Israel raids private TV station

2012-02-29 14:03

Ramallah - Israeli soldiers raided a Palestinian television station in the occupied West Bank on Wednesday and seized broadcast equipment, computers and files, an employee said.

Ahmed Milhem said soldiers gave no reason for the raid on privately-owned Watan TV in Ramallah, which began at 02:00 (12:00 GMT) and lasted for three hours.

"They seized computers, broadcast equipment and administrative files," Milhem said by telephone. "The station is now off the air," he added.

An Israeli military spokesperson said she had no initial information but was checking for details.

The television station is owned by local non-governmental organisations and broadcasts local news and cultural and political programmes over the internet.

Ramallah is the seat of the Palestinian Authority, which Israel has accused of not doing enough to fight incitement against the Jewish state. The Palestinians say Israeli raids undermine their authority over West Bank areas under their civilian control.

Israeli-Palestinian peace talks broke down in late 2010 amid differences over Israel's settlement building and there appears to be little prospect of them being restarted soon.

  • ludlowdj - 2012-02-29 14:29

    If nothing else Israel learnt valuable lessons from Germany in warfare tactics. When will the west force them to toe the line instead of looking the other way every time Israel send out hit squads to assassinate opposition.

      TheJaydedKing - 2012-02-29 14:55

      The moment muslims give up on not having a jewish state.

      TheJaydedKing - 2012-02-29 14:55

      The moment muslims give up on not having a jewish state.

      clivecorbz - 2012-02-29 15:48

      Jayded... Ever stop and think that perhaps a lot of the hate towards Israel comes from the ILLEGAL occupation? All the people that have been harassed by foreign soldiers in their own land? Ambulances being stopped at road blocks. Kid's being shot for throwing stones. Do you not understand their frustration? We're not talking about the Israeli Jewish state, this happened in Palestine. Imagine we did this to Swaziland... Would they not try fight back?

      Fred - 2012-02-29 15:54

      When will you realize that the Palestinians have been used by the fast-disappearing, unelected dictatorships of the Middle East to distract their populations from their disenfranchisement, and to hold onto power.

      Theodor - 2012-02-29 16:11

      @clivecorbz Illegal occupation??? You propagate it as if it's a fact? Have you been to Israel? You'll notice that it's nowhere near the lies the media is feeding you.

      Fred - 2012-02-29 16:23

      Clive, you too have allowed yourself to be taken in. Have you ever wondered, if the unelected dictatorships of the Middle East cared so much about the Palestinians, they never gave them what would have amounted to a tiny piece of land, relative to the vast so-called Arab lands? The enemies of humanity are unelected, oppressive, chauvinistic dictatorships. Thankfully they're disappearing fast. You should be supporting their end, not catching yourself in the delusion they've presented to you.

      clivecorbz - 2012-02-29 16:40

      I propagate it as fact, because it is fact. The arguments were tried in the UN courts and it was found to be illegal... What more do you want? Fred. I disagree with the Arab leaders as well. So don't accuse me of being taken in. I stand for peace, and it take two sides to fight. This is a case in which the Israelis attacked Palestinian people, so I shall stand for the victims. If a suicide bomber were to attack Israel, I would stand for those victims. Nations calling for the destruction of Israel misguided and are causing great harm. But could you imagine if people came in to South Africa and said that God had given them the right to the land, and then took it by force... It did happen, it was called Apartheid. Now we must stand for other countries facing similar problems.

      Fred - 2012-02-29 16:56

      Israel has been victimized (to use this term) by the unelected, dictatorships of the Middle East from day one. They tried unsuccessfully to eliminate it in the 1960's, twice, by invading it. Why didn't they give the Palestinians what would have amounted to a tiny piece of land relative to their vast so-called Arab lands? The Israelites have been in the area as long as the other tribes. This is a recorded fact. The international community rightly decided after the second world war that the Jewish people should have a homeland. They were being persecuting in the countries they were living in, by the millions. BY THE MILLIONS. Again, the Israelites have been in the area as long as the other tribes. The Palestinians have been used for oppressive political reasons by the unelected dictatorships of the Middle East. When they're gone, the Palestinains will have their homeland, and there'll be greater peace in the region.

      nowicki1 - 2012-02-29 19:12

      Fred you're a tool.

      Fred - 2012-02-29 19:36

      Thanks again Matthew. Have a nice day.

      Fred - 2012-03-01 06:43

      Patrick/Patrick Edwards, a further example of your racism and bigotry. Do you have anything meaningful to say?

      Fred - 2012-03-02 04:44

      That's it? More gutter-language?

  • DSBennie - 2012-02-29 15:00

    The IDF said that the raid was prompted by the station's use of unauthorized frequencies, which endanger flight routes over Ben Gurion International Airport.

      Patch - 2012-02-29 15:03

      And u believe this??? You are beyond stupid

      John - 2012-02-29 15:28

      @Patch. And you believe otherwise???

  • DSBennie - 2012-02-29 15:03

    Furthermore Israel is no longer prevented from operating in the West Bank because Ramallah broke the Oslo accords by choosing to gain recognition without a peace deal

  • stefan.vanderspuy - 2012-02-29 15:34

    Viva Israel. The only country in the Middle East with b*lls and not prepared to take sh*t from anyone, including the USA!

  • John - 2012-02-29 15:35

    Another sterling example of biased reporting, or just poor journalism. If you care to do the research yourself(which news24 has taught us is a necessity to weed out their bias) you would have gathered the reason why the equipment was confiscated as given by the Israeli spokes person: "He said that the raid followed numerous requests by the Communications Ministry that the stations cease broadcasting because of interference with Israeli broadcasting signals. The spokesman said he had no information on whether the pirate stations interfered with intelligence communications or aircraft. He added that the confiscation of broadcast equipment, computers and documents was legal." In other words a pirate station operating illegally, and not a private station.

  • Theodor - 2012-02-29 16:07

    Wonderful mention that the broadcast center was operating illegally without license??? Check international news on this story. And really who cares, it's not like the world is going to end because a office was raided...but hey, lets use every opportunity to demonize Israel?

      allcoveredinNinjas - 2012-02-29 16:42

      Sesame Street for Palestinians: Awesome!'s_Pioneers

      Lo - 2012-02-29 17:20

      Par for the course for the free-speech-hating left-wing extremist editors of News24.

  • phathuchicos - 2012-02-29 16:40

    shows hows caring Israel is hmm...they love palestinians in such a that they are trying to deprive them their media freedom. Can't wait for protestant projected day so that this evil nation disapears from the face of earth.

      Fred - 2012-02-29 18:04

      You're going to wait a long time, forever actually. :) You've too have allowed yourself to be taken in by the real evildoers: the unelected, oppressive regimes of the Middle East who have been manipulating Muslims the world over for their own selfish ends, and abusing the Palestinian people. Do you understand? Unelected. You should. And you should get your perspective right before throwing out labels like that, for you might be furthering the very evil you actually want to end.

  • Jaba - 2012-02-29 16:41

    More one sided reporting from News24! And the truth below (without the anti-Israel propaganda) “The IDF said that the raid was prompted by the station's use of unauthorized frequencies, which endanger flight routes over Ben Gurion International Airport. One of the station's broadcasters said that the soldiers seized transmission equipment for that specific reason” Back at the farm… Virtually everybody in the PA top brass seems to be owners, part owners or have some kind of financial interest in the big companies and non of them ever seem to be short of a few million dollars even when they are begging the world for more money. I wonder how the Palestinian streets would react if it was pointed out to them how all their political leaders are all millionaires while so many of them live on the poverty line even when the international community donates billions. If this TV channel was using unauthorized frequencies which posed a threat to Ben Gurion airport then it’s a threat to security and the IDF did exactly the right thing raiding this station.

  • phathuchicos - 2012-02-29 18:13

    Why can't Israel be like South Korea or Mandela if they are willing for peace to take place instead of being a bitch that moan for everything...

      Fred - 2012-02-29 18:56

      Because the UNELECTED oppressive regimes of the Middle East (who thankfully are disappearing fast) have been fueling almost daily attacks on Israel by the Palestinians, to distract their populations from their disenfranchisement, and to hold onto power for their own selfish aims.

      Fred - 2012-02-29 19:06

      From your faulty perspective, yes.

  • kafantaris2 - 2012-02-29 23:47

    When Palestinian TV is on, it shows Sesame Street.   When it shows Sesame Street, it shows Bert. When it shows Bert, it shows it might be OK to be gay. When it shows it might be OK to be gay, the TV censors come out.  When the TV censors come out, they get friendly with the Palestinians. Don’t let your TV censors get friendly with the Palestinians. Confiscate Palestinian TV.

      Fred - 2012-03-01 00:17


      Fred - 2012-03-02 04:47

      Patrick, you can't expect anyone to take what you think seriously when you express yourself like this. It's ridiculous and childish.

  • Ismail - 2012-03-01 13:18

    The only recognised democracy in the Middle East.

      Fred - 2012-03-02 04:50

      It's a Jewish state, alongside Muslim states. And these Muslim states have been ruled by UNELECTED dictators for decades who have used Israel and the Palestinians to distract their populations from their disenfranchised state, and to hold onto power. That you align yourself with these dictatorships that don't allow their populations to vote, or rig votes pin their favor, really says it all about your perspective. It's wrong. And will be shown up to be wrong more and more.

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