of the world's oil is shipped. Officials appeared on Sunday to back off from that threat, which roiled international oil markets at the time.

But the Iranian parliament's committee on national security and foreign policy drafted a bill calling for Tehran to block the strait to tankers shipping oil to countries that support the sanctions, a lawmaker said on Monday.

Ebrahim Aghamohammadi, who is a committee member, told the official IRNA news agency the bill will soon be discussed in parliament, and said that about 100 lawmakers have already expressed supported for the draft legislation.

  • fred.fraser.12 - 2012-07-03 00:10

    The win for the Iranian people is free and fair elections under international monitors.

      fidel.mgoqi - 2012-07-03 07:15

      Babble about democracy is nonsense, a slave news media makes democracy anywhere impossible.

      pete.moore.12 - 2012-07-03 08:03

      I think you mean Free and Fair interference, by NATO Nations. Where does any other nation have the right to interefere in another Cultures goings on?!?! They don't and all a monitored election will do is place a Corporation back leader in place to further advance their control over world resources, in Irans case their Oil.

      fidel.mgoqi - 2012-07-03 08:17

      Free and Fair Interference, good one Pete.

  • mundu.olewega - 2012-07-03 02:33

    This is not going to end well!

  • vandeventer.sarel - 2012-07-03 06:38

    Id like to see them blocking that straight of hormuz! Thats a no go zone

      badballie - 2012-07-03 09:14

      Try again, Iran has a guaranteed right to block foreign vessels in its territorial waters including in the Strait, Go check the UN resolution on the subject before going off half cocked.

  • Tim√ęsto Van Dyk - 2012-07-03 07:08

    The west is running scared, the EU is adding more pressure. I am seeing a 3rd world war coming. This is not gonna end well!

  • fidel.mgoqi - 2012-07-03 07:20

    Weapons inspectors into Iran - and Israel. Any arguments against?

      AnthonyfromAfrica - 2012-07-03 07:54

      YES, Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done with the existing countries that have nuclear weapons. BUT NO FURTHER COUNTRIES !!!! The major super powers, including China and Russia have no differences about this. Unfair ???? Maybe, but tough luck for the ones, still wanting to get these nuclear bombs !!!!

      fidel.mgoqi - 2012-07-03 10:13

      Which of the nuclear armed countries is transparent about its nuclear weapons programme? I might not trust the Iranians, but I trust the Israelis even less.

      gerhard.kress.3 - 2012-07-03 13:02

      If Iran gets away with it Turkey and Saudi-Arabia also want a nuclear capability.

  • badballie - 2012-07-03 09:11

    Why misreport this, Iran has only threatened to block oil tankers from travelling through its own territorial waters in the Strait, it has never threatened to block the strait completely, The effect of the blockade will stop the larger vessels from traveling through the strait as the deeper waters needed are in Iran's territorial waters. The UN recognizes Iran's right to block and or refuse to allow foreign vessels in its waters on a temporary basis. It is also important to understand that a lot of the tension is in fact caused by the US having failed to comply with Iran's laws in respect to it own waters anyway, the US having refused to comply with laws requiring it to sail submarines surfaced and flying their flag in Iran's waters, but then the US has always considered itself to be a law unto itself even though each time it fails to comply it is in fact carry out an act of war.

      dawood.timol - 2012-07-03 09:58

      the US is the only country to have used the nuke..It did so on Hiroshima and Nagasaki on a civilian population..AND it did so when the peace treaty had already been can u trust a regime that talks with a forked tongue?? All they want is control of Irans and the worlds resources..Politicians in the US are businessman themselves and are out there to enrich themselves and big business..unfortunately our resources in this country are controlled by the same regimes and big business in the US and Israel..these warmongers have no mercy for the millions that go hungry daily around the world..all they're interested in is wealth and control..the major media companies are part of they're evil network..Hence the OWS movement in the US.. The American population is duped into thinking that the US militaries ventures are for human protection..Every military intervention since 2000 is illegal and condemned by the UN..

      allcoveredinNinjas - 2012-07-03 11:22

      @Dawood- ok , the empire of Japan was still at war with the US when the bombs were dropped , that fact that they didn't surrender after the first one was de facto validation for the view that Japan was not going to be defeated without enormous losses far greater than that of the bombs. (lie: 1 dispelled). Next you insinuate that the US is run by a cabal of Jews in collaboration with US big business who are merciless killers and power hungry imperialists. The media networks globally are in cahoots (Jewish cabal again)and dispite the incredible competition between them and the persuit to expose transgressions by Govts. Not only this they have managed to fool , the vast majority of people to be complicit in this . Apart from being completely fictitious , i just need to offer occums razor as a tool for complete doubt in this theory . Evidence for this would be pervasive and would need hundreds of thousands to be complicit within multi-national and national institutions and services globally . I have little time for OWS (less than 1% claiming to represent 99%), they have a voice 'great!' and enough said on that.

      fidel.mgoqi - 2012-07-03 13:43

      I've read somewhere that the bombs were dropped, not to intimidate the Japanese, but to put the fear of the American god into the Russians. The dropping of the A-bomb, it has been said, was not the last shot of World War II, but the first shot of the Cold War.

      dawood.timol - 2012-07-03 18:21

      unfortunately news24 is complicit in the zionist agenda,and also adds to the threat to world peace...My reply to allcoveredinNinjas has been just shows that the truth and actual freedom of speech is the real threat to news24 and their thieving,terrorist,conniving goons..

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