Israel wary of new Gaza aid flotilla

2011-04-28 18:44

Nicosia - Israel's Foreign Minister Avidgor Lieberman on Thursday condemned the international aid flotilla which plans to set sail for the Gaza Strip in June as being intended solely "to harm" his country.

"The real purpose of this flotilla is not to help the people of Gaza and not to bring any real help but to harm the state of Israel," Lieberman said at a news conference in Nicosia with his Cypriot counterpart Marcos Kyprianou.

"It must be clear we will prevent any attempt to smuggle weapons and explosives" into the Palestinian territory, he added.

An upsurge in rocket attacks from Hamas-controlled Gaza and counter-attacks by the Israeli military have only abated since an uneasy and unofficial truce that came onto effect on April 10.

The new convoy had initially planned to leave late May to mark the anniversary of Israel's deadly raid on a flotilla last May 31, but its departure was delayed so as not to coincide with Turkey's elections on June 12.

The Turkish-registered ferry Mavi Marmara of Islamist charity IHH was the admiral ship of the flotilla which Israeli soldiers attacked in international waters, sparking an Israeli-Turkish crisis and international condemnation.

Mavi Marmara in convoy

Salih Bilici, spokesperson for the Islamist charity IHH, told AFP earlier this month that participants in the new flotilla would leave together but he did not disclose a departure point.

A co-ordination committee of the international mission dubbed "Freedom Flotilla II", said in Athens in early April that the convoy would set off from "a country in the Mediterranean".

Bilici said the ferry Mavi Marmara would also be in the new convoy, which will bring together participants from 50 countries in a bid to break Israel's blockade of Hamas-controlled Gaza.

"As any other independent state, we will not abide any damage to our independence and our sovereignty," Lieberman said on Thursday.

Israel expressed its "concerns" to Turkey about the plans for the new flotilla earlier this month, Israeli officials said, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has asked the EU to prevent the new mission.

  • Valis - 2011-04-28 19:06

    Lying bastards! How can bringing humanitarian aid to a people desperate for it harm Israel? They are evil, making the Palestinian people suffer like this.

      Zanu - 2011-04-28 20:17

      because its not aid on that ship. last time all the drugs on the ship were past their due date by 6 months. If Hamas excepts Israel right to exist and ends its war... then peace will prevail. Israel wants peace. Hamas wants to die in the name of Alla. Religion of peace my A...

  • Stan Goldman - 2011-04-28 19:13

    The ships should sail to Syria where the population is being murdered by a dictatorial regime. Going to Gaza to support a terrorist organization is an act of aggression and should be met with political and if necessary, military force.

      Guglielmo - 2011-04-28 21:42

      I thought that democracy was the goal of all those bombs being fired around the world. Haven't Palestinians chosen that government with democratic elections? Funny that Hamas is being called a terroristic organization only by its enemies (Israel and US), countries that accept torture as legal (Israel in its Constitution,US in Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, etc.). Israel is accustomed to killing people without a trial (and the civilians around their targets), killing internationals trying to help a suffering people mustn't make a big difference to them

      Thangy - 2011-04-29 11:07

      @Guglielmo You are so right, funny how not too long ago they were the supposed victims of crimes against humanity (ww2), how quick memories fade as they are now the new aggressors!!

  • Benzo - 2011-04-28 19:15

    Israel still seems to think they are the centre of the universe. Without US it would have been gone long time ago.

  • Moses Kimane - 2011-04-28 19:18

    what do you mean by "islamist charity" ? that word reeks of propoganda Plenty of independant parties and world bodies have vindicated the organisation and blame lies squarely at the feet of Israel for attacking and murdering innocent charity workers.

      Zanu - 2011-04-28 20:25

      nothing innocent about them... just search youtube for the vidio (the one by the BBC is worth a thousand words) and watch for yourself how "innocent" your terrorists are (BTW - only on the one ship, the other people were peacefull, but nobody cares about them.) Its a matter of time till Israel commits the big crime that racsists such as yourself have been accusing them for decades... The stronger party here has never been pushed against the wall. the day they are, is the day even i will feel sorry for the Pal ppl. Pal voted for war (Hamas)... now they complain... nothing like a change

  • Arno Young - 2011-04-28 20:52

    IHH is not a charity only: The U.S. government has verified that IHH, the Turkish-based organization that launched the Mavi Marmara ship raided by Israel, has ties to Hamas. Israel did not attack them as countless videos prove. Secondly, the ship with ties to Hamas(read IHH) was the one who attacked Israeli soldiers with metal clubs and knives. Secondly, according to law/resolution (UN) Israel has the right to board/detain/prevent a ship in international waters which plans to break the recognised blockade by both Egypt and Israel. Usual biased Al Jazeera influence on News24.

      Guglielmo - 2011-04-28 21:49

      Yes it must have been the Mavi Marmara attacking the militar ships of Israel. You Zionist sometimes say things that would make me laugh, if there weren't 9 deads involved. And please, should we talk about the SEVENTY UN resolutions that Israel has never accomplished? Better for you to lie on some other subject, Arno

  • Khan - 2011-04-28 23:20

    Zanu - Who brought religion into this ? Why must you pick on Islam? Does anyone ever say ...Hitler that Christian terrorist? Why didnt Britain, France, USA etc turn the other cheek when he wanted Britain? Isn't that what Jesus (PBUH) him preached? So turn the other cheek. You people want to pick on Islam so easily, yo know nothing about the religion, forget that, you know nothing about your own religion, if you wish to talk about religion, let me know. If you get your facts straight, last time the aid ships were attacked there were South African aboard...they were injured as a result of Israeli aggresion. Aid is needed in Palestine, you have nod idea on what the situation is there so please reserve your comments for when you have the facts.

      Zanu - 2011-04-29 08:28

      I will reply to your talkback in sequence from your last point to the first. 1) All of my comments are based on facts on the ground. My facts come from excessive research that I have done about the Middle East. I have major problems with Israeli policy, their settlements is not helping their own target of peace, and their excessive force used most of the time, makes them in to monsters in world media. However I am able to conclude why this force is used (unlike yourself) and to me, the Palestinians’ are suffering more because of their own political mistakes rather then of direct Israeli reaction to their policy of terror (If the Palestinians had a Mandela figure like we did, there would have been peace in the Middle East long ago) My number one problem here is not the religion; it’s the fact that Hamas uses the religion as a pretext for war. ie, "we will never except Israel along side ourselves", "Israel will be destroyed God willing" etc etc... All quotes by religious clerics. The religion is not only miss-used by Hamas, but by Hezbollah, Al-Quida, and other terrorist organisations (BTW terrorist organisations target civilians, unlike western nations/armies) Furthermore, the use of Islam to control the masses by rouge regimes; from Libya to Bahrain, from Egypt to Syria and Iran. 2) Aid is not needed in Gaza, and that is a FACT! So say the Red Cross/Crescent and other organisations. What is needed in Gaza is a change in political position, i.e., except Israel and live in peace with them, with open borders, or stay in a state of war as Hamas/Iran decided to do. 3) Out of the whole flotilla of ships, only one was organised as a terrorist ship, the Mavi Marmara, this ship is where terror was organised in advance, by terrorist on the boat as they (around 100 people out off a few hundred civilians) caused the violence. It is of no surprise that there was no problem in any of the other ships. The Turkish government tried to trick us into thinking different… but it failed as their own cameras recorded. Your comment about South Africans angers me though. Because these are South Africans who put problems in the Middle East before our own problems in South Africa… one has to ask the question; of where their loyalties lie South Africa or their some far of land up north! 4) I know my religion very well… I am a God fearing man and know my rights’ from wrongs’. The way the ‘oil’ propaganda machine works against the Jews is a disgrace. They have been slaughtered by the Romans, Ottomans, Greeks, Spanish, Nazi Germany, and today oil money is used as a new means to start new blood libels against them… as a means to be attacked by Muslims. They have suffered so much, that as much as the Palestinians deserve a home, the Jews deserve one more then any other nation. A Muslim can choose between 40 odd countries on planet earth, a Christian around 60 countries… the Jew only has one and it is the size of the Kruger National Park. It is only right for them to settle on the land their religion and people were born (2000 years before Islam), the land of Israel – and no amount of propaganda or hate speech is going to change this fact. 5) no one ever said, “Hitler that Christian terrorist” because unlike terrorist organisations, Hitler never used his religion to justify his obsession to take over the world. The Catholic Church (of which he was part) would not let him use religion, and he knew that if he did, he would lose his support in Nazi Germany of the time. On the other Hand, terrorist organisations pride themselves with religion, their promise of virgins and the decree that it’s ok to kill others in the ‘defence’ of the religion. Now now, relax.. this I didn’t say… go read up and watch video’s of Hezbollah and Hamas check your facts and then come back. Lastly, and more importantly, it is terrorist organisations around the globe that tarnish Islam’s name. Islam is the religion of peace; however it is miss-used, and miss-translated by many. It is the duty of the majority of Muslims to take their religion back. This is not the duty of the west.

      Matt - 2011-06-29 13:38

      @ Khan - you should read about WW2 a bit more... fascinating topic! 1) Hitler wasn't Christian but "a confirmed Catholic" which means nothing - for example, 15% of confirmed Church of Sweden members are atheists - and it's been shown time and time and time again that Hitler hated religion and especially Christianity, embraced the occult and acted on a combination of evolution, eugenics and sheer hatred. Read his book Mein Kampf to see for yourself... 2) Hitler idolised Britain for its ability to control a quarter of the world from one little island, and was all too happy to invade Europe and leave the UK be - but it's about what is right - UK and France stood up against his occupation of Poland and hence WW2 started. USA joined WW2 a year AFTER the Battle of Britain btw, so they DID turn the other cheek. Besides, if you look at the USA pre-WW2 immigration rules, they were far more anti-Semitic than you'd ever give them credit for...

  • Khan - 2011-04-30 16:04

    1)U said "Religion of peace my A" which i took offence to, Islam is a perfect religion & does nt condone undue violence especially d innocent.We can delve into Religion in pvt if U so wish.Groups of people using Islam as a reason to commit sins,r not Muslim.I brought up Hitler,he said the Jews were sub human,this was a religious thing whether you like it or not.The Christians hav persecuted d Jews everywer they went,saying, "thes are Christ Killers" etc.2)Oil propaganda machine? I really believe you are dillusional, if there was such a thing, Saudi Arabia would have just said to USA (Israels pet dog) & the entire world actualy that they would not supply Oil unless Israel leave the occupied territories. The Jewish people have suffered at the Hands of Christian nations far more than anyone else.In fact The Jewish Golden Era was actually when Muslims ruled Spain for 800years. The Jews dont have enough countries to go to, is that a valid reason to occupy the land belonging to others & to then try to move them out? Your statement that the Israelis were there first, if that entitles them to the land, please can we request that every White/Asian/Malay person leave South Africa because the land was ORIGINALLY occupied by our black brothers?3)Brother u r angered by S/Africans who try to help ppl out of our borders, in that case put ur blinkers on & dont wory about Israel.4)You wish ther was a Palestinian Mandela, he forgave wen torture of his people ceased, ask d Israeli army to cease

      Matt - 2011-06-29 12:51

      Sorry... the Koran says 100x to kill non-believers - that's not perfect, nor is it peaceful. Or suppose you are part of the Muslim camp that rejects the Hadith, why would you reject a part of your own holy book - alternatively, if you embrace the Hadith, how can you, hand on heart, profess to follow a peaceful religion? Maybe a lot of its followers are peaceful, but the religion is not! Nor can there be a perfect religion if their holy book isn't flawless - for a start, does the Sura say that God created everything in 6 days or 8? Aparently, both...

      Matt - 2011-06-29 12:55

      Plus, Hitler was not a Christian... he was confirmed as a Catholic (2 different things believe it or not, some disagree but then I say go study both and line up the vital differences) but he abandoned religion - he hid behind "the cross" to gain support (look for a book "Hitler's Cross"). I've read his book and he unashamedly uses Christianity to win support - but he openly embraced the occult and openly showed his belief of evolution and eugenics - then he just added "Jews" as the least evolved so that he could carry out his plans... Still, the Catholic Church didn't do anybody any favours by publishing a glowing obituary in 1947, calling him a model Catholic :-(

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