Israel ministers slam flotilla 'spin'

2011-06-29 14:06

Jerusalem - Several Israeli ministers have accused the army of "spin" over its claims that activists on board a Gaza-bound flotilla plan to harm Israeli soldiers, Maariv newspaper reported on Wednesday.

The paper quoted several unnamed members of Israel's security cabinet as saying the claims were "media spin" and "public relations hysteria".

On Monday, Israeli military spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Avital Leibovitz said there were "radical elements" among the activists participating in the sea convoy, including some carrying "dangerous incendiary chemicals".

But security cabinet ministers told Maariv they were given no such information when they were briefed on the flotilla this week, and even accused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office of being behind the disinformation.

"Netanyahu decided to change the version about the nature of the flotilla for two reasons that are connected to the international community," one of the ministers, who were not named, told the newspaper.

"The first is for reasons of covering himself - if, suddenly, in the course of the military operation something goes awry and there are casualties, Israel will be able to say that it warned of that in advance.

Wrong information

"The second reason is to apply pressure on the international community so that governments will prevent the ships from leaving for the flotilla from the outset."

The newspaper said ministers were angry they had not been briefed about the alleged threats from the flotilla, which is expected to set sail a little more than a year after a Turkish-led mission to the Gaza Strip.

That attempt ended in bloodshed when Israeli commandos raided the ships, killing nine Turkish activists and prompting international condemnation.

Israel has been following preparations for the new flotilla closely, and ministers said it was "inconceivable" that institutions including the Israeli military "would produce for the media information that is the complete opposite of what we were told".

"There is increasing reason to fear that this is spin. Nothing of the information that was disseminated to the media was presented to us," another minister told Maariv on condition of anonymity.

Activists preparing to set sail with the 10-vessel convoy to Gaza have rejected claims they planned to use violence against Israeli troops.

Nearly 300 pro-Palestinian activists from 22 countries including Canada, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy and Spain are set to join the flotilla, among them dozens of middle-aged and elderly Americans and Europeans.

  • Mohamed - 2011-06-29 14:40

    Where are all the pro jewish commentators on this site. They normally have a fat lot to say. When members of Israeli cabinet themselves admit to media spin then isnt the netanyahu cabinet a bunch of liars?

      Neutedop - 2011-06-29 14:48

      We are still here. It was never if they want to harm people, or not. It is against the law of this country - and if it ends in bloodshed - so be it. At least we hear something honest out of there - not like Palastine reports which is not true. Face it - we never hear any truth from either sides.

      TheWally - 2011-06-29 15:01

      @Neutedop: The Palestinians have been calling Netanyahu a liar for years and all other pro-zionist leaders under the guise of Judaism. There people have now confirmed that basically what the Palestinians have been saying are in fact TRUE, so how are they not being honest? Also your bloodshed comment speaks volumes about you as a person and what you have been taught to believe

      Cornix - 2011-06-29 15:58

      Assumptions, assumptions ... *sigh*

      Cornix - 2011-06-29 17:16

      "I am so sick and tired of all the Muslim bashing" - Shame Irené, your comments are also so one-sided and biased, I doubt if you'll ever come up for Christians when they get bashed. I'll only take it from a neutral person.

      pierreedge - 2011-06-29 17:25

      Yes irene, but that how the world works. There must be polarization to occupy the minds, in the US people use to criticize the indians, then they killed them all almost, then they oppressed and criticized the blacks, then it became un-PC, there was the russians during the cold war and the commies witchhunt during the maccarthy era, then there was perestroika, so who can they hate now, well muslims sound like a good proposition... And as the world follow the lead of the US more and more...

      WATCHMAN - 2011-06-29 18:26

      Cornix - I don't agree with you. A lot of the Christians on this site are not bashing Muslims, but their demonized religion, which it is. I agree with what you had to say about Irene, who like a lot of people are not aware of the hatred that Palestinian Children are taught from an early age and put on school plays displaying their radical hatred for the Jew. From a very young age they are brainwashed with lies and incited to hate Israel. This is hwat makes the young adults so dangerous today. If a Jew so much as take a wrong turn into certain Arab occupied areas of Jerusalem, they are in danger of being lynched. All of this never reported by the mainstream media. I have never heard of any stories of it being Jew on Palestinian, but Jews always having to defend themselves.

      WATCHMAN - 2011-06-29 18:40

      Hey Mohamed I thought you oaks were meant to be so holy and righteous? So what's with the play boy symbol? I guess you're a kind of Jeckel and Hide just like the rest of your brothers!

      Cornix - 2011-06-29 21:15

      No, Irené, I can assure you, I will not take part in any murderous mob. I will not just listen to a priest, because priests are also human. Come on, quote any verse from the Bible that will encourage me to attack, use violence or murder someone. Jesus said: "Love your enemies", but God is not only about love, He is a righteous God as well, who keeps His promises. It is our duty as Christians to warn (not judge) a person going astray, because if we don't, God will hold us responsible. It is still up to you which path you are going to take. I can tell you one thing, if there is something we Christians hate, then it is when people distort the truth.

  • TheWally - 2011-06-29 14:46

    If holocaust survivors, Rabbi's and now Isreali Ministers cant open the eyes of the Zionist Supporters, then im afraid nothing would...

  • TheWally - 2011-06-29 15:21

    i wonder where those Ministers were when they were airing advertisements like these:

      GonnyVonYuri - 2011-06-29 19:05

      Look at these childrens programs rather which encourage children to become murderers!

      GonnyVonYuri - 2011-06-29 19:11

      TheWally - why dont u use your real name - saleem babu ebrahim probably.

  • JT4 - 2011-06-29 15:36

    Only one way to find the 'truth'. When/if the ship sails and gets intercepted then we will all know

  • Zee - 2011-06-29 16:29

    The IDF is the biggest propaganda machine around these days, bar no-one. I applaud these great Israeli's who will not tolerate lies from their own government, and for exposing it! Many people would have turned a blind eye (like some of our home-based SA Israeli supporters) but these people have proven they have integrity. I do agree however that the Palestinians can learn from this. Do not blindly follow your "leaders", make sure they are representing you the way you want to be represented! Well done Mr Leibovitz!

      GonnyVonYuri - 2011-06-29 19:08

      Zee assuming u r from south africa what have u done to help local SA kids living in poverty and affected by crime and HIV - let me guess?? Nothing right? Bcos non-muslim kids/people are infidels according to the koran so we are worthless .

      Zee - 2011-06-30 15:24

      @Gonny - don't pretend to know anything about me. You would do well to notice that I infact applauded the good Israeli's in my post. That should give you a clue that not all Muslims want to see Israel destroyed, but rather want a fair situation for the Palestinians as well. Muslim welfare organisations do more than most for the people of SA. That is where our Zakat (charity - mandatory in Islam) goes every year. Ever heard of Zackie Achmat, head of the leading anti-HIV organisation in SA? Your comments are always completely baseless and hardly ever relate to the topic at hand - whenever you can't argue/debate rationally you resort to name-calling and insults. That shows me the type of character you are. Non-Muslim kids are taught in the Quran to respect all religions and beliefs. There are extremist elements twisting it to suit their own ideology. What you fail to recognise is that this is done in all religions. If you are narrow-minded enough to blame all 1 billion Muslims for this, then there is no point arguing further. Zionists will continue to ignore the facts and pump out their propaganda, and free-thinking people will continue to seek the truth. One only has to look at your comments on this page alone to see what kind of person you are. Probably the type that also sees all Catholics as paedophiles I'll bet.

      Zanu - 2011-06-30 20:31

      u ask why i support israel? cause this below can happen anywhere in the middle east except for israel. the real apartheid in this world. zee u say u support 'good jews' is that when they dead?

  • pop101 - 2011-06-29 16:52

    Hippies, first thing that came to mind after reading this.

      Derek - 2011-06-29 17:57

      Dick head was the first thing that came to mind after reading yours.

      GonnyVonYuri - 2011-06-29 19:09

      Derek aka mohamed undercover - the first two letters of your above comment describes yourself and the lack of dignity u have

  • WATCHMAN - 2011-06-29 18:33

    Hamas and Hezbollah are known for using there own women and children as human shields, when Israel retaliate against mortar fire or rocket fire from Gaza. Where is their bravery or so called martyrdom or heroics in that. A bunch of flipping cowards is what they are.

      GonnyVonYuri - 2011-06-29 19:10

      yah bravery they think they will find 72 virgins which mohamed promised them!

      suj - 2011-06-30 07:38

      Proof ??

      Paco7 - 2011-06-30 14:22

      your fathers,brothers,uncles and sons that are killing innocent women and children in Afghanistan,Gaza and the rest of the Middle East are the biggest cowards

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