John Paul II's blood to be used as relic

2011-04-26 22:37

Vatican City - Blood taken from Pope John Paul II during his final hospitalisation will be used as the official relic for veneration after he is beatified.

The Vatican made the announcement on Tuesday, putting to rest questions about what relic would be presented during Sunday's beatification.

In a statement, the Vatican said four small vials of blood had been taken from John Paul during his final days for a possible transfusion, but were never used.

Two of the vials were given to John Paul's private secretary, Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz, and another two remained at the Vatican's Bambin Gesu hospital in the care of nuns.

One of the hospital vials will be placed in a reliquary and presented on Sunday; the other will remain with the nuns.

John Paul died on April 2 2005.

  • james4usa - 2011-04-26 23:45

    And stupid me, I was conviced we live in 2011.

      Andrew - 2011-04-27 08:20

      This weirdness about magic blood clearly illustrates that Sigmund Freud had a point when he referred to religion as a mental illness.

  • Sê wie? - 2011-04-27 02:13

    Sounds like praying to the forefather spirits.......

  • XXian - 2011-04-27 04:44

    Geez! The death and kiddie molesting cult becomes crazier every day. Or is it just a red herring to distract the gullible from the real issues. This is Father Oliver O'Grady, a former Catholic priest. The church knew he was a child abuser. He gave this deposition last year in a civil law suit where he was accused of sodomizing a child over a hundred times. O'GRADY: I swear by Almighty God that the evidence that I shall give in this deposition will be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.... If the boy was tall or fat, that wouldn't attract me. I tended to take boys that were rather slim built. I tended to be attracted to the genital area, and there was a part of me would kind of want to be in touch with that, or to discover that, to see that in this particular boy. Q: What is it.. what about the little girls did you find attractive? O'GRADY: If she had a short dress or something like that I might have been tempted to, and often did, maybe raise her dress in a kind of subconscious way, or should I say in a way that she's not aware that I'm doing that. But checking her out at the same time, you know. You'd get a glimpse of her underwear. Q: And did you find that arousing? O'GRADY: I did, yes. The viewing was more attractive actually than the touching in the girl's case. Q: How about how you would greet the little girl you were grooming? Just use the name Sally. O'GRADY: Hi Sally, how you doing? Come here, I wanna give you a hug. You're a sweetheart, you know that. You're very special to me. I like you a lot. She might respond 'I like you too'. And that would allow me to give a better hug to you.

      XXian - 2011-04-27 04:53

      Tens of tohousands of children world wide were raped by the Catholic Church while this Paul fellow was pope. He did nothing to stop it - at worst he actively covered it up. Paul had their blood on his hands. Now the Vatican want to make him a saint. Figures.

      pepperment - 2011-04-27 09:25

      Yes my friend and that is what the church of Rome is, a nest of satanists who dwells where no sane man or woman will go! The fact that they NEVER read their Bibles, but books that "explains" the Bible, says it all! And now the church of Rome is calling back to her, her "rebellious daughters" again!

  • Jubby - 2011-04-27 09:53

    Sick Satanic rituals, making gods of humans .. humans that molest and rape, but are seen as god figures ... sick bastards...

  • Irené - 2011-04-27 11:36

    Bloody superstitious quacks- the Roman catholic 'church' is the biggest joke. How can europe, who is supposed to be educated and advanced still allow this tripe in the church- they seem more and more like a pseudo-satanic cult with too much money.

  • sanfran1 - 2011-04-27 12:52

    As a Catholic, I don't care how saintly JP II was, when he was the leader and presided over the Church when these child abuse horrors were/are happening across the world in the name of Catholic priests and clergy. It really shows that these people have their heads stuck in the sand like an ostrich and live on a different planet - a planet were they think the laws don't apply to them. Disgusting.

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