Netanyahu downplays rift with Obama

2011-05-22 18:58

Washington - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has tried to play down a row with President Barack Obama, saying the rift between the leaders has been exaggerated.

"The disagreement has been blown way out of proportion," Netanyahu was quoted as saying by his spokesperson, a day after the Israeli leader slammed Obama's vision for Middle East peace as "based on illusions.
"It is true we have some differences of opinions, but they are differences among friends," Netanyahu said.

In a dramatic Oval Office appearance, after 90 minutes of talks on Friday, Netanyahu emphatically rejected a call from Obama on Israel to accept a return to territorial lines in place before the 1967 Arab-Israeli war, with mutual land swaps with Palestinians to frame a secure peace.

"While Israel is prepared to make generous compromises for peace, it cannot go back to the 1967 lines - because these lines are indefensible," Netanyahu said.

Netanyahu is in Washington for a six-day trip that will also see him give a speech to the powerful Israel lobby, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) before a joint address to Congress, to which he was invited by Republican leaders who support his position.

  • Ben - 2011-05-22 19:53

    Palestinians will not be happy with the pre 1967 borders. How can Israel be prepared to return land to a "political party" such as Hamas. A party that has emphatically denied the existence of the state of Israel and at the same time called for its destruction. How can Netanyahu negotiate with people like that?

      slg - 2011-05-22 21:51

      Huntchback, Israelites have been in the area at least as long as the Palestinians. Your starting point is faulty. The rest of your analysis is one-sided and irrational. Your image-photo confirms this distorted view of the world. It looks and sounds like you have unresolved sadness and pain. With these in your lenses, the world becomes a sad and painful place.

      The huntchback - 2011-05-24 19:44

      what happened to my comment? seems like the Israelly Propaganda machine is alive and kicking on

      slg - 2011-05-25 15:28

      More like the chip on your shoulder is alive and kicking

  • andrie.langa - 2011-05-22 20:48

    Those guys they are real entretainers,Iam 43 years old since the creation of Israel nothing were solved yet,to me there are just entretaining people making the world ideot as there are!!!

  • slg - 2011-05-22 21:55

    Provided Netanyahu now truly hears what Obama said, this is a mark for the good. He distorted the information. Obama said the 1967 borders should be a starting point, with negotiated land swaps. There's flexibility in this that he missed.

  • ANTIZIONIST - 2011-05-22 22:33

    Netanyahu and Israel have no respect for international law.By constantly siding with Israel the USA are becoming a thread to world peace.Until the day Palestine is liberated from oppression and land that is rightly theirs is returned to them,there will be turmoil in the Middle East which will eventually escalate to other countries.Why are Israel allowed to hold the world at ransom ?? What happened to Sadam Hussein when he invaded Saudia Arabia ? The USA went to war with Iraq!!...What happened when Argentina occupied the Falkland Islands...Britain went to wage a war almost halfway around the world to dispel them!! Why do you expect Palestinians to do nothing when their land is occupied? They have the right to defend and fight for their land with all means possible!! The hippocracy of the west is so obvious.There shall come a day,as it has been happening all over the Middle East,that the might of arms will not be able to fend off people fighting with their bare hands !!Israel must realise that day is not far off......How will Israel explain to the world the killing of maybe 5000 or more unarmed civillians....are the world ready for the turmoil to follow ???

      Cornix - 2011-05-22 22:59

      @ANTIZIONIST - What if this is not only about Palestinian land? Israel is under a big threat. Many countries are against the existence of the Israeli state. This is not only limited to the countries around Israel. In your opinion, do Israel have the right to exist? If not, where would they go? Where else on Earth can the Israelis claim a state for themselves?

      slg - 2011-05-25 15:29

      Antizionist, clearly you have an agenda which distorts your analysis of what is really going on.

  • Truthseeker2 - 2011-05-22 22:46

    israel is an imposter state. the ashkenazi/european jews plundered and pillaged the land of palestine to create the rogue state that is called israel today. the ashenazi jews are not semites i.e not from the bloodline of the israelite people from the time of Moses. the true progeny of the semitic/ancient israelite people are the native palestinians. the ashkenazi jews must vacate from the territories they have stolen in palestine and return back to their actual homeland which is where the khazar empire was located in the caucasus region.

      Cornix - 2011-05-22 23:51

      @Truthseeker2 - If that is the case, then the Turks need to leave Turkey and return to where they came from originally, Central Asia. The land that make up today's Turkey was stolen from the Armenians and Greeks. Likewise, Arabs also invaded the land of other peoples. Muslims are some of the biggest invaders of the past 1400 years, and then Muslims have the audacity to deny that and point fingers at Israel!

      slg - 2011-05-23 05:40

      Well said Cornix. There's an obsessiveness that is extremely negative here. Unfortunately the same exists among fundamentalist Jews. If both only knew how like each other they truly are.

      The huntchback - 2011-05-24 19:48

      @Cornix you have just given the reason why Israel does not belong in Palestine, the is no problem with jews migrating to Palestine and making an honest living there the problem is and will always be their desire to rule and plundr the wealth of others

      Cornix - 2011-05-25 12:28

      @The huntchback - Desire to rule and plunder the wealth of others? Maybe only a few. I can assure you, most of the Jews just want to live in peace. With their very existence being threatened, I am not surprised that they want to defend themselves so desperately.

  • Zeyad - 2011-05-23 09:56

    Ag, kak get off your bloody high horses and live with each other for goodness sakes, why Is Israel so scared of the rest of the wporld that it feels it violently has to force its view obn the world. You dont see Poland or any other occupied country or people behaving this childishly...paranoia fills the air. The world is a sick sick place

      slg - 2011-05-25 15:30

      Maybe it's because they were almost wiped out not that long ago and tyrannical Arab leaders want to do that again right now. Where have been?

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