Man, 82, dies trying to climb Everest

2011-05-10 09:04

Kathmandu - An 82-year-old former Nepalese foreign minister has died on the slopes of Mount Everest while attempting to become the oldest person to climb the world's highest mountain.

Mountaineering Department official Tilak Pandey says Shailendra Kumar Upadhyay was returning to the base camp on Monday evening when he collapsed and died.

He is believed to have died from high-altitude sickness, a common cause of death among mountain climbers.

After being carried back to the base camp, Upadhyay's body was expected to be airlifted to the capital, Katmandu, later on Tuesday.

Upadhyay served as Nepal's foreign minister from 1986-90.

  • Julz - 2011-05-10 10:11

    What an old idiot!!!

      navarac - 2011-05-10 10:51

      Why is it so difficult to be positive? Regards from another old idiot (who could have retired 12 years ago).

  • Barry - 2011-05-10 10:27

    Stupid old Goat

  • IrenĂ© - 2011-05-10 10:33

    I think it's pretty cool if you live that long- and die in an epic way- what would you prefer? Climb the worlds highest peak, and then collapse- or die in an old-age home with poop in your pants? I say good on him- he died like a real man.

      iamasouthafr - 2011-05-10 10:36

      Going to the grave saying f*** yeah what a ride! Good for him!

  • Louisf1 - 2011-05-10 10:36

    Dear Julz and Barry, Why is he such an idiot and an Old Goat! You two are probably fat coach potatos who get's a stitch when reading Sports Illustrated!

      Andrew - 2011-05-10 10:44

      Hee hee

  • Happy-go-lucky - 2011-05-10 11:21

    shame, poor guy...he's most certainly NOT an idiot...i think of him rather as being incredibly brave...whats the bet, most of these guys calling him an idiot, think walking to the shop is too much exercise. Some truly sour a$$holes you are

  • rudyada - 2011-05-10 11:28


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