Israel 'determined' to halt Gaza flotilla

2011-06-23 21:55

New York - Israel is "determined" to stop an activist flotilla that will try to reach the besieged Gaza Strip next week, the country's UN envoy said Thursday.

Setting off a new dispute with his Palestinian counterpart, ambassador Ron Prosor said: "Israel is determined to stop this flotilla. Israel has the right to self defence." He called the protest a "provocation".

"The flotilla has nothing constructive - there is nothing humanitarian or anything that has to do with Palestinian welfare in the organizing of this flotilla," he told reporters as the UN Security Council held talks on the Middle East including the flotilla.

Prosor called the organisers "extremists".

About 10 boats are to take part in the flotilla which is set to leave 13 months after Israeli commandos halted a previous aid armada heading for Gaza, killing nine people, mainly Turkish nationals.

A group of pro-Palestinian activists, led by several Turkish groups, have said they plan to sail to Gaza, mainly from Greek ports, in a repeat of the mission violently halted on May 31 last year.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and a number of governments have warned the flotilla not to start.

The US government has warned its nationals against taking part in the protest.

Israel has strongly urged Turkey to block the flotilla from leaving. The United Nations has said that aid shipments should be sent through formal UN structures.

The Palestinian envoy to the United Nations, Riyadh Mansour, spoke up for the flotilla protest however. "If this blockade of Gaza was lifted there might not be the need for many of the things which are happening and might happen," he told reporters.

Israel imposed a blockade on Gaza in 2006 after militants snatched Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. A ban on civilian goods and foodstuffs was eased last year but many restrictions remain in place.

Mansour rejected the Israeli envoy's condemnation of Palestinian moves to seek international recognition of a Palestinian state at the United Nations in September.

Prosor said the "unilateral" action risked putting back peace efforts.

"The biggest illegal action we have seen for a long time is the illegal settlement campaign by Israel against our people," Mansour said.

Palestinians were ready to negotiate on final status issues with Israel, he said.

"Our independence is not one of these six final status issues."

  • TNT - 2011-06-24 07:41

    VIVA Palestina

      Realist - 2011-06-24 07:48

      Here here

      Neutedop - 2011-06-24 12:02

      Don't be suprised if the same result is achieved. Funny how everyone cried when innocent people was killed that day, but random rocketfire is fine. The strongest will survive....Israel!

      TheWally - 2011-06-28 09:27

      are you referring to these rockets Neutedop?

      TheWally - 2011-06-28 09:29

      @ Neutedop's logic: The Nazzi's were the strongest and they survived, does that mean they were right? according to your logic they must have been...

      Matt - 2011-06-29 12:44

      @ TheWally - how did the Nazis survive? Seeing that it's a little while after 1945...

  • pop101 - 2011-06-24 08:23

    Playing with the lions ball sack again. Doesn't matter what happens with this flotilla, at the end the pro-Palestinian activists on board will cry foul. F man, are these people stupid, I don't jump into a snake pit and then sue the zoo if I get bitten by a snake.

      Zee - 2011-06-24 09:30

      Snake Pit - describes Israel pretty well!

      Paco7 - 2011-06-24 10:08

      Hitler should have finished the job and killed all these flithy Jew cochroaches

      JT4 - 2011-06-24 10:34

      @pac, you very brave hiding behind your screen little man

      Cornix - 2011-06-24 11:05

      @Paco7 - Your comment just proves that anti-Semitism is alive, and that it's not just about Israel, but about Jews. Shame on you!

      Other Justin - 2011-06-24 13:03

      @Paco7, you disgusting excuse for a human being. I take no sides in this continued struggle between Palestine and Israel, but I do know this. I am an amateur historian and have seen and read about what was done to the Jews during the second world war, millions upon millions of Jews killed in the most inhumane way, from babies, children, men, woman and old people. Hitler almost succeeded in exterminating the entire European Jewry. This was exactly the cause of the creation of the state of Israel. If there is anyone you should be angry with for the creation of the state of Israel, it is Hitler. You are a sad and ignorant hate filled individual.

      GonnyVonYuri - 2011-06-24 18:20

      Paco7 - the americans should have nuked that excuse of a caveman country afghanistan and pakistan long ago.

      Matt - 2011-06-29 12:45

      @ Paco7 - unless you are a white guy with blue eyes and blond hair, you could well have been next if Hitler had succeeded... think, brother, think...

      Matt - 2011-06-29 12:46

      @ JT4 - I doubt Paco7 would say these things out loud in Orange Grove...

  • wmutahi - 2011-06-24 09:04

    How many more will israel kill?

      Cornix - 2011-06-24 09:37

      How many more will Islam kill?

      JT4 - 2011-06-24 09:44

      As many as it takes I am guessing

      TheWally - 2011-06-28 09:25

      there will be Christian Priests and Ministers aswell as Holocaust survivors on these ships, just like there were on the last flotilla, this is an INTERNATIONAL AID FLOTILLA!!... again just like the last one was, so dont make this out to be an Islamic convoy like the Zionist Media wants you to believe. There are Christian Palestinians aswell in fact Jesus was a Palestinian So this aid Ship is to help the People of Jesus!

      Matt - 2011-06-29 12:47

      Since when was Jesus a Palestinian?! He was a Jew and fulfilled Jewish laws and prophecies!

  • Khalid - 2011-06-25 10:05

    Viva Palestine VIVA .... Oppression will never last, hold on, stand fast, freedom will come Palestine

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