Japan flight turns back after seat fire

2012-01-15 10:20

Tokyo - A Japan Airlines flight bound for Sydney was forced to turn back after takeoff when a business class passenger seat caught fire, reports said on Sunday.

The small fire was apparently caused by a cigarette lighter - although the airline said it has not yet identified who it belonged to, according to the Kyodo News and Jiji Press news agencies.

The Boeing 777, carrying 260 passengers and crew, took off from Narita Airport near Tokyo on Saturday evening but turned back shortly after takeoff.

No one was injured in the incident but passengers were forced to stay in Japan overnight, the reports said.

The airline was not immediately available for confirmation.

  • Roberto - 2012-01-15 10:59

    I hope the culprit got his ass burnt in the process

  • comurray - 2012-01-15 17:44

    Cigarette lighters don't light themselves, anyway why was there a lighter on board, no one is allowed to smoke in aircraft nowadays? Sounds fishy to me.

  • toibry - 2012-01-15 22:36

    Why do the nations rage and the people's plot in vain?

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