London 7/7 deaths ruled unlawful

2011-05-06 13:01

London - The 52 victims of the London suicide bombings six years ago were unlawfully killed, a coroner formally ruled on Friday.

The verdicts, after a 5-1/2 month inquest into the worst peacetime attacks on British soil, came in a week that the United States said it had killed Osama bin Laden and London police chief Paul Stephenson warned that another attack against Britain could come at any time.

The coroner, Justice Heather Hallett, is also expected to make several recommendations for preventing deaths in any future such incident.

The inquest at London's High Court heard how the victims had been killed during an "unimaginably dreadful wave of horror". Four British Islamists - Mohammad Sidique Khan, aged 30, Shehzad Tanweer, aged 22, Hasib Hussain, aged 18, and Jermaine Lindsay, aged 19, - detonated bombs on three packed underground trains and a bus in the morning rush hour on July 7 2005.

As well as killing themselves and the 52 others, they injured over 700 people.

The inquest - which had to wait until all criminal trials of alleged associates of the bombers had ended - were the first public examination of the blasts and the events leading up to them.

Many of the victims' families have called for a full public inquiry into the events to establish whether the police and domestic security service, MI5, could have stopped them.

  • HowardX - 2011-05-06 13:27

    Why is this news? Tragic, but is it news? Were there people who weren't sure about it, who thought that maybe mass murder was lawful, so they needed to wait six years for an inquest to determine this earth shattering fact? I don't get it, am I missing something? What was the point of this inquest?

      Zanu - 2011-05-06 14:11

      agree... this is pointless...they should just tell the truth and blame all the deaths on the easy way in which people from all over the third world immigrate to the UK... (This form of easy i/emigration excludes highly trained professionals that need to wait years and fill out tons paper-work to get any right to live in the UK.) To conclude: immigration was the number one factor in the deaths suffered from the terrorist attacks.

  • daaivark - 2011-05-06 13:28

    No! Really?

  • Meneer Smit - 2011-05-06 13:30


  • Martin du Plessis - 2011-05-06 13:34

    Unlawful? As opposed to WHAT EXACTLY? - 2011-05-06 13:55

      Well Martin, the way the world thinks these days perhaps there is legality in killing innocent people in their peacetime homeland when they are "oppressed by the British regime" elsewhere? Don't forget anything British/American is legal prey in the eyes of the jihadists. Agh! put it down to racial oppression in Britain!!! Apartheid British style. (Any excuse will do!)

  • Shado3225 - 2011-05-06 13:35

    "The 52 victims of the London suicide bombings six years ago were unlawfully killed, a coroner formally ruled on Friday." :scratches head: I would think if unarmed civilians are killed in a terrorist attack that it would automatically be unlawful but thanks for clearing that up.

  • MadMatt_88 - 2011-05-06 13:40

    My god, the British judicial system are sharp.

  • BRONZE - 2011-05-06 13:42

    It takes an inquest costing lots of money and time to figure THAT out? Have the Brits become so stupid or am I missing something?

      Dubya - 2011-05-06 13:48

      I'm a Saffa living in Britain. Yes, they really are this stupid.

      AlsiTrader - 2011-05-06 15:40

      @ Dubya , I am a brit living in SA , the question should be maybe how come the minister of security has not resigned due to the fact that his wife is a convicted drug dealer. That crap would not be tolerated in the UK , If we brits are really so stupid why don't you f@CK off back to SA?

      sahara - 2011-05-06 15:53

      @ dumbya why you living in Britain then ?

      Wonderboy - 2011-05-06 19:18

      I think Dubya is the to profit from the stupid brits.

  • Dewald - 2011-05-06 13:45

    Now that is a surprise!

  • El Cid - 2011-05-06 14:06

    Oh my holy aunt. I don't believe this. This must signify the height of obtuseness and stupidity. It took an inquest of 7 years to determine that????? This is ridiculous!!!

      DeonL - 2011-05-06 14:17

      No it took 5 and a half months, but still! It would take anybody 1 minute to come to the same conclusion.

  • Hennie - 2011-05-06 14:16

    HAHAHAHA......there is a lawful way of killing an innocent citizen?

  • JustinD - 2011-05-06 14:17!! really, you think.

  • FUBAR - 2011-05-06 15:31

    I wonder if a tender process was followed to determine who will do the inquest, and whether all the correct procedures were followed in awarding it... Sounds like a bad joke; I would easily believe something like this in SA, but the Poms are supposed to be first world...?

  • Popit - 2011-05-06 16:41


  • em_oh! - 2011-05-06 17:08

    @AlsiTrader I also a brit living in SA + 40 years but agrre wholeheartedly with Dubya

  • jock van wyk - 2011-05-06 18:15

    what the hell was the inquest for?Stop letting the pakis from coming into your country

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