Man beheads daughter over lifestyle

2012-06-18 17:29

Jaipur - Police say a man upset over his daughter's lifestyle chopped her head off with a sword and then paraded it through his village before surrendering to authorities in western India.

Marble miner Ogad Singh's 20-year-old daughter had been living with her parents in the Rajasthani village of Dungarji after leaving her husband two years ago.

Police Superintendent Umesh Ojha says Singh was upset by his daughter having affairs with men, and became enraged when she eloped with one of them two weeks ago.

Ojha says Singh forced her to return home on Sunday, and beheaded her on Monday with a sword.

Rapidly modernising India faces increasing social clashes as youths resist traditions like arranged marriage or limits on women venturing outside their parents' or husbands' homes.

  • cecile.oreillylombard - 2012-06-18 17:46


  • Press - 2012-06-18 17:47

    Could there still be a religion around that gives brething space for autrocities like this to happen . . . and to be sanctioned . . .

      Tony Lapson - 2012-06-18 17:52

      Yes, because religion was even mentioned in this article you presumptuous ignoramus.

  • louis.langenhoven - 2012-06-18 17:55

    Neanderthal man raises his head...

      Press - 2012-06-18 18:29

      And it had a bigger brain than this idiot who killed his child . . .

  • kenneth.kgosi - 2012-06-18 18:21

    Jesus said its gonna get worse ,dog eat dog,people and their so called religions,,,,,,,, LETS PRAY HARDER,,,,,,,,

  • wanga.murei - 2012-06-18 18:24

    uhmmm, 20years old? left husband 2 years ago?

  • Tilt777 - 2012-06-18 18:24


  • Michael McN - 2012-06-18 18:26

    The facts are not all here, I suspect. But it is clear from the man's name--Singh-- that he most likely is not a Muslim. It is also clear sword control needs to be urgently stepped up in that village.

  • tax.payer.142 - 2012-06-18 18:33

    Backward barbaric scumbag. Rot in prison cowardly vermin.

  • SunblushStarfish - 2012-06-18 19:08

    For crying out loud don't blame this on the Christians *looks around for that r'tard ZAatheist*

  • samgaf - 2012-10-23 18:35

    There really is a need for laws to stop morons having kids!!!

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