Missing UK girl, teacher found in France

2012-09-28 15:01

Bordeaux - A British schoolgirl and her maths teacher, who triggered a Europe-wide hunt after running away together, have been found in Bordeaux, France, police said on Friday.

The teacher, Jeremy Forrest, aged 30, has been arrested and placed in custody, while Megan Stammers, aged 15, was under police protection, they said.

"The couple were found on a public street in the centre of Bordeaux," a spokesperson said, adding that Stammers was "in good health".

The pair had not been seen since being filmed boarding a cross-Channel ferry together on 20 September.

Their parents had appealed for them to get in touch but had played down fears that the schoolgirl could be in any danger.

A European Arrest Warrant had been issued for Forrest, a married part-time musician who had reportedly begun an affair with his pupil.

Police in Sussex, the area of southeastern England where the two lived, said that they had both been found safe and well as a result of coverage in the French media.

  • christopher.shining - 2012-09-28 15:12

    If that was my daughter I would literally wrap my hands around his neck and throttle the life out of him...

      sharron.forsyth - 2012-09-28 15:17

      In no way do I condone this what so ever but the girl went with him willingly. They only ran because the authorities were taking too long to investigate him and he got wind of it.

      chris.steytler.1 - 2012-09-28 16:01

      You're a bit scary christopher, calm down son...

      liesure.larry - 2012-09-28 18:00

      Not surprising at all... I'm sure that you are all aware if you younger than certain age in the UK and you fall pregnant that the state give you a council house/flat and a income... Do yourself a favor and go take a stroll through Frome Somerset little town south of Bath and you will see what i mean...

      siphom.mnguni - 2012-09-28 20:00

      @sharron.forsyth:)it does not matter whether she went with him willingly or unwillingly, what he did is called abduction because the child is 15. She does not have to give consent or otherwise and the complainant in the case are parents. If he had sexual intercourse with her it is statutory rape. The age of majority around the world is 18(lowered from 21). The reason why the parents are complainants is because when you run away with their child you deprive them of their exercise of parental responsibility. \In love\ or \out of love\ it is a offence in law.

      arthur.hugh - 2012-09-29 18:13

      Sorry I'm with Chris - this was a teacher, he had ample time to groom her, which is what pedo's do.

  • sharon.houghton.984 - 2012-09-28 15:22

    And give her a good hiding as well. Takes two to tango!!

      helen.stephens.1257 - 2012-09-28 16:57

      Yes indeed, Sharon. She probably seduced him.

      siphom.mnguni - 2012-09-28 20:18

      It takes two consenting adults to tango not an adult taking an advantage of vulnerable child. She has not yet reached an age of majority, which is 18, of course. Lock him up and throw the key into the deep, blue sea!

  • Clayton Richard Delport - 2012-09-28 15:33

    No need to kill anyone, Shew people want blood not matter what, the fact to us in our culture this is wrong because an age gap like that is sick, in other cultures this is the norm, this guy was publicly humiliated and taking a 15 year old anywhere with out consent is illegal everywhere so he will be going to jail, teach this little girl to stay little as long as possible, because being an adult is alot harder than children think

      arthur.hugh - 2012-09-29 18:14

      Bet you wouldn't say that if it was your 15 year old daughter pal.

  • hamish.drake1 - 2012-09-28 16:28

    Well he has been arrested. I'm sure there is a kidnapping and statutory rape charge pending. So 15-25 years in prison, where he will be groomed and shown the joys of adult love. Justice I think.

      squeegee.pilot - 2012-09-28 16:48

      I think you are wrong. I think 15 is the legal age in the UK. Not sure though...

      delish7564 - 2012-09-28 20:11

      @sqeegee. No it's not....15 may be the age in France, but it isn't in the UK, so the guy is guilty of abduction whether she went with him willingly or not. Mind you, looking at the photo, she certainly doesn't look 15 and that is a huge problem these days - I feel sorry for his wife. So not only will he probably be jailed, he can say goodbye to his teaching career for ever and will have a criminal record........I hope she was worth all the heartache the two of them have caused :(

      arthur.hugh - 2012-09-29 18:15

      Agreed Hamish.

  • drummond.doig1 - 2012-09-28 16:59

    Tha age of consent in the UK is 16, except where its with a person in a position of trust ( eg a teacher), in which case it is 18

      squeegee.pilot - 2012-09-28 17:39

      Thanks for that info... I stand corrected.

      arthur.hugh - 2012-09-29 18:16

      In this case - pedo.

  • crracker.crackerr - 2012-09-28 18:05

    Emotions and hormones are a bitch it seems. One only has to do some googling and also think back to one's own youth. 10, 11 or even younger! What goes through our minds even from those early stages in our lives? Don't be such hypocrites! Look at the legal age for marriage in for example the old Jewish tradition. Apparently 12 and a half years. See the history in this very SA. And the current sexual practices. Nature has a number of peculiarities - some very contradictory. Of course it increases the liklihood of genes ensuring their (the genes') future survival. How many more examples do we need? Nature has a cruel streak in some respects. Cruel because we don't like it. Why would nature create those sex urges and fantasies with the clear physical potential to result in pregnancies? And of course the resultant 100 lashes/canings for young females in Islam? So let's not get too judgmental.

      arthur.hugh - 2012-09-29 18:18

      Sure I thought of sex when I was around 11 years old - but what 11 year old thinks about sex with a grandpa almost three times their age? Get real - this oke is a pedo. If it was my daughter, I'd tie a rock to him and send him swimming.

      audrey.sabag - 2012-09-29 20:57

      There is a reason that those old traditions no longer are in practice. Modern day society has come to their senses (mostly) and understood that certain things are wrong, and thus no longer practiced. And please notice I said modern day.... no need to nit pick on some people who still choose to continue with these traditions.

  • sarel.brits - 2012-09-28 20:48

    Sardinetjies is vis hy kleintjie mar hy is

  • marina.p.thomas.5 - 2012-09-29 22:29

    The truth of the matter is, someone here has actually mentioned, that the girls here ins England are just sexually active from a young age, when a mature woman went to have her baby at the princess anne maternity hosp in southampton, she was known as the GRANNY-MOTHER allthought she was only 35...YOU WILL SEE MORE PRAMS LINED UP on the highstreet then TAXIS IN CENTRAL JHB......and the girls are MOSTLY SINGLE MOMS.....and, whilst sitting in the bus oneday, overheard a young lad boasting that he is to become FATHER AGAIN, child no 5....all different girls.....

  • marina.p.thomas.5 - 2012-09-29 22:30

    and so by the way, look at that picture, that is her school uniform, BUT notice the make-up....

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