Minister in hot water over 'racist cake'

2012-04-18 14:01

Cape Town – An association representing African people in Sweden has called for that country’s culture minister to step down after she was photographed cutting a cake shaped in the form of a naked black woman, the BBC reported on Wednesday.

The Association for African Swedes said the cake, in the shape of the naked upper body of an African woman and was filled with a blood-red sponge, was a crude racist caricature, reported the broadcaster.

"To say that you did this for a good cause only makes the mockery of people who are victims of racism and of circumcision worse," the association's spokesperson is reported to have told local media. 

According to reports, the cake, created by Stokholm-born artist Makode Linde - who is black - was meant to highlight the issue of female circumcision.

Linde, who painted his own face and took the place of the head of the cake, told the BBC his work had been "misunderstood".

The TT news agency reported that Liljeroth had said she could "understand that this can feel provocative".

"It was a bizarre situation. I was invited to speak at World Art Day about the freedom of art and the right to be provocative, and then they asked me to cut up the cake," the minister said.


  • ludlowdj - 2012-04-18 14:19

    Of course it was racist to use a black woman, hell we all know it is predominantly white tribes who practice female circumcision.

      Mable - 2012-04-18 16:31

      LOL u funny, but true...

      Warmonger - 2012-04-19 08:53

      A family member of mine was in Sweden a couple of months ago, and they were all sitting in a restaurant (as business men and work colleagues) and in the group was a black woman (working for the company in Sweden). The whole evening she was making jokes about 'backwards white people', white trailor trash, and how blacks are opressed by whites all over the world. And everybody (predominantely the Swedes) just laughs at her jokes. So after a while this becomes a bit much and my family member pipes up and asks "why do blacks not need viagra..? - Because it's instinct". Oh my Soul the whole restaurant falls silent. Everybody looks at him as if he just confessed to having the plauge. Even the black woman voiced her disgust - How dare he make fun of black people?!? The world is skewed, Openly. It is going to come to a head at some stage, and then years of pent up "aggression" is going to make things FAR worse than what they could have been...

      Bruce - 2012-04-19 11:46

      Female circumcision is not practiced in Europe and America, in fact it is illegal. It seems to be common in the Muslim religion, although I believe a cultural practice, not religious. It is commonly performed in Somalia, parts of Kenia and West-Africa. I do not know of any "white tribes". Please specify.

      Preshen - 2012-04-19 14:34

      The true meaning of Ubuntu

  • bluzulu - 2012-04-18 14:34

    Oh No this is NOT on......heheehehehheeee

      bluzulu - 2012-04-18 15:19

      The Swedes have got nothing better to do......hahahaahhaaaa

  • Byron - 2012-04-18 14:37

    black people need to get this chip off their shoulder, its preventing them from being heard for legitimate problems... the case above is rediculous, they sounds like the christians with the buns saga

      philani.goba - 2012-04-18 14:48

      I agree

      phathuchicos - 2012-04-18 18:52

      true dat...

  • Phalo - 2012-04-18 14:42

    Okay at first I did not want to read this article. But I think, without knowing all the facts, that we as African people need not to take anything seriously. I personally do not mind this cake. Sorry Swedes but you will be forced to uneccessarily apologise, aargh!

      Lucille - 2012-04-18 15:04

      Phalo if you read the story it will confirm you first thoughts!!! I completely agree with you.

  • Bomb - 2012-04-18 14:47

    Fckn pathetic, please modify everything in the world that is black, to not be black, so that blacks can stop being offended about anything that is black. Get rid of black wetsuits, black cars, black clothes, black streets, hell change the color of night. Its really getting ridiculous.

      Fidel - 2012-04-18 15:23

      And BlackBerry?

      Merven - 2012-04-18 15:25

      The problem is, if it is black you're a racist, if it is not black, you're racist for excluding them.

      Frank - 2012-04-19 09:46

      why does the white pool ball get to `hit` the black ball down the hole? and why is a pimple not called a whitehead, but a blackhead stays a blackhead.leon schuster movie :)

  • VWhitepaw - 2012-04-18 15:02

    Wait... So she didn't order the cake. This Makode made the cake... Does this mean the "black" Makode is a racist for creating a black cake? Someone needs to get a clue. Yea... I'm talking about The Association for African Swedes.

  • jbrandct - 2012-04-18 15:08

    If the cake was a white naked person nobody would bat an eyelid. Just the fact that this has turned into a racial issue is an insult towards black people.

  • PumaFred - 2012-04-18 15:21

    And she clearly does not have a good sense of judgement

  • J-Man - 2012-04-18 15:22

    These days, even cakes can be racist...

  • Craig - 2012-04-18 15:24

    If it was a chocolate cake, then, err, what colour should it be?

      Mazimba - 2012-04-18 16:05

      White chocolate?

  • PumaFred - 2012-04-18 15:24

    Before commenting about whether people are over reacting look at the pictures of the event.

  • Alfred - 2012-04-18 15:31

    I think Sweden should deport every single member of the Association for African Swedes for dropping their national average IQ by 10 points. Epic race card fail.

      Alfred - 2012-04-18 15:33

      LOL! That has to be the most f%^&ed up looking thing I've ever seen...

  • sjmanthey - 2012-04-18 15:33

    so in other words it was a chocolate cake shaped as a women and it's racist? i thought this only occurred in South Africa

      ludlowdj - 2012-04-19 16:01

      Unfortunately the biggest promoters of action against white so called "racists" is the white upper class and governments who are selling out their own countrymen for the prospect of imported cheaper African labor, The truth is slavery never died it was just adjusted to make provision for lower salaries for all. Little wonder that most whites in England are on welfare it doesn't pay to work for a living anymore.

  • Hlengiwe - 2012-04-18 16:20

    For people who don't understand why this cake might be offensive to black people or those with open minds: Look at the cake carefully. And go read up on "Blackface". Here is an objective wikipedia entry on blackface to get you started. All these things would mean less if people were more informed. Ignorance and insensitivity will hold us back forever by the look of some of the comments on this story.

      Alfred - 2012-04-18 16:39

      So what would you suggest? Would you like to charge the black artist for 'racism' for creating it the minister for cutting it? I've got a sneaking suspicion that the race card wielding IDIOTS from the Association for African Swedes jumped on the "that's RAAAYCCISSS!!" bandwagon so fast that they forgot to check what colour the guy was who created the damned thing before having a squeal about it.

      Simon - 2012-04-18 21:37

      Come on, this is authentic art created by a black artist, not a racist stereotype created by an ignoramus from the 1800s!

      Chumscrubber1 - 2012-04-19 06:30

      Clinging to every little injustice of the past will hold you back forever, Hlengiwe. And how can a black person be racist towards other black people. Sorry dude, this is just pathetic, its a way to lose the respect of other races.

  • Mable - 2012-04-18 16:31

    Oh come on, dis wa clearly a joke and a good one for dat matter...

      Chumscrubber1 - 2012-04-19 06:26

      Certainly not a joke, it was a black person standing up against female circumcision using art as his tool. Quite a revolting cake - but racist? Please, this makes the anti racist gang look like fools. I certainly would not eat this cake, sies.

  • Brett - 2012-04-18 16:48

    The Association For African Swedes appear to be about as intelligent as the ANCYL. I hope if I ever emmigrate to Sweden they dont force me to join seen as I am African...

  • farmfreund - 2012-04-18 19:34

    I think the problem is that they used such a ugly black woman bahhahahahah ba bab abahhhhhhhaaaaaa.

  • Simon - 2012-04-18 21:30

    Good grief, what next? The whole world is going racist / PC mad! Why are the Swedes taking any notice of this farce? Tell them to shut up and sit down.

  • Mathibela - 2012-04-18 22:28

    Black people have lost a sense of humor n the rationalle being how the super beings have treated them in the past. I was spitted by a white man in 1995 after I accidentally entered Spur in Polokwane. So sum times u must understand where we come from.

      Chumscrubber1 - 2012-04-19 06:27

      Fair enough, but you have to move on now - and there seems a lack of will to do that...

      dorovan - 2012-04-19 07:42

      That's just a racist prick & not something decent people do.

  • dorovan - 2012-04-19 07:39

    Racist? Nah... Bizarre oh hell yes. I'd run from that cake before it eats me!!!!

  • Angela - 2012-04-19 08:09

    When you start censoring art because it hits home you've lost the plot.Artists reflect the world they find themselves in , highlighting both the good and the bad - it's not all Teddy Bears Picnic and Enid Blyton. Develop some emotional maturity and suck it up.

  • Lerato - 2012-04-19 08:27

    We are living in a world of “RIGHTS” and as I see it this is creating a culture of cry-babies, this story is not even worth attention. Look what’s happening in the UK because children have a million rights, they are not performing in school breeding a generation with all the RIGHTS and empty heads. Globally we have to look at this RIGHTS issue as it is now being abused. How about coming out with a policy of accompanying RESPONSIBILITY to RIGHTS. They can cut as many cakes as they want but I won’t be offended!! Get over yourself, use that energy to go to school – in Sweden higher education is free, so use that energy to get MSc and Phds !!

  • pvuuren - 2012-04-19 08:34

    not once did I see a " African Swede" have some cake, this video only makes "Swedish Swedes" look like racists and now the poor minister gets a label, and has to step down..."African Swedes" just like "African-Americans" has nothing remotely to do with africa, they have lost the plot...

  • CyberDog - 2012-04-19 08:34

    This cake was a great success, it raised a sh1tload of media! Well done to the artist, I really hope it makes a massive dent into the problem that he is trying to make us aware of.

  • Howling - 2012-04-19 08:48

    This is so clever. Well done from an artistic approach . It is such an engaging way to highlight Female circumcision. It gets slightly lost in translation though , by the eating of the cake , or is it meant to signify that the cut and the subsequent eating of the cake provides fulfillment to the hand that cuts or cuts on behalf of men? The problem with my people , is that black people always feel they are victims. They are victims of this cruel society and they demand accountability from everyone except themselves. Failing to realize that the inherent problem lies within , you need to love yourself before others can love you , and yes colour is the only thing that divides you from world, and not the world from you. You will always be black , embrace it. If not , I advise you brothers and sisters to take a pro-active approach and concentrate on important matters as - the self cannibalization of our own people by our own people Viz : Mugabe , Julius , our government , most of Africa , exception to Botswana... I think maybe because he is a mixture may have had strong influence on why its an amazingly run government. Any way , my point is - just come and get a hug from me , it wont change whether we pay the e-toll or not , but it will make you feel better, and leave the damm cake alone. Much love my fellow africans .

  • Richard - 2012-04-19 08:53

    Cultural relativism is said to be true. Some tribes practise female circumcision, others tribes practise cunnilingus. Cutting the latter cake might be reserved for the late show. But wun of dem gotta stop.

  • Sterling - 2012-04-19 14:25

    @Bruce, the idea of cutting the woman in Africa and the middle East is to stop her from seeking pleasure from masturbating. Most of this is caused by polygamy and the woman doesn't get enought attention from her husband.

  • Kimberly - 2012-04-20 09:49

    What shocks me most about this story is not the actions of the Swedish Minister (as she appears to have been set up) but rather the fact that the international media is STILL using an incorrect, antiquated and discriminatory term - 'circumcision' for the barbaric practice of the systematic mutilation innocent girls' genitals which occurs in many parts of Africa and is on the increase. The correct term is 'Female Genital Mutilation' or FGM as it is commonly known to people who describe the practice properly and is what the artist was trying to highlight. The practice bears no resemblance to male 'circumcision' (where only foreskin is removed, leaving the male with full sexual function), but most often involves mutilation of the genitalia such that female sexual function is compromised, thereby depriving women of their sexual dignity for the rest of their lives. Frequently it results in permanently impaired function and in many cases, death from infection caused by the procedure. By equating FGM with male circumcision, the media is suggesting that FGM is equally acceptable, implicitly condoning the practice and adding to gender discrimination. To people in the international media, we ask that you please use the term Female Genital Mutilation, which will assist in stopping this physical abuse of innocent girls.

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