Israel drops threat against journalists

2011-06-27 16:35

Jerusalem - The Israeli government has dropped a threat to issue lengthy deportation orders against journalists aboard a Gaza-bound flotilla.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday that he ordered authorities to find a formula for the reporters if they are on a flotilla that violates Israel's entry laws.

On Sunday, Israel said any journalist caught on board could face deportation and a 10-year ban from the country.

Journalists say they should be allowed to cover a legitimate news story. Israel said the media would be complicit in an illegal breach of its naval blockade of Gaza.

A year ago, Israel raided a similar flotilla. Nine Turkish activists who clashed with Israeli naval commandos were killed.

  • j4truth - 2011-06-27 17:36

    This is lawless Anarchy and Piracy! The 'flotilla' is not bound for SYRIA where people are being massacred by Islamic dictatorship and they could be of some help - instead - like hypocrits fed with international jihad LIES, they're trying to stir trouble with Sovereign ISRAEL again. Israel must be firm and issue long deportation orders.

      Truthseeker2 - 2011-06-27 18:03

      The Syrian government is actually secular and is headed by the Baath Party. Ironically, the Israel government has familiar company in the ME. Just like the governments of many of its neigbours, it is characterised by despotism and oppression.

      Adam - 2011-06-27 19:44

      @Truthseeker2.... how do you people come up with stuff? israels govt is characterised by despotism??? are you actually insane? its a 100% democracy. there are muslim israeli arabs in the parliment... infact one of 3 judges of the highest court in israel are muslim israelis.... arab folk!!! you seem like a lost cause. please any one reading those go look these facts up for your self and dont believe this kind of rubbish posted. beleiving fools like this is as good as beliving mugabe or your buddy julius. as for the oppression... yeah well you dont exactly make friends by sending rocket attacks and suicide bombers. genius

      The huntchback - 2011-06-27 20:09

      I am sure if the Syrian Army has to carry on oppressing its People for another 10 or fifteen years there will be no shortage of Flotilla`s, Israel`s oppresion is carrying on for too long now. It has to stop!!!

      pierreedge - 2011-06-27 20:22

      Yes Adam, the best way to make friends is in fact to occupy territories for over 40 years against unites nation resolutions, to build illegal settlements you promised not to, to jail anybody you remotely suspect of disagreeing with you and to carpet bomb gaza for the hell of it yes yes.... I forgot, for top friendship, it is also best to attack ships in international waters and kill 9 unarmed men on borad at the very least. Are you isreali, jewish, or one of those extreme racists?

      Adam - 2011-06-27 20:54

      im black gay lesbian for anything that concerns you. occupy terrotries for 40 years???? o please please please explain to me what terrotires they are occupying? o please how i would love to know. also please get back to me on some of your earlier FACTS of the israeli captive being allowed medical treatment by the red cross. carpet bomb gaza for the hell of it? are you really being serios? for nothing? do you think it was a training exersize? after the loving caring and compassionate people of gaza democratically elected hamas as their leaders thinking attacking israel unprovoked( es unprovoked, every attack by israel has been in response to suice bombers and rocket attacks - please dont take my word for it and go look it up) israel thought enough is enough (crazy hey?) and sent their army in. i see you havent mentioned the palestinian peoples finest achievements.... the slaughtering of an israeli family in their sleep including a 3 month old baby, or the sniper shooting of a 6 month old.... i could go on and on and on.... the "settlements" are on israeli land? the only people who dispute this are the same people who tried to destroy israel time and time again and told all the israeli arabs to leave... when they tried to leave egpyt and jordan blocked their borders trapping them.... and thats your "palestinians" today stuck on "occupied land" get your facts right you sad little man.

      Adam - 2011-06-27 20:59

      aaa i nearly forgot... unarmed men?? really now... thats interesting cos every pieve of video footage ive seen aswell as eye witness accounts - from very anti israel persons on that boat - all seem to agree those men on board were not unarmed and infact did attack the soldiers hmmmmm. id still love to know where you gte your facts hey

      Cornix - 2011-06-27 22:10

      As Netanyahu said: "That wasn't a love boat, it was a hate boat."

      Zee - 2011-06-29 16:41

      Adam - you talk of children and the Israeli family that was murdered. I agree, that was terribly sad and a great tragedy. In the same breath, hundreds of children are killed by Israel regularly. Do their lives not amount to anything? Or do only Israeli kids deserve sympathy?

  • pierreedge - 2011-06-27 18:07

    Shining example of this so called democratic state by censoring the press. After all isreal is afraid that journalist report the truth about their army's excesses when they will board the ship, and journalist report that the ship contains ONLY food and medicine. Probably also afraid of their reports on the real situation in gaza when the ship docks. A true democracy, and yet even the crazy gadafi allows foreign journalist in lybia, but noo, not the mighty isreal

      Adam - 2011-06-27 19:38

      are you as blind as you are stupid? you read this storey and 100% converted it to your own storey in your head. where does it say journalists are not allowed in the country or allowed to report on the flotilla? my word.... your sick twisted israel hating brain has actually tricked you into thinking it says that somewhere on this page. why dont you try absorbing the facts the way they are and you might get a very very different storey. so these ships only bring in food and medicine? and no rockets or weapons... so i spose israel has never been fired on by rockets.... the 1000's rocket attacks in the last few years are just made up hey... that kid whose dead.... he's just acting? the poor palestinians havent blown up night clubs and kept an israeli soldier captive with no access to medical attention for over 5 years now? the saddest part is that you and people like you call your self open minded. what a joke

      pierreedge - 2011-06-27 20:15

      You want to be factual? ok, where does it say in the article israel has never been fired on by rockets or any mention of rockets??? What it says dear fellow, is that isreal threaten journalists who would board a boat to cover a legitimate news story that doesnt even belong to isreal with deportation and what not. If you are so afraid of rockets, what better protection than having impartial journalists reporting on what going on exactly with those boats. What do you have to hide??? as for the kid who was killed, that's very true, a palestinian teenager was murdered by the isreal army a couple of weeks ago during a peaceful demonstration, so what's your point? Not mentionning the 1500 civilians assassinated by tanks in gaza just when power was in hand over mode in th US coincidentally and the tens of thousands palestinians in the past For the captive, he has no access to relatives or communication BUT does have medical care, stop lying. And he's a SOLDIER for pete's sake, risk of the job, no a civilian like the thousands of palestinians rotting in isreali cells for the simple crime of disagreeing with the isreali occupation, illegal settlement, disrespect of international laws etc etc... Last point, try to behave with courtesy please in your replies, not like a caveman resorting to insults and conduct that goes against any good fellowship. thank you.

      Adam - 2011-06-27 20:34

      ummm no fool i will have zero respect for some one like you. 1) you are still too stupid to have even understood my complaint with you. ofcourse it dousnt mention rocket attacks in the article - why would it? but it dousnt mention barring journalists from the country either... it does mention threatening journos with a 10 year ban from the country if they board the ship... so either you cant read or you're too stupid to understand this... again. i am actually batteling to reply to some of your comments due to their complete lack of substance... il give it a try and hopefully u'll understand.. "If you are so afraid of rockets, what better protection than having impartial journalists reporting on what going on exactly with those boats. " there are obviosly no rockets on this boat... this boat is a major news event, its a publicity stunt...if you cant understand this... yeah good luck with lifes future curve balls... but yes if u go look you will see pictures on plenty ammunition apprehend from other boats - israel didnt just invent this rumor the captive has access to medical care? really, wont you be please be so kind to find any substance to this rumor and show me. links from your jihad sunday classes dont count. hamas has openly stated their refusal to allow red cross to even see him let alone check his medical condition - so please im waiting..

      Adam - 2011-06-27 20:55

      as for the occupation you speak of(with this attitude of actually thinking you understand what ure talking about)... either israel has the right to exist which no one in the world denies except for hamas, hizbolla, iran and the taliban..... all stable minded organisations. so yea. since youve made it clear you have zero idea of what youre talking about, go and find a new activity tp keep your self busy, something that dousnt require a brain or a pre knowledge of the situation. face painting is something clowns usally enjoy. i suggest that

      pierreedge - 2011-06-29 15:58

      I guess civility and good manners are not part of your background, impossible to discuss with rabid people like you.

  • james4usa - 2011-06-27 20:22

    Lets see latest from Israel. Ex PRESIDENT Katsav [spelling?] in jail for rape. Rabbi on El Al flt to NY fondles passenger. Dog walks into Orthodox Hood. Rabbinate gets together decides Lawyers spirit has invaded the Dog. Sentenced Dog to death by stoning. BY THE Children. Smart Dog ran away. Women on certain Bus lines spat upon, slapped if they refuse to sit in the back of the Bus. Israel a Theocracy, Chief Rabbinate wields huge power. Save the personal attacks it's proof that you cannot refute facts. Visit Real Zionist News.

      Adam - 2011-06-27 20:46

      thats very nice james except the woman sittin on busses just inst true? are u not aware golda meir - a woman - was prime minister of israel in the 60s? israel is one of the most liberal countries on earth and by far the most liberal country in the middle east! its the only place an arab man can be gay.... please chek your facts befroe you post rubbish

  • james4usa - 2011-06-27 20:45

    Adam You are a lier of the 12 Supreme crt judges not ONE Muslim. The "rocket attacks" about as effective as fireworks NO Israeli killed. Democracy Bull sh1t at best a Political Theocracy, ever heard of Chief Rabbinates power? Price of State of Isreal, about 700,000 Palestinians lost their homes. Wars ever since, Including El Qaeda. BLaden grew up in virulent anti Isr environment. Warmongers that dragged US into Iraq, Wolfowitz, Lieberman, Pearle, Krauthammer etc. We killed 120,000 innocent Iraqis, destroyed a country and spent $1 TRILL. At least we stopped looking for WMD.

      Adam - 2011-06-27 21:11

      REALLY NOT ONE OF THEM IS MUSLIMS, give me a few moments to correct you i shall be back shortly. no israeli killed by rocket attacks??? and the 15 year old boy on a bus a few months ago... thats not true hey. another zionist conspiracey. the chief rabbi of israel has zero power or say in israel, this is israel you lunatics not iran or saudi arabia. he has as much power as the pope does in italy. all 700 000 of the palestinians displaced came abouit when..... can you gues... YES! when egypt and jordan told them to leave israel so they can destroy it. then in 6 days when israel destroyed egypt and jordan, they closed their borders to them and hence the 700 000 refugees we now call palestinians. if this is the mind set of the average south african im very very worried

      Adam - 2011-06-27 21:14

      Salim Joubran there you go. i may have been mistaken be may not be a practicing muslim but he is arab. why dont you go look up muslims in israel before you make any more inane retarded comments.

      Mr Incognito - 2011-07-22 18:22

      @Adam Im not going to reply to your barrage of hate and vitriol. But I have to ask: how is a guy a Muslim, but not a Muslim? You say Salim Joubran is Arab, but not a practicing Muslim. Can you see the oddity in your reasoning? There are Christian Arabs, Athiest Arabs, etc - would they qualify as Muslim (non-practising as it were??)

  • TheWally - 2011-06-28 14:50

    Israels sheep clothing beginning to tear... if they had nothing to hide, why would they be issuing warnings to innocent journalists who wants to documents facts? ...

  • Zanu - 2011-07-04 05:54

    Their is hardly a conflict in the world that doesn't have crazy fundamentalists involved. Afghanistan, Bosnia, Cote d’Ivoire, Cyprus, East Timor, Gaza, Indonesia, Kashmir, Kosovo, Kurdistan, Macedonia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Chechnya, Serbia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Tajikistan, Egypt, Syria, Sudan, Ethiopia, Tunisia, Algeria, Yemen, etc. Whivh is why i support Israel: have a look at this link;

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