NY shooting: Gunman a disgruntled worker

2012-08-24 18:52

New York - A disgruntled former employee at a women's clothing shop shot a former co-worker outside the Empire State Building before being killed by police, officials said on Friday in the first detailed account of the mayhem.

In total, two people were killed and nine wounded, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly told a news conference. The injuries were not life threatening.

The shooter was identified as Jeffrey Johnson, 53, and his victim was aged 41, Kelly said.

Kelly said the man was armed with a .45 caliber handgun, with a magazine holding eight bullets, and shot his former colleague in the head.

The shooter then tried to flee but was confronted by police who'd been alerted by a nearby construction worker, Mayor Michael Bloomberg told the news conference.

"The perpetrator clearly turned his gun on the police and tried to shoot them," Bloomberg said. "The cops returned fire, killing him."

Some of the gunshot wounds may have been caused by stray police bullets, the mayor said.

  • josefaramelato.mthombeni - 2012-08-24 19:09

    What is going on in the world today? Huh? There is too much blood shed and bullets are flying... We behave like animals and life has no value at all. Very disappointing!!! Jesus is coming soon!!

      fishycraig - 2012-08-25 02:53

      Firstly, the world has probably never been more peaceful. It is the constant bombardment from the media. Obviously there are exceptions but there are no major wars going on and crime in most countries is down. Secondly, animals don't wantonly kill the way humans do. Thirdly, every generation for the last 2000 years has said Jesus is coming. And every generation for the next 2000 years will probably say the same thing. Face it, he ain't coming. It is up to us to fix things.

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