Man kills 4 of own family in Hungary

2012-04-06 18:04

Kulcs - A man killed four members of his own family and seriously wounded three others in a village in Hungary on Friday before he was detained, a spokesperson for the national police said.

The man, whom police identified as Jutas Csanad Horvath, 23, killed his grandparents, father, and brother. He also wounded his sister, mother and one other person on the street after fleeing the family home.

"There were several wounds on the bodies of the victims caused by a thrusting and cutting tool... it was a brutal act, that's all I can say," police spokesperson Laszlo Garamvolgyi told reporters. The man probably used a large machete in the attack, he added.

Police said the man's motive was not yet clear. The injured were being treated in hospital and were not yet in a suitable condition to be questioned.

An anti-terrorism squad dashed to the village of Kulcs, about 60km south of Budapest near the Danube river, after being told of the attack. The suspect was captured in a marsh not far from the scene of the murder.

Residents of the small village were in shock.

"We are shocked, paralysed, we never thought this could happen in such a quiet little village," said Mihaly Sinka, who lived a few doors down from the house where the killings took place.

"Had I left my house two minutes earlier, he could have slaughtered me."

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