Missing Swiss twins spotted in France

2011-02-06 18:31

Rome - Police in Italy, Switzerland and France are searching for a pair of 6-year old twin girls after their father died in an apparent suicide.

The body of Matthias Kaspar Schepp, a Canadian-born resident of Switzerland, was found near a railway station in southern Italy on Thursday. Police believe he threw himself under a train.

On the previous Monday, he sent a postcard from Marseille to his wife, saying he was desperate and could not live without her.

According to Italian news reports, the man picked up his daughters Alessia and Livia from their mother's home in Lausanne, Switzerland, on January 28, but failed to return them at the end of the weekend as scheduled. The couple are reportedly separated.

Italian police official Alfredo Fabbrocini said on Sunday that after leaving Lausanne, Schepp travelled to Marseille and Toulon, France, before showing up in Italy. He said the search was on in all three nations.

The missing twins were spotted in the French city of Marseille with their father last week as he bought tickets for Corsica, Swiss police said on Sunday.

Car found

The father, Matthias Schepp, reserved "three tickets to embark (by boat) that evening for Corsica" at a Marseille travel agency on Monday, police said in a statement.

He was spotted there accompanied by his 6-year-old girls, Alessia and Livia. The car he had been driving was found on Thursday at Cerignola in Italy's southern Puglia region, police said.

The Marseille boat left on Monday evening for Propriano, Corsica, where it arrived the following morning, Swiss police said.

"In all likelihood, he had his two girls on board," they said. "But we have no witness accounts of this at the moment."

  • sharpeijane - 2011-02-06 19:27

    News24 - another bad proof reading error today. After the "pilot waves" balls up, don't you think you could have spotted that Swiss should have a capital letter. Get it together !!! You are becoming sloppier and sloppier.

      Proffie - 2011-02-06 19:39

      Proof readers and sub editors taking Sundays off? Its becoming embarrassing, all these misprints.The journalist should have checked it him/herself before publishing.

  • Nick van der Leek - 2011-02-06 19:28

    couldn't he have taken his girls home and then thrown himself under a train? I know it sounds crass, but maybe he shouldn't just have thought about himself.

  • Carolyn - 2011-02-06 19:34

    So if he was dead, then how come the twins landed up on a boat with him, this article is very confusing and really very badly written. Time to teach the correspondent how to write.

  • di - 2011-02-06 20:27

    Are we using journalism students with English as a 3rd language these days?

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