Israel blocks illegal African migrants

2011-12-11 21:59

Jerusalem - The Israeli prime minister's office says the Cabinet has approved a $160m programme designed to stanch the flow of illegal African migrants into Israel.

The plan calls for speeding up construction to complete within the coming year a border fence with Egypt. It is also meant to keep out Islamist militants.

The programme also involves the construction and expansion of detention facilities to hold the illegal migrants. Fines will also be stiffened for employers who hire them.

The prime minister's office said in a statement that the plan, which was approved in principle last year, received funding on Sunday.

Israel says that since 2006, more than 40 000 migrants from Sudan, Eritrea, and other African nations have sneaked into the south of the country through the porous border with Egypt.

  • Sean - 2011-12-11 22:27

    100 % right !!!!

      briek.lig - 2012-06-14 05:50

      Unbelievable !!! AND very very interesting. Israel was prominent in its condemning actions against (white, successful) South Africa. Now all of a sudden Israel also prefers its own Apartheid !!! Sick, two face bastards !!!!!!

  • Derek - 2011-12-12 07:13

    Oh, so if they're white and Jewish they're welcomed with open arms and given someone else's land but if they're African they're thrown in prison. And they still claim not to be an apartheid state.

      Fidel - 2011-12-12 07:25

      People claiming Jewish ancestry (and who openly express a truly vile anti-Palestinian racism) can immigrate from Russia (or New York or Toronto) to Palestine and forcibly evict Palestinians indigenous Palestinians from their homes and lands.

      Lila - 2011-12-12 08:49

      Derek, you're just anti-semetic. There are black jews living in Israel and welcomed into Israel. At the end of the day, if you're an illegal immigrant youre not welcome there, what part of ILLEGAL didn't you understand? Secondly, they did not steal the land. The land belongs to them, and always will.

      BA - 2011-12-12 09:34

      Derek is just a troll looking for a reaction. Ignore him.

      derrick.maha - 2011-12-12 09:41

      Derek. You speak the gospel truth. do not be deterred by the international blackmail of 'anti semitism' of Isreal against anyone speaking out on their crimes.

      Ianm - 2011-12-12 11:51

      What's different to allowing muslim african into arabic lands?? White christians are not welcome.

      BA - 2011-12-12 12:07

      At Lila: More than welcomed. Israel performed one of the greatest human rights programmes of the 20th century by airlifting tens of thousands of Ethiopian Jews - those are black Jews for Derek, Derrick, Fidel and The Wally - and settling them into Israel. Compare that to Sudan, where there is a literal genocide- estimates are at least 1 million - African Sudanese who have been murdered or displaced by arab Sudanese. Hypocrites!!!

      Adam - 2011-12-12 22:53

      god the world would be a better place with out the "religion of peace" even when they are faced with a country smaller then the kruger park they have to resort to lies and low life conspiracy theories to prove how peaceful and great they are. if god loved you all so much then why do your own leaders kill you and the majority of your states are below the poverty line depsite owning 90% of the worlds oil resrves? let me guess... its america and the zionists. how patheritc do you get when you cant even realise that its your own culture that is ruining everthing it comes in contact with. look at your own states, why the hell would anyone in their right minds appreciate a culture that only knows violance and has never heard of the word human rights. o i forgot, its because your book is right and we must all bow down to it or have our heads cut off. why dont you f%$k and leave the rest of the world alone,. go practice your own twisted culture elsewhere and leave the rest of us to all get along nicely? please, i can honestly speak for just about every one when i say, fit in, or f$#k off.

      Jacques - 2012-02-08 09:30

      Shame apartheid again....Its their country,not yours..

  • Fred - 2011-12-12 09:44

    Academic Study Exposes Reuters Propaganda Governments have long used propaganda to whip up public support during wartime and to demonize enemies”, says Silverman. “Reuters is adopting these same techniques to covertly shape audience perceptions and opinion in violation of its corporate governance charter.” Silverman points out that this is particularly troubling since “the news agency promotes itself as a paragon of accurate and impartial reporting and its stories are read by millions of people who are led to believe they are being provided objective facts

  • Joey - 2011-12-12 09:45

    thats why they are known as Aparthied Israel

      BA - 2011-12-12 11:17

      Because they are stopping illegal immigrants from entering their border? Then every single country in the world is an apartheid state, including South Africa. What a stupid, stupid comment.

      EttieneC - 2011-12-12 11:44

      U make me laugh... Extremely stupid comment Joey.

      Ianm - 2011-12-12 11:54

      So is Sauci Arabia for that matter i.e.apartheid state

      Ianm - 2011-12-12 11:54

      Not saucy :-) should be Saudi

  • TheWally - 2011-12-12 09:46

    My aunt was invited to Israel last year for a conference. She was interrogated for 3 and half hours because she was Muslim and secondly because they said she cannot be a South African citizen since all South Africans are black... says alot about their mentality... if you are a holocaust survivor, the Israeli's treat you even worse ironically...

      hurwi - 2011-12-12 10:28

      they have a right to interrogate anyone. it happens everywhere. deal with it. furthermore, i have never had my citizenship questioned there because of my colour.

      BA - 2011-12-12 11:12

      TheWally is another troll. Clearly lying.

      Jaba - 2011-12-12 15:03

      BS Wally

  • hurwi - 2011-12-12 09:53

    never heard such jut in my life- why should any legitimate state allow in illegal immigrants. there is a process of immigration. i do not see any countries just opening up their borders! just because this concerns Israel there is an outcry. Israel is by no means an apartheid state- citizens including Arabs are allowed to vote, act in parliament, act as judges etc. You are undermining what apartheid really was by calling Israel an apartheid state!

  • Warwick - 2011-12-12 10:31

    Why the hell wuold these illegal Africans want to go to the "evil" state of Israel. Why not try and sneak into Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iran or all the other middle eaast countries that are the bastion of human rights. Why Israel?

      Blade - 2011-12-12 12:37


  • Boaz - 2011-12-12 15:56

    How dare Israel protect their borders!!! - Who the heck to those Israeli's think they are??? By the way - Israel is the ONLY nation in the history of planet earth that has brought IN hundreds of thousands of African ‘blacks’, not as slaves but as equal citizens of the state of Israel. All other nations brought them as slaves, while Israel brought them in a mass exodus because they were being prosecuted against in Ethiopia. If Israel is an apartheid sate then Zimbabwe is utopia and North Korea is heaven.

      Derek - 2011-12-12 16:29

      Compared with Israel, you're dead right.

      BA - 2011-12-12 17:03

      The strange thing about Derek is that from his Facebook profile you'd think this was a reasonable, objective family man, not a Jew-hating troll with nothing better to do with his life than make stupid, racist, hate-filled and biased accusations not based on fact. Did a Jewish guy steal your girlfriend from you or something Derek?

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