Man confesses to eating date

2011-08-29 22:27

St Petersburg - Investigators said on Monday that Russian police had arrested a man who confessed to murdering and eating another man he met through a gay personals website.

The 21-year-old man was arrested on Friday, several days after human remains were found in the northern city of Murmansk.

According to investigators, the suspect said he had met a 32-year-old man through the internet and invited him to his house, where he stabbed him to death.

He afterwards dismembered the body and ate the remains.

"The only motive for the murder was his desire to taste human flesh," said regional investigative committee chief Fyodor Blyudyonov.

The alleged cannibal searched for his victims in the homosexual community "since this category of people are private and prefer not to disclose their contacts," Blyudyonov added.

"In this way the cannibal intended to attract another dozen people to his house," he added.

  • Observer - 2011-08-30 08:03

    Not the best article to read while eating my breakfast.

  • Fanny Mc Pee - 2011-08-30 08:10

    Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf were traveling on a train from Pretoria to Durban. When the train stopped in Pietermaritzburg, the wolf ate Little Red Riding Hood. Just before the train stopped in Durban, he ate her again!

      onthefence - 2011-08-30 08:21

      lol ........ a lot

      daaivark - 2011-08-30 08:27

      WONDERFUL. Hey Grant.... d'you get that? Humour, my brother... humour.

      Mich - 2011-08-30 08:51


      Sunshine - 2011-08-30 09:33

      A good laugh for the day. hee hee

      Medium/Rare - 2011-08-30 09:40

      Huh, I don't get it?

      Sunshine - 2011-08-30 09:45

      Medium Rare - He was hungry. Hahahaha. I will let Daaivark explain to you............. i dont wanna go there.

  • daaivark - 2011-08-30 08:28

    It's the pips in dates that always get me.

  • CPII - 2011-08-30 08:33

    Hhhhmmm…hope his not employed by Prime Cut.

  • Papsak - 2011-08-30 08:48

    Talk of being chowed literally!

  • daaivark - 2011-08-30 09:53

    Oh come on, you administrators can't be serious. You have deleted a perfectly harmless and rather amusing exchange of puns etc //// only someone sorely lacking in any sense of humour would have taken offence. Unbelieveable. There is absolutely no consistency in your deletion criteria. You permit the most disgusting and disturbing racist and intersectarian comments. You guys are seriously confused.

      claudevn - 2011-08-30 12:01

      DaaiVark.... i completely agree with you... Mindless drones they are, and they honestly have driven me to the conclusion that i might stop reading this site all together, or at least until they delete the comment boxes, afterall, they dont really want the comments anyway.... not if their not inflamatory or racist anyway ones it seems... Sensationalism...@ iTs BEST!!

  • daaivark - 2011-08-30 09:56

    Medium/rare: Sorry, some seriously misguided a**ehole administrator deleted the comments. Considered them tasteless. News24 junior gofers are now arbiters of taste.

  • Sunshine - 2011-08-30 10:11

    Ask him to invite Juliarse Malema over for a date

  • Keith - 2011-08-30 10:22

    Wonder what part he started eating first? Rump, Ribs or Loin?

  • daaivark - 2011-08-30 10:43

    Enjoying a pun is hardly being intoxicated by verbosity, but okay then, grouch on.

  • daaivark - 2011-08-30 10:46

    Marge... so you say it's okay to permit tons of severely virulent hatespeech and insult, while deleting humour some arb laaitie considers tasteless? Fine then.

      Grant - 2011-08-30 11:22

      From the number and frequency of your posts in this regard, it would appear that your ego has been stung somewhat! Fanny Mc Pee's post is funny, yours was not! N24 do not arbitrarily delete posts, they respond to comments being reported by others. Incidentally, I did not report your post but others obviously did.

      daaivark - 2011-08-30 12:03

      Thanks for being so big about it. Your fairly frequent racist comments clearly offend nobody. You are welcome to your taste and I will stick to mine. Quite happily, I'll add.

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