Red Cross doctor found beheaded

2012-04-29 16:55

Quetta - The beheaded body of a kidnapped British doctor working for the International Committee of the Red Cross was found by the roadside in the southwestern Pakistan city of Quetta on Sunday, police and Red Cross officials said.

Khalil Rasjed Dale, 60, was abducted by suspected militants while on his way home from work on January 5.

ICRC Director-General Yves Daccord said in a statement: "The ICRC condemns in the strongest possible terms this barbaric act.

"All of us at the ICRC and at the British Red Cross share the grief and outrage of Khalil's family and friends."

British Foreign Secretary William Hague also condemned the killing.

"This was a senseless and cruel act, targeting someone whose role was to help the people of Pakistan, and causing immeasurable pain to those who knew Dale," Hague said in the statement.

A senior police officer said the Pakistan Taliban had claimed responsibility for the killing, saying a ransom had not been paid.

Police discovered Dale wrapped in plastic near a western bypass road. His name was written on the white plastic bag with black marker.

Dale is the third Westerner killed in such a fashion in Pakistan - the others include Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl in 2002 and Piotr Stanczak, a Polish geologist, in 2009.

The Pakistan Taliban have been fighting a bloody insurgency against the Pakistani state since its formation in 2007.

It is close to al-Qaeda and it claimed credit for a failed car bomb attempt in New York's Times Square in May 2010.

  • Rob - 2012-04-29 17:03

    Allha will be pleased.

      cellexpert - 2012-04-29 17:23

      no allah won't be happy for such killings.

      Hermann - 2012-04-29 18:00

      @cellexpert - No Allah is sleeping well.

      John - 2012-04-29 18:08

      another shining example of the "religion of peace" in action

  • Johann - 2012-04-29 17:09

    Go to war-zones at your own peril, more so if it is involving Muslim's... These Doc's think it's going to be one helluva goodwill adventure, and I am sure the intentions are true, but what they fail to understand is that their "Medic Banner" cannot stop bullets, religious fanatics or 3rd world religious scum. Also, getting caught as a westerner, never mind an American, is a death sentence in those areas.Sad story.

      Lee - 2012-04-29 18:11

      Didn't know Pakistan was a war zone? Sheesh, no need to be worried about going as they have nukes they can fire out.

      Godfrey - 2012-04-29 18:43

      @Lee ....I suppose you call this a small misunderstanding "The Pakistan Taliban have been fighting a bloody insurgency against the Pakistani state since its formation in 2007"

      Johann - 2012-04-29 20:08

      Lee, please continue embarrassing yourself. If you do not know anything about a subject, please click that post comment button.

  • shireen.abbas - 2012-04-29 17:13

    Barbaric and senseless killing !!! Condolence to the family

  • seymore.butt - 2012-04-29 17:18

    where are all the muslims who come out protesting for a cartoon! Here is a learned man who was helping muslims in need got beheaded by Taliban (for CASH). Don't you guys have balls to speak out now? Don't blame the rest of the world when they call you ALL terrorists.

      shireen.abbas - 2012-04-29 17:34

      Uhm I'm muslim and my comment b4 urz here so what's the point you are trying to make again ???

      Inja - 2012-04-29 18:02

      Muslims are cruel shireena abbas included

      Hermann - 2012-04-29 18:08

      @shireen. The point he is making is the silence of the Islam when infidels are knocked off, but the Islam cacophony of protest when for example a Q'ran is burnt or a cartoon of Mr Mohammed is published in an infidel newspaper. You get the message. One Muslim comment like yours, and I thank you for it, does not absolve the silence of the Muslim population when atrocities are committed in the name of your Allah and your Mohammed.

      shireen.abbas - 2012-04-29 18:09

      Lmao !! @ inja -ry lmk !! Troll lmimm!

      shireen.abbas - 2012-04-29 18:18

      @herman so u believe u can speak for all muslims and the views worldwide !! How outstanding !!! To me its just another form of racist and biased behavior that take us all away from the story and pain it inflicted on innocent people standing out to help other , I'm myself in that profession and on daily basic put my time and strength out to help others , which I can thank God I don't carry biased secular disregard and disrespect opinions Regarding others and their religion

      Hermann - 2012-04-29 18:55

      @shireen. Your response to my comments. You seem to miss the point all together. Thanks for calling me a racist, but this defence is getting thin and is so transparent it has become hilarious. Oh, I never said you speak on behalf of all Muslims - go read again, what I said was translated into simple English is "that one swallow a summer does not make".

  • cellexpert - 2012-04-29 17:23

    no allah won't be pleased what they did. its flipin politics. as a pakistani i don't believe in pak taliban or any international talibaan. muslims don't need any talibaans. all talibaans are funed by american gov for their aims. pakistan army looking for talibaans and will punish them soon as they doing already in notheren pakistan. they killed so many talibaans there.

  • Burtfred - 2012-04-29 17:36

    Islam is a religion of peace and forgiving? I don't think so.

  • Skwertno1 - 2012-04-29 18:35

    All religions are peaceful, it's ppl that make them violent, like all through history. No one virtue stands head and shoulders above the others.....

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