Israel army base raid - 5 charged

2012-01-08 16:27

Jerusalem - Israel on Sunday charged five alleged Jewish extremists over a December raid on an army base, accusing them of gathering intelligence on the Israeli military and planning a riot, the indictment said.

The accused, from Jerusalem and two West Bank settlements, are alleged to have rampaged through a military base after having spent months "meticulously collecting information" on the army's movement.

The men are being charged with "gathering important military intelligence, conspiracy to riot and entering a closed military zone".

The charge sheet alleges that the men spent months monitoring military movements in a bid to prevent the demolition of small outpost settlements in the occupied West Bank.

It alleges the men relied on a network of 30 informers who fed them information about troop movements and potential demolition operations.

Israeli newspaper Haaretz, citing court documents that have not been made public, said one of the informers was an Israeli lawmaker from the right-leaning Likud party of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

On the evening of December 12, the group of men allegedly acted on information about a pending demolition and organised an attack on a military brigade headquarters in the northern West Bank.

Around about 50 rightwing activists breached the base's perimeter fence and went on the rampage, setting fire to tyres, assaulting a senior officer and damaging vehicles with stones, paint and nails.

Clamp down

The December raid was just one in a rising tide of so-called "price-tag" attacks by settlers and their supporters aimed at stopping government moves to dismantle wildcat West Bank settlement outposts.

The attacks have mainly targeted Palestinian property and the homes and offices of Israeli peace activists, but of late they have twice struck military bases associated with outpost demolition operations, enraging the political leadership which has vowed to clamp down on the perpetrators.

Destruction of Palestinian property, including the vandalising of several mosques in the West Bank and Jerusalem, has rarely resulted in Israeli legal action.

"Of all of the mosques which have been torched or damaged in the past two years, there have not been any charges," Sarit Michaeli of Israeli rights group B'tselem told AFP.

Police say they arrested suspects in connection with mosque attacks but were unable to press charges for lack of evidence.

  • Graziella - 2012-01-08 17:00

    Israel has always known that once peace is concluded with the Palestinians the civil war between the religious and secular elements would start. They need the common enemy to exist.

      Adam - 2012-01-09 22:58

      do you try be stupid or does it come naturally? so what about from 1948 -1967 when there was no palestine? when arabs and jews lived peacefully, untill all the arab neighbours invaded israel and got the behinds smashed? were the religious and secular jews killing one another then? what about those jews are mildly religios, whose team will they be on? you are an idiot. good night

  • Jameel - 2012-01-08 22:55

    Everyone else is extremist except "them"

  • Ed - 2012-01-09 00:29

    Can I believe my eyes? The Israeli govt. is finally deciding to prosecute these so-called "settlers"? This is dangerous thinking! The kind that might even lead to an eventual peace agreement with the Palestinians. Is Netanyahu all right?

      Adam - 2012-01-09 23:01

      and hamas makes heros of those who murder innocent israelis. you are one of the reasons no one will ever take your stance and culture seriously, its called inconsistency. all of a sudden you applaud the justice system, to prosicute those who have broken the law, but to those who have murder israelis, a warm smile is given. why dont you go live in gaza and help the poor people to build more rockets and pipe bombs, and then if you're lucky an israeli air raid will bomb your ass to 70 virgins and you can be a martyr? i really feel this is a win win situation for me and you

  • Adam - 2012-01-09 22:55

    arabs + islam = 1 giant mess. just look at an example of.... o say... everywhere in the world? but you crack heads have determined through careful brain staking investigation that it is in fact america and the zionists fault for a suicide bomber in pakistann, or a military team shelling a city in syria... well done wow, thank you for amazing input, we were all blinded by the happy people who tolerate other cultures and respect freedom of speech in these evil nations. we can only hope islam spreads across the globe and people understand that as long as murder, discrimination, torture, hatred of others and last but not least, a culture of death poverty and disease... are all done in the name of islam, then its all oookay! i mean duhhh? how can some one of the islamic faith do something bad? they're following the qaran? theres nothing questionable in that book. we should all support the children dressed in suicide bomber attire, clap on the imams who clearly call for every jew to be murderd, and look up to groups like hamas who impose sharia law. viva islam viva! i mean honestly, who do these jews think they are? fighting off invading armies trying to kill them and then trying to live peacefully? how dare they!! do they not know they are infidels???? i just cant wait for the day palestine is a soverign state, so they can attack israel... and then israel will attack back in "self defence" i mean what the F bro??? who wouldnt wanna live under sharia law anyway?

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