Muslims deny inaction over anti-Semitism

2012-09-03 14:01

Berlin - The head of an umbrella organisation for Muslims in Germany on Monday rebuffed a call by a Jewish leader to do more to combat anti-Semitism after a rabbi was brutally attacked in Berlin.

"Muslims do not need lessons on that. Anti-Semitism is not compatible with Islam," Ali Kizilkaya, chairperson of the Co-ordination Committee of Muslims, told the Berliner Zeitung.

The beating last Tuesday of 53-year-old rabbi Daniel Alter in front of his young daughter, allegedly by a group of Arab youths, has been roundly condemned.

The president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Dieter Graumann, urged Muslim groups to "finally deal decisively with anti-Semitism in their own ranks".

He said in Friday's edition of the Berliner Zeitung that words and sympathy were nice and honestly meant, but actions counted.

Kizilkaya said hostility to Islam also needed to be talked about when discussing anti-Semitism and added that his organisation, which represents four German-based Muslim groups, was ready to talk to the Jewish community.

About 1 500 people rallied in Berlin on Sunday in support of Alter, who thanked the crowd for its support and said: "My cheekbone was broken but these guys did not break my will to stand up for dialogue between religions."

About four million Muslims live in Germany and more than 200 000 Jews.

  • jo.barton.92 - 2012-09-03 15:22

    It will only get worse with Islam.

      ronald.utenhage - 2012-09-03 16:14

      You sound like Malema

      tabib.asnan.3 - 2012-09-03 22:20

      They got into a fight, for Pete's sake. Since when did this become political. Love thy neighbour, even if he is a brown or black muslim

  • bob.macphearson - 2012-09-03 16:09

    "Anti-Semitism is not compatible with Islam" What? islam is pretty much anti-everything that isn't islam. And if you say it isnt, then you arent talking about islam.

      tabib.asnan.3 - 2012-09-03 22:21

      you, sir, are displaying a passionate and ignorant hatred for nearly half of the world. Men like you are warmongers. Don't hate. Peace

  • ronald.utenhage - 2012-09-03 16:13

    I condemn any action against any religious group. We need more understanding and tolerance.

      tabib.asnan.3 - 2012-09-03 22:24

      Agreed. Further, a muslim should realise the great sin in harming an innocent person. Not all arabs are muslim. Not all muslims bear the flag of Islam, some are nationalists.

  • roger.kaputnick.90 - 2012-09-03 16:28

    Chase the Arabs out of Germany before they destroy the country.

      fidel.mgoqi - 2012-09-03 19:15

      VIENNA, Sept 3 (Reuters) - Jewish leaders warned on Monday against what they called creeping tolerance of anti-Semitism in Austria after a rabbi said he was verbally abused by neo-Nazi soccer fans while police stood by doing nothing to stop them. The rabbi said a few fans had shouted "Jews out!" and other abuse and raised their arms in a Hitler salute - a crime in the Alpine republic - but that police showed no interest and told him to calm down, saying it was "only soccer". You and these Neo-Nazis deserve each other!

      tabib.asnan.3 - 2012-09-03 22:25

      Would you like us to chase the black people out as well? Would you like to stereotype anybody else with resentment?

  • alex.nkosi.39 - 2012-09-03 19:14

    All commentors on this article are molema's friends in terms hate , guys please why don't stop this islamiphobic statements, and let us fight against nazi s, islamiphobia and any kind of hatred amog us

      tabib.asnan.3 - 2012-09-03 22:27

      Thank you sir. The truth is that there is a still a lot of racism, bigotry and hatred in the world. One Madiba is not nearly enough. Spread the love and tolerance. Peace be on you.

  • Montagnes.Bleues - 2012-11-16 21:54

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