Nato admits kiling Afghan journalist

2011-09-09 11:27

Kabul - Nato has admitted that an Afghan journalist believed to have been shot dead by insurgents in southern Afghanistan was in fact killed by a soldier from the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF).

"Mr Khpalwak was shot by an ISAF member who believed he was an insurgent that posed a threat and was about to detonate a suicide-vest IED," Nato said in a statement late on Thursday.

"Afghan forces removed the body from the building; it was that of Ahmad Omid Khpalwak. He was unarmed; no weapon was found nearby," the statement added.

Ahmad Omid Khpalwak was a freelance journalist working with the local Pajhwok Afghan News agency and the BBC since 2008.

He was killed during an insurgent attack on several government buildings in Tarin Kot in the southern province of Uruzgan on July 28 while hiding inside the Radio Television of Afghanistan office.

Khpalwak was the third Pajhwok journalist to be killed since 2008, the agency said.

Reacting to Nato's admission, the BBC director of global news Peter Horrocks said: "The death further highlights the great dangers facing journalists who put their lives on the line to provide vital news from around the world."

The Committee to Protect Journalists said 23 reporters have been killed in Afghanistan since 1992. It ranks Afghanistan the 10th most dangerous country for journalists.

  • Libertador - 2011-09-09 11:47

    "killed by a soldier from the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF)." You mean a private contractor, a mecernary, spell it out. The misleadingly romantic language in much of the media reporting of this aggression actually cloaks the brutal realities of a war.

      IC1 - 2011-09-09 12:35

      Check out there wesite boet, not a private contractor

      Komasa - 2011-09-09 13:00

      IC1 you are out of your depth on this one.

      Komasa - 2011-09-09 13:02

      IC1 rather support your capitalistic corporate media on the rejection of the 'Info Bill'.

      IC1 - 2011-09-09 13:16

      Komasa: checkout but it may be a waiste of time coz you are an idiot, u dumbf**k

  • IC1 - 2011-09-09 11:50

    Oh crap, "your bad" ISAF

  • tommy 2 - 2011-09-09 12:08

    What about the thousands in LIBYA.......... How about admitting to that.

  • Derek - 2011-09-09 12:24

    What about acknowledging that every single drop of blood spilt since the start of this illegal invasion is on the hands of NATO.

      pop101 - 2011-09-09 12:36

      Can't do that. NATO wasn't involved in the beginning. You don't know much, do you.

      Libertador - 2011-09-09 14:12

      NATO wasn't involved in Afghanistan in the beginning? You should not let your hangups get the better of what you read or of your faculties, or you should start drinking a little bit later?

  • Frida - 2011-09-09 12:26

    "kiling" ne?!

  • aman - 2011-09-09 13:46

    @Derek - The world sat with there fingers up there ... while giving Hitler a blank cheque to do whatever the hell he wanted, then reacted after Poland was invaded. I believe that NATO waited too long to get rid of Gadaffi. They should have taken that psychopath out after Sadat was assasinated and then maybe there would not have been a Lockerbie or the mess they find themselves in now.

      Komasa - 2011-09-09 14:05

      what about Syria or is it just your commercial double standards.

      Libertador - 2011-09-09 14:06

      Lockerbie,Libya, really. I see how easy it is to feed people a diet of lies that are swallowed as avidly as strawberries and cream. The Washington crowd must be laughing their socks off reading your comments above.

  • aman - 2011-09-09 14:19

    @Komasa - Love the way that you're not arguing with the Libya part. Yes, I agree, they are selective about what they decide to act on. I could mention a whole lot more where I believe they could have reacted but I am sure you would top that list. @Libertador - not sure where you are from but you don't believe Gadaffi had anything to do with Lockerbie? OMG, there's a quick profit to be made here, I have some property in the sea that I would like to sell you...

      Libertador - 2011-09-09 17:26

      What evidence was given that links Libya to Lockerbie. Why was the chief suspect released after having made his intentions to appeal, forget the cancer BS story, it was meant for simpletons like you. What other sources have you seen regarding Lockerbie besides the source that told you that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and that Osama bombed the NY towers.

  • aman - 2011-09-09 15:50

    You are 100% right. I believe all the BS fed to me by the Western Media. I don't have any evidence of Osama's involvement in the twin tower bombings. I have not examined any (fabricated) evidence that may have been presented in the Lockerbie bombing. I change my tune - Mugabe is an angel, Osama was innocent, Syria - shoot the hell out of your citizens - it's your god given right, Sadam did not use mustard gas against his own people - it did not exist, Hitler was a figment of a world gone mad imagination. Gadaffi, I apologise - you were so right in executing your soldiers that refused to open fire on the crowd of protestors, and oh yes, Israel, how dare you act first in the 6 day war when troops were massing on your borders - their intentions were 100% honorable. @the west, you are the devil incarnate . . . Happy now?

      Libertador - 2011-09-09 16:36

      Nobody can tell you what you must believe, but since you work so hard to point out the deficiencies of my argument, you implicitly obligate yourself to inspect the facts that would add devastating strength to your very own arguments! Let me leave you with a quote from J Goebbels, the Nazi Propaganda Minister and Hitler's right hand man: "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

  • aman - 2011-09-09 17:11

    I told you I don't believe any more that Hitler ever existed.

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