Mexico drug suspect reveals hidden graves

2012-02-09 15:00

Veracruz - A suspected member of Mexico's feared Zetas drug gang has led authorities to two graves containing 15 bodies in the eastern state of Veracruz, the Mexican navy said.

The suspect, accused of multiple kidnappings, was captured in the town of Acayucan when he failed to stop at a roadblock, a statement said.

He then led authorities to the hidden graves at two ranches in violence-wracked Veracruz, where they initially announced the unearthing of 10 bodies before updating the count to 15 late on Wednesday.

Mexican authorities have found hundreds of bodies in hidden graves in recent years, part of the wave of drug-fuelled violence that has swept the country.

Veracruz has seen a hike in violence in the past year, blamed on the brutal Zetas drug gang and its rivals, including the Sinaloa cartel.

Federal forces deployed in Veracruz last December, part of a military crackdown on organised crime launched in 2006.

About 50 000 people are believed to have died in drug violence nationwide since the crackdown began.