Man jailed for trying to sell baby

2011-12-02 11:43

Los Angeles - A 39-year-old US man has been jailed for six years for allegedly trying to sell his 8-month-old baby daughter for $25 outside a Walmart store in California, reports said on Thursday.

Patrick Fousek, who was allegedly on drugs at the time, was sentenced on Wednesday after a judge refused his lawyers' appeal for probation, according to the Salinas Californian.

Fousek and the baby's mother, Samantha Tomasini, were arrested in June 2010 when two women reported the couple trying to sell their daughter outside a Walmart store in Salinas, south of San Francisco.

"I'm very, very remorseful - I wish I didn't have this problem," Fousek said in court, according to the newspaper. "I'm asking the court to consider probation, so I can go home."

But Monterey County judge Pamela Butler sentenced him to the maximum six-year term for child endangerment.

The baby has since been given up for adoption, and it wasn't the first time Fousek had had a child taken away from him, said prosecutor Rolando Mazariegos.

In 2006 his then three-year-old son was taken away after the home Fousek shared with his brother was found to contain items consistent to making methamphetamine, the newspaper reported.

"He lost that child and he still never got the message," it cited Mazariegos as saying.

Fousek's lawyer Michael Pettit said Fousek never intended to sell the baby, while acknowledging it was a serious case.

The baby's mother, Tomasini, pleaded no contest to child endangerment in May, and was given four years probation and ordered to undergo a residential drug-treatment programme.

  • Go - 2011-12-02 12:50

    Lock both of them away for good, the useless pieces of cr@p !!!!

  • sadiemy - 2011-12-02 12:54

    Sounds like that baby had a lucky will probably grow up to be an amazing person who makes huge breakthroughs in her chosen field.

  • Vicker - 2011-12-02 12:56

    I think the baby would have been far better off if someone had in fact bought her...

      Klipkop - 2011-12-02 13:13

      That depends, I dont think that people buy babies to love and care for them but rather to do sick stuff, there lots of babies up for legal adoption. But yes, do agree that druggie parents are no good for sure.

  • Smanga Zwane - 2011-12-02 22:41

    Fousek must just voetsek!

  • babydoll0413 - 2011-12-05 23:56

    Sick, twisted people. Drugs do bad things, and selling your child I guess is one of them. He shouldn't be able to have anymore children. I say they should take that privalege away from him. Shame on them selling their baby for money while under the influence! Probably trying to get some dope money. Scumbags!

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