Just stop raining, demands UK paper

2012-07-14 21:03

London - That was the unusual plea published in an editorial in The Times of London on Saturday, a measure of Britons' growing frustration with months of miserable weather.

The UK is labouring under some of the wettest conditions in recent history. Nearly every day seems to bring showers, sprinkles, drizzles, or downpours.

On Saturday alone, England's Environment Agency registered some 75 flood alerts and warnings across the country.

The Times claims the period from April to June appears to have been the wettest since 1766 and warns that the country's potato harvest may be affected - threatening to push up the price of chips - or fries, to Americans.

The Times says that is the final straw. "Enough is enough," the editorial says, "It must stop raining."

  • john.doeslough - 2012-07-14 21:54

    I know the perfect abbreviation for this story: LOL

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