Jet clips smaller plane's tail

2011-07-15 08:08

Washington - A Boeing 767 preparing for a trans-oceanic flight clipped the tail of a smaller regional jet as the two aircraft were moving along a taxi runway at Boston Logan International Airport Thursday, an airport spokesman told AFP.

The left wing of Delta Airlines Flight 266, scheduled to leave Boston for Amsterdam, clipped the tail of a smaller Delta connecting flight at 19:33, said spokesperson Phil Orlandella. The cause of the incident is being investigated.

One female passenger complained about neck pain and was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital as a precaution, Orlandella said. The remaining passengers were examined by an on-site medical team and there were no other injuries.

Besides the two airplanes involved in the incident, all other flights were on time at the Boston airport, he said.

Delta said in a statement that the wing of the Boeing 767 clipped the vertical stabiliser of the regional jet, which was heading to the city of Raleigh-Durham in the state of North Carolina.

"Both aircraft have been removed from service for inspections" and passengers were placed on other airplanes, Delta said.

  • Fredster69 - 2011-07-15 09:28

    'One female passenger complained about neck pain' - Typical Yanks

      Steviewunduh - 2011-07-15 10:42

      She'll now claim 3 million for damages!

  • Wik - 2011-07-15 09:35

    why is this news?????

      Besem - 2011-07-15 10:05

      Why did you read the article?

      ntsiki.mdeni - 2011-07-15 12:53

      Lmfao Besem you are a bastard. LOl that was funny.

  • Grimm25 - 2011-07-15 10:59

    how the hell does a clip make you have neck pain.where was she on the plane to get suck an injury stupid yankee

  • Grimm25 - 2011-07-15 10:59


  • ThinkAboutIt - 2011-07-15 16:06

    "Airplane" isn't an English word anywhere other than in the USA. Copy and paste isn't journalism.

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