London riot suspect, aged 11, detained

2012-03-22 22:39

London - A boy who was aged 11 when he took part in last year's London riots, becoming the youngest person to be prosecuted over the disorder, was given six months' detention by a court on Thursday, police said.

The youth, who is now aged 12, pleaded guilty to violent disorder after admitting that he kicked in a shop window causing €7 200 damage during the mass looting in August 2011, a Scotland Yard statement said.

Security camera footage showed him encouraging others to join in the attempt to break into the florist in Romford, east London. He was later identified from CCTV images and arrested in February.

A judge ordered the boy, who cannot be identified because he is under 18, to spend six months in a youth detention centre.

Police arrested 4 130 people and charged 2 577 over the riots, an orgy of violence in English cities last summer that left five people dead and raised questions about the state of British society.

Harry Potter film actor Jamie Waylett, 22, who played school bully Vincent Crabbe, was jailed for two years on Tuesday for taking part in the riots.

  • Eben - 2012-03-23 06:53

    I did not know that rioting was considered a disorder...

      CoronaSherona - 2012-05-09 22:02

      No but stupid comments are....

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