Israeli leader calls for Jerusalem holy site calm

2014-11-02 06:15

Jerusalem - Israel's prime minister is calling on Israeli leaders to "show responsibility and restraint" to try and calm tensions around a Jerusalem holy site.

On Saturday, Benjamin Netanyahu called on Israeli lawmakers to calm the situation and refrain from inflaming the crisis further.

Much of the recent unrest in Jerusalem has centred on the site revered by Jews as the Temple Mount and Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary.

The violence reached a new high this week when a gunman on a motorcycle shot and seriously wounded a US-born activist who was a leading voice in expanding Jewish prayer on the hilltop complex.

Muslim worshippers view Jewish prayer there as a provocation, and Israeli authorities place tough restrictions on it.

Israeli and Palestinian leaders have blamed each other for the tensions.

  • Voltaire Gee - 2014-11-02 06:49

    This is what happens when people fight over who has the better imaginary friend. Can you imagine a world where such actions would be laughed at?! Time to evolve my fellow earthlings, there is no reason for us to kill each other over such trivial matters, no reason for any wars to be started, that all belongs in the past, to any Christian jew, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist etc, may I suggest that you read a book titled 'Pale blue dot', you'll realise how pathetic all these ideologies are (religion, culture, nationalism etc.)

      True South - 2014-11-02 07:46

      Actions speak louder than words. If Netanyahu stopped his plan to construct another 1000 Jewish settlements in occupied West Bank, maybe there'd be calm.

  • Tommy Danson Maganedisa - 2014-11-02 08:07

    Let peace occur.

  • Warren - 2014-11-02 08:09

    So someone is praying at the same Abihamic god as yours, but this is a provocation? I was taught that Islam preaches tolerance; how does someone praying offend you so? I think a big part of the problem in those countries is people taking silly things like the one above too seriously. If you go for a walk around parts of the country you come across all sorts of different religions practicing in the hills, at the same time and in earshot of each other, but I have never heard of them attacking each other. If you believe that only your god will bring you to heaven- and is the true god- then why do you care what other people are praying to?

  • Ahmed Amla - 2014-11-02 11:06

    Its hypocritical to call for calm when israeli soldiers are causing the unrest.

  • David Bennett - 2014-11-02 11:42

    Are Jews and Christians allowed in Mecca and Medina?

  • CJ CJ - 2014-11-05 16:14

    The land belonged to the Jews in the first place.It was the moslems and romans who destroyed Jewish temples in that area.It is a typical practice for moslems to build their mosques over other temples.Israel is taking back what was theirs to begin with.

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