Israel to build 3 000 settler homes

2012-11-30 18:06

Jerusalem - Israel is to build 3 000 new settler homes in east Jerusalem and the West Bank after the Palestinians won recognition as a non-member state at the United Nations, said an Israeli official.

Asked if he could confirm a report that Israel was to build the 3 000 units in response to the Palestinians success at the UN, he said: "It's true - in (east) Jerusalem and the West Bank," without saying exactly where.

  • mawandewonderman.mkuba - 2012-11-30 18:50

    Like SA homelands blah blah blah blah

  • moses.mabhida.52 - 2012-11-30 19:04

    This is all about the UN vote yesterday. The only countries that contribute cash to Palestine's Authority are Israel, the United States and Canada. The rest of the world pays them a great deal of lip service, but they don't pay the wages. Congratulations! The Palestinians have managed, in one fell swoop, to alienate the only three countries that actually does something for them. The United States Congress will now cut off all funding, as will Israel and Canada. And Israel will revoke the work permits for thousands of West Bank Arabs who work in Israel. Unemployment in "Palestine" Authority is already a staggering 40%. Whatever will they do now? Three thousand new homes beyond the Green Line. And that is just the beginning. Stay tuned. Their life is about to get very miserable indeed. And yesterday's events have put the final nail in the coffin of the "Palestinian" aspirations for statehood. No more negotiations. They had their chance, and as the "Palestinians" have ALWAYS done -- they blew it. What do you think will happen to them when Israel annexes the west bank and repatriates all the Arabs to Jordan? Do they plan to make the same mistakes forever? Why don't those people ever learn from their experiences? I have been in politics my whole life, alienating one side does not make deals, it breaks them...these new homes ( which I do not support) are the beginning of a long list of f%#} you right back from the Israeli side. Cut your face to spite your nose.

      jon.jones.90663894 - 2012-11-30 19:11

      Agreed Moses. Each time that the Palestinians act unilaterally Israel has no choice but to do the same. The art of doing politics well is to stand in the others shoes for a while. Nobody but nobody is prepared to stand in Israel's shoes for a split second. And that is why things will go from awful to terrible and even more terrible for the Palestinians. The absolute stubborn blind hate filled refusal to stand in the shoes of 'those people' is the heart of the problem. Stupid choices lead to horrible consequences.

      nazeem.majiet.7 - 2012-11-30 20:23

      Moses Madhiba,you do rememeber the arrogant tyrant Pharoah who thought he was so Mighty but was so scared of the great Prophet Moses who unlike your and your kind on this forum ,had compassion for the less fortunate and who was able to give up a Kingdom for the truth and justice ,your hatred for Islam is obvious but, still pray for your guidance.What is wrong if the Palestinians want to be free from the shackles and slavery of Apartheid.You of all people should know if your name is really Mr Madhiba.

      duncan.gill1 - 2012-11-30 20:38

      moses your mind is closed and there is no hope of ever changing it for the in your bubble enjoy your moment cause after all it's all you have!

  • johan.maree.5036 - 2012-11-30 19:06

    That's a bit spiteful..

      chris.summers.3954 - 2012-11-30 19:21

      Clearly you are a Nazi Anti-semite pig...why do you support the terrorists, why do you hate jewish people from the bottom of your heart as is quite apparent for all to see with your statement!

      larry.lachman.54 - 2012-11-30 19:42

      nah, Israel is just fed-up with the drama and nonsense. Getting a bit hard-nosed is the only way to change the reality for Israel for the better. If you think North Korea is stubborn, you aint seen nothing yet.

      paul.anthony.dawson - 2012-11-30 19:45

      Zapiro is a self hating Jew and a traitor.

      kaapse.skollie.7 - 2012-11-30 20:31

      Most jews I know, including israelis, are embarrassed by israel.

      duncan.gill1 - 2012-11-30 20:40

      larry as you say stubborn as a donkey and also just as bright!

      larry.lachman.54 - 2012-12-02 07:29

      My strength is bolstered by Israel's strength. It comes down to Israel's continued survival versus those fools who would wish to eradicate Israel. I am very comfortable with Israel's place in this world. If it can only exist at the expense of others who would harm Israel, then too bad for them and you.

      moses.mabhida.52 - 2012-12-02 16:10

      What's good for the goose... So here we have the PA taking a major unilateral step, and Israel responding almost in kind. I don't see what the problem is. If anything, I expected the Israeli government to officially annex parts of area C, so building in E1 seems much less contentious.

  • peter.horn.3576 - 2012-11-30 19:36

    Well done Israel.. now lets see what the terrorists can do with the help of the UN.. sweet blou bokkerol

      larry.lachman.54 - 2012-11-30 19:47

      Well its been over sixty years and Israel just gets beter and stronger.

      jon.jones.90663894 - 2012-11-30 20:29

      Israel has been a 2 500 year old 'blink' in Human history. Some blink --more like the glare of the sun.

      tostig.jones - 2012-12-01 08:22

      Israel need to be careful, Iranian enrichment is coming. Lets see if they can pick on someone their own size.

      larry.lachman.54 - 2012-12-02 07:32

      For every person on this planet who is now alive, it is guarranteed that within a hundred years from now they will all be gone, to be replaced by others not yet born. Israel will survive beyond our lifetime.

  • Gorden Norman - 2012-11-30 20:06

    I don't know what all the fuss is about Hamas will fire rockets into Israel and then be expelled. As for the 3000 new homes well lets see if Hamas can keep their pants on.

  • jon.jones.90663894 - 2012-11-30 20:09

    Look at a map of Europe pre 1914 and post 2000. Alsace Lorraine used to be German. Germany fought a war with France and LOST Alsace Lorraine. Huge areas of Poland used to be German. Germany invaded Poland , LOST the war and LOST all of it's present day Polish territory. There used to be a German city called Konigberg. Germany LOST it's war against Russia and so LOST that territory and it is now Russian. Most of day Turkey was once Greek. Greece LOST it's wars against Turkey and LOST it's territory. Finland had a war with Sweden LOST the war and LOST the island of Aland - which is still Finnish speaking to this day. Finland had a war with Russia and LOST the war and LOST Karelia to Russia. Italy went to war against Yugoslavia , lost and LOST the city of Trieste. Bolivia and Peru went to war against Chile , both LOST the war and both LOST territory to Chile ( including Bolivia's only outlet to the sea ). Sudan went to war against it's own people in the south , lost the war and LOST the South Sudan. Bored ?. If not I can carry on and on and on. If you still don't understand I can draw pictures. Someone might have to do so for the Palestinians.

      duncan.gill1 - 2012-11-30 20:46

      Who started this war..and I mean before 1967..who else the Jews... so maybe you mean Israel will lose some this case you are right!

  • nazeem.majiet.7 - 2012-11-30 20:24

    Moses Madhiba,you do remember the arrogant tyrant Pharoah who thought he was so mighty but was so scared of the great Prophet Moses, who unlike your and your kind on this forum ,had compassion for the less fortunate and who was able to give up a Kingdom for the truth and justice ,your hatred for Islam is obvious but still pray for your guidance.What is wrong if the Palestinians want to be free from the shackles and slavery of Apartheid.You of all people should know if your name is really Mr Madhiba.

      jon.jones.90663894 - 2012-11-30 20:36

      The Palestinians are free. Simply not free to declare a 'waqf' over another country. Same as Pakistan is not free to declare a 'waqf' over Thailand or Denmark. Pretty elementary stuff to anyone except people with wet dreams about black flags , 'waqfs' , dhimmitude and dead Jews strewn all over the pavement. 'Compassionate' people do not start wars against innocent people as the Palestinians and various Arab nations have been doing for the last 100 years. Cyber , if you have 'compassion' for the Jews then why don't you just leave them alone ? Methinks it's got something to do with rocks and trees speaking. Ne ?

      jon.jones.90663894 - 2012-11-30 21:28

      Me persecuted ?. Nope. I am not Jewish and not Israeli. None of my best friends are Jewish either. Just have always had a pathological hatred of liars. And an extensive knowledge of history. Now would you like to tell me the facts about these armed squatters please that you go on and on and on about. Please explain referencing the origin of place names such as BeerSheba , Jerusalem , Nazareth , Qana , Bethel , Galilee , Eilat , Masada , Bethlehem , Hebron.

      jon.jones.90663894 - 2012-11-30 22:42

      Patrick -- anything you want to know will be found in any reputable library in the history section. But hey -- NOT in the library of your local madressa. The library in your local madressa is full of stuff that did NOT happen and also full of stuff that WILL NEVER happen. Like trees speaking and rocks speaking and black flags being raised over domes and 'waqfs' being declared , crosses being 'broken and dhimmitude being imposed. If you can steer yourself away from all that nonsense and go for the boring dry as dust facts and all of the boring details of what ACTUALLY happened you will find yourself joining the ranks of the non Jewish - non Israeli - non Eschatological ZIONISTS !. I look forward to having you 'on side' Patrick.

      larry.lachman.54 - 2012-12-02 07:37

      Thanks Jon, but dont bother with Patrick/Lesego. He prefers to remain uneducated.

  • kaapse.skollie.7 - 2012-11-30 20:27

    Well done Israel. Get more squatters in there and take as much as land as possible before Palestine gains independence.

      kaapse.skollie.7 - 2012-11-30 23:02

      Sarcasm not your strongpoint?

      jon.jones.90663894 - 2012-11-30 23:03

      Actually Patrick we turned down kaapse.skollie's membership of the AWB. He said his surname was van Wyk but then we spotted that his first name was Moegsien. And you know what ?. Doopie 't gese hy kon 'sien' die man is baie 'moeg' en die vel is bruin gebrand vannie peltog wat hy gemaak het vannie Kaap af tot Ventersdorp -- maar hy't nog nooit in sy lewe die 'Christian name' raakgeloop nie. Anyways everything was going perfectly with his application and kaapse.skollie would have gotten himself into the AWB if only he had not taken his cap off !. s'True I tell you.

      kaapse.skollie.7 - 2012-11-30 23:07

      Jon, whatever brandewyn you're having, I want some.

      jon.jones.90663894 - 2012-11-30 23:12

      pull in boet

      kaapse.skollie.7 - 2012-11-30 23:17

      Jinne patrick, jy's vaak my broe. Do I need to spell it out to you? My posting was intended to be ironic.

  • alican.francem - 2012-11-30 20:56

    See the color of the people who support Israel in south africa and their history you will not be surprised.

      mawandewonderman.mkuba - 2012-11-30 23:30


      cameronrh1 - 2012-12-01 00:06

      @alican same as me saying see the colour of people and who are easily indoctrinated to believe all the lies by pallywood, and their education. One wouldnt be surprised. You are ignorant.

  • peanutcluster - 2012-11-30 22:26

    The Jewish settlers from Eastern Europe are putting 3000 more nails into their coffin. When will these fundamentalist fools face reality and accept their status as Palestinians of Eastern European Jewish origin? If they can't, they must go back to where they came from!

      larry.lachman.54 - 2012-12-01 11:28

      Europeans can immigrate to the Middle East as much as Arabs can immigrate to Europe. Problem is that Muslims are welcome in Europe and Non-Muslims are not welcome in Arab Middle east. Up yours.

  • kaapse.skollie.7 - 2012-11-30 23:32

    This is desperation by israel. The world has turned against them. Palestine is heading for statehood. Its only a matter of time - and israel realises that.

      moses.mabhida.52 - 2012-12-01 00:19

      The world has not turned, the world has always been against them Jews... The scapegoat to all our problems. Antisemitisem has not gone away, it just changed into hate of Israel. I'm with macaveli on this one, it's far better to be feared then to be loved. Thank the Lord Israel is a nuclear powerhouse.

      kaapse.skollie.7 - 2012-12-01 02:51

      Anti-semitism and anti-israel are not the same thing.

      jon.jones.90663894 - 2012-12-01 05:35

      atheitis -- well now there is a funny thing. That bit about history repeating itself. funny how the Babylonians kicked the Jews out of their national home. And then they went back. ( After much terrible suffering ) . And then the Persians did the same. And then they went back ( After much terrible suffering ) . And then the Romans did the same. And then they went back. ( After much terrible suffering ). And the constant refrain through all of this was the fact that throughout all of this they never ever ever ever completely left Israel Judea and Samaria. And throughout this entire time time and time and time again from Haman who was hanged with his 12 sons through Hitler who shot himself in his dirty mouth to Sadman Hussein who was also hanged those who struck the Jews were themselves struck. Yes Atheitis you are right -- history does repeat itself. Which gives me so much confidence for the future of Israel and the Jews.

      kaapse.skollie.7 - 2012-12-01 07:23

      Atheitis, hamas agreed to a 2-party state in 2009 - which means they do recognise israel's existence. But peace gets them nowhere. This conflict is about land.

      jon.jones.90663894 - 2012-12-01 09:01

      atheitis ja maybe I am. It's the bloody lie after lie after lie that does it for me. But cheers you cool off too. If I can paraphrase Pink Floyd very badly to all you anti-semites out there " Hey screacher...leave those Yids alone...." and have a good Saturday

      nazeem.majiet.7 - 2012-12-01 09:19

      What lies are you talking about maybe we can help and set you straight Jon?

      jon.jones.90663894 - 2012-12-01 10:27

      cyber -- here was thinking I was going to have a quite morning. How about the lie that Israel 'drove the Palestinian's out'. Lie. Given a gloss by a soupcon of truth. Actually there were instances where the Irgun Zwei Leumi did chase Arab villagers out of their villages. The IZL never amounted to more than 450 active fighters at the height of the war. Seeing as that most of the IZL were engaged in combat operations can anyone explain how less than 150 people ( even armed to the teeth ) can remove 400 000 ---DURING A WAR --- unless of course 99.9999 % of those people removed themselves. The Hagganah actively encouraged Arabs to stay and build a nation together.

  • daniel.kagan.9 - 2012-12-01 10:26

    While criticising the state of Israel is not obviously anti semitism the two tend to be conflated. When you question the right of israel to exist as a Jewish state and when you talk about Ashkenazi Jews as if they are not really jewish I am afraid it becomes anti semitic indulgence.

      jon.jones.90663894 - 2012-12-01 10:53

      Spot on Daniel. Actually millions of Israeli's criticize their country , their leadership , their economy , their education system - in fact everything. Israel is the only country in the region where one can openly criticize the government -- without facing tanks , Ak-47's or run the risk of being thrown off the tops of buildings.

  • sukhoipakfa - 2012-12-01 16:35

    How generous of the Israelis to build all these houses for their future Palestinian occupants.

      larry.lachman.54 - 2012-12-02 07:44

      One of the main issues driving the Palestinian hostilities against the existence of Israel, is the unmentioned slavering at the mouth for the wealth and riches that will come their way if they were to succeed. Beggars and thieves will always covet that which they themselves are unable to produce for themselves. Our own ANC is proof of such.

      jon.jones.90663894 - 2012-12-02 17:32

      And yet Larry - it is hugely ironical that were they to go the peaceful route their would be an even bigger economic prize waiting for them. Gaza has been been of the most coveted and geo-strategic pieces of real estate since the time of the Pharaohs. The worlds 'top spots' are The Dardanelles , Gibraltar , Gaza , Singapore , Straights of Hormuz , Malta , Vladivostock and Taiwan. Gaza would become the Singapore of the Middle East with 2 to 3 years of peace ever broke out.

  • annie.israel.50 - 2012-12-01 21:36

    Israel has the right to build and they will do so until end of time and note Palestina was recognised as a "NON-MEMBER STATE" AT THE UN - they are terrorist and will remain terrorist - SHOCKING OF THE GIRL THAT GOT MURDERED BY THEM - SHOCKING SHOCKING I DESPISE TERRORIST AND THEY WILL NEVER CHANGE

      duncan.gill1 - 2012-12-02 02:13

      You have to enlighten yourself to all the facts on the ground in the Middle East...perhaps then you can make some worthwhile comment on this forum!

      larry.lachman.54 - 2012-12-02 07:46

      Dunkie, the facts on the ground are that Israel is building homes for Jews in the West Bank, which is not sovereign to any nation and Israel therefore has as much right and claim if not more, than the Pestinians.

      duncan.gill1 - 2012-12-02 09:26

      Same goes for you larry!

      larry.lachman.54 - 2012-12-02 10:10

      You think you are enlightened, Dunkie? You cannot even find the light switch.

      duncan.gill1 - 2012-12-02 11:15

      compared to you larry I am a f@@cking genius!

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