Iran worked on nuclear bomb design

2011-11-08 22:36

Vienna - Iran has worked on developing a nuclear weapon design and other research and testing relevant for such arms, the UN atomic agency said in its most detailed report to date pointing to military dimensions to Tehran's nuclear programme.

The International Atomic Energy Agency document, which has been preceded by Israeli media speculation of military strikes against Iranian nuclear sites, detailed new evidence suggesting efforts to develop a nuclear arms capability.

Some of the activities may still be going on, it said.

The United States and its allies are expected to seize on the keenly-awaited IAEA report to press for more sanctions on the major oil producer. Tehran has dismissed the allegations as fabricated and baseless.

  • Fred - 2011-11-09 04:50

    I wonder who I should believe, the UN Atomic Agency or the nice ayatollahs? Oh! That was easy.

  • Braam - 2011-11-09 06:32

    Bomb them now or u will pay for it later...It's God will that you do it now...believe me if you dont you will pay dearly....

  • Dirk - 2011-11-09 06:38

    Where are our little robed friends this morning? The sooner that Israel uses the "bunker boys" bombs (500) bought from the USA,on this terrorist state, the better. Mohamedjinejad, the socalled president,is in fact a terrorist , kidnapper and hostage taker himself and should be brougt to trial

  • Mthuthuzeli - 2011-11-09 06:38

    The USA in it's efforts to subdue internal protest, have decided to re-stoke FEAR to justify it's forthcoming invasion of Iran. The establishment needs to distract the home population from the continuing depression. Nuclear weapons are defensive weapons- they stop your country from being illegally invaded... sorry "liberated". Ask Iraq and Libya who gave up its programme. These countries have as much right to protect their borders and sovereignty as much as western right wingers think the west should protect its borders. Look up game theory and "mutually assured destruction" to understand the strategic value of nuclear weapons.

  • Barry - 2011-11-12 18:53

    Israeli propaganda.

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