Killings follow Ramadan prayers in Syria

2011-08-02 09:07

Nicosia - At least 24 civilians were killed by security forces across Syria, including 10 after evening prayers on the first day of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, a human rights activist said on Tuesday.

"Ten martyrs fell and several people were wounded by gunfire from security forces during protests in several Syrian towns after the 'taraweeh' evening prayers" on Monday's first day of Ramadan, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights chief Rami Abdel Rahman said, adding that the day's death toll was 24.

He told AFP in Nicosia that six people were killed when thousands of protesters turned out in Irbin northeast of the capital, one was killed near Damascus, two in Latakia and one in the central city of Homs.

More than 150 people were taken in for questioning on Monday evening, Abdel Rahman added.

  • seymorebutt - 2011-08-02 12:36

    Where are all the true Muslims, the claimants that Islam is a tolerant religion, of the world protesting against these actions? Why do we only see street protest when the western world is involved?

      slg - 2011-09-04 07:05

      Yes, way too quiet, which raises doubts about their opposition to such darkness, and places them squarely within, as co-creators of that darkness.

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