NY subway operating at 80% - governor

2012-11-03 17:30

New York - The New York City subway system is now operating along 80% of its network, and more of the network will come back on line through the weekend, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Saturday.

Addressing concerns about fuel shortages, particularly gasoline, that have hit the New York area since superstorm Sandy struck earlier this week, Cuomo also said eight million gallons of fuel had been delivered since the New York Harbour reopened. Another 28 million gallons would be delivered this weekend, he said.

US Senator Charles Schumer, a New York Democrat, said at the same press briefing in Manhattan that the US Department of Defence would be trucking 12 million gallons of fuel to the area in the next few days to help alleviate the fuel crunch.

Cuomo said most of the flood waters that had swamped the site of the World Trade Centre memorial and museum had now been pumped out.

  • Shaun Daly - 2012-11-03 18:25

    Damn straight, NYC doesn't eff around

  • Tshepo Makhubela - 2012-11-03 18:37

    what about those Haiti who died whats so special about railways and power lines ... our black sisters and brothers are dead

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