Malala can recover, UK doctors say

2012-10-15 21:22

Birmingham - A Pakistani schoolgirl shot in the head by the Taliban has every chance of making a "good recovery", British doctors said on Monday as 14-year-old Malala Yousufzai arrived at a hospital in central England for treatment of her severe wounds.

Yousufzai, 14, shot in the head and neck for advocating education for girls, was flown from Pakistan to receive specialist treatment at Birmingham's Queen Elizabeth Hospital at a unit expert in dealing with complex trauma cases that has treated hundreds of soldiers wounded in Afghanistan.

"Doctors ... believe she has a chance of making a good recovery on every level," said Dr Dave Rosser, the hospital's medical director, adding her treatment and rehabilitation could take months.

He told reporters she had not yet been assessed by British medics, but said she would not have been brought to Britain at all if the chances of her recovering were not good.

Pakistani surgeons removed a bullet from near her spinal cord during a three-hour operation the day after the attack last week, but she now needs intensive specialist follow-up care.

Rosser said they could not provide any further details of her injuries without her agreement. Yousufzai did not come from Pakistan with any of her relatives but the Pakistani Consulate are proving support and her family may join her at a later date.

Yousufzai, a cheerful schoolgirl who had wanted to become a doctor before agreeing to her father's wishes that she strive to be a politician, has become a potent symbol of resistance against the Taliban's efforts to deprive girls of an education.

Pakistanis have held some protests and candlelight vigils but most government officials have refrained from publicly criticising the Taliban by name over the attack, in what critics say is a lack of resolve against extremism.

  • delish7564 - 2012-10-15 22:12

    Great to hear. What a brave girl, hope she gets better soon x

  • umm.muhammad.12 - 2012-10-15 22:27

    All part of the wests well - oiled propaganda machine...\r\n-cbs-crops-image-to-hide-malala-walking-to-chopper-with-father/

      ianingwe - 2012-10-16 06:43

      Next you will be claiming that her wounds were self inflicted? You are below contempt!

      umm.muhammad.12 - 2012-10-16 07:08

      Poor laningwe. I really am gobsmacked by dim wits like you who devour with relish all the crap that western media is defecating on a daily basis.even more surprising is that it is coming from african who for years has suffered under the oppression of these imperialists.....wake up and start thinking for yourself and dont let this biased media influence the way you think.can't you see that they are against everything and everyone that is not in line with their thinking and objectives.believe me,the west hates me and it hates you coz we are not like them.I swear by God that if it meant them putting a bullet through you today ,laningwe, to fulfil their objectives they wouldn't tink twice!I feel sorry for people like you who feel that they are \educated\ and \progressive\ yet cany even think for themselves. I feel really sorry.really really sorry!!!!

      Mark - 2012-10-16 07:30

      ignorant tw@t.

      douglas.hollis.7 - 2012-10-16 08:47

      Alas, it is we who feel sorry for you, my friend. Truly, truly sorry. In thinking yourself wise, you have become a fool.

      ingwe - 2012-10-16 09:42

      I thank you! You are making it easier to understand the mental aberration that you and your ilk suffer from. Anything that might or does show your philosophy and life style up as the misogynic, retarded and repressive regime it is must be opposed and destroyed by any means, this is right; any opposition is to be resisted as terrorism and evil? Pathetic excuses for humans who need to catch up with twenty first century morality!

      angela.nair.3 - 2012-10-16 10:54

      You are disgusting - how on earth can you say she walked to the plane - it was plain to see by all that she was carried by Pakistani army and then in Birmingham! Propoganda - I think its you and part of the Arab world - shooting a 14 year old - is that your idea of propoganda? You have education in our free country, and you on western media facebook - now put yourself in her shoes - all she wants is for girls to get educated! Its a vile cruel country that kills people because they want to - all in the name of religion and backwardness - this is the 21st Century - or why - if you can - go there and live there - dont sit here and judge the western world - be part of the fight against propoganda against you....

  • scholesss - 2012-10-16 00:33

    welldone doctors for the operation. keep doing tha good job

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