Militants attack Karachi navy base

2011-05-22 21:16

Karachi - Militants attacked a naval aviation base in the southern Pakistani city of Karachi late on Sunday, rocking the base with explosions and battling commandos sent in to subdue the attackers, security officials said.

Several reports said that at least four people had been killed.

At least two injured people were transferred to the hospital, said ambulance driver Mohammed Ilyaz, but the total number of casualties from the attack was unclear.

Many of the ambulances were being held back because of the fighting inside the base.

The attack began with at least three loud explosions heard by people who live around the naval base. It was unclear exactly what caused the explosions, but they set off raging fires that could be seen in the distance.

Authorities sent in several dozen navy and police commandos to battle the attackers, who responded with gunfire and grenades, said a senior security official.

At least one aircraft, a P-3C Orion recently given to Pakistan by the US, was destroyed, he said.

Police initially said the attack occurred at an air force base that is adjacent to the naval base.

  • mpapi mogadube - 2011-05-22 22:15

    Killing of Osama bin Laden has unleashed hell!!!

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