Medvedev cat 'never went anywhere'

2012-03-28 15:47

Moscow - Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Wednesday denied his family's cat Dorofei had gone missing, contradicting news reports of a wide-reaching police search for the house pet.

"Regarding the tomcat. From sources close to Dorofei, it has become known, he never went anywhere. Thank you to every one for their concern!" Medvedev wrote in a Twitter comment on the animal's whereabouts.

The Russian newspaper Sobesednik had reported earlier the Medvedev family's cat had disappeared, and that Dorofei's owners had pasted lost pet posters throughout Moscow's exclusive Odinstovsko neighbourhood, the site of the Russian Presidential residence.

The posters reportedly identified the wayward feline as a Neva Masquerade, without naming the Medvedev family as the cat's owners. The breed, also known as a Siberian Forest Cat, is valued in Russia and an animal can sell for $1 000.

An intense police search for the cat was in progress with a presidential deadline to find the animal "by the weekend", the newspaper article said.


There have been no lost animal reports in the Russian capital and officers are not searching for any cats, a Moscow police statement said.

Security details at the Gorky-9 presidential compound were contacted by police, but did not confirm the cat's presence, Interfax reported.

News of the Medvedev's allegedly missing cat propelled messages linked with the name Dorofei to top popularity on the Russian-language version of Twitter, edging out pop performer Lady Gaga.

At least two Russian-language blogs, purportedly authored by Dorofei as he remained at large, were up and running by Wednesday afternoon.

Medvedev, in past comments, has said he had Dorofei neutered because the tomcat fought with a cat owned by neighbours, the family of former Soviet premier Mikhail Gorbachev.