Norway reopens embassy in Iran

2011-12-02 08:48

Oslo - Norway reopened its embassy in Tehran on Thursday after closing it for security reasons, and summoned Iran's ambassador to protest, two days after the British mission there was attacked by an angry mob.

"Norway holds Iran responsible for the security of our embassy in Tehran and of our diplomatic personnel," the foreign affairs ministry said in a statement.

Iranian protesters raided Britain's embassy and another diplomatic compound on Tuesday, trashing offices, stealing documents and defying police efforts to remove them.

Norway closed its own embassy the same day, but did not pull out its staff while assessing the situation.

Britain has closed its mission in Tehran and on Wednesday ordered that Iran's embassy in London be closed within 48 hours.

The Iranian protesters were reflecting official anger at Britain's decision last week to cut all relations with Iran's financial sector as part of a raft of new sanctions unveiled in coordination with the United States and Canada.

The storming of Britain's embassy sparked international condemnation, including a strongly worded statement from the UN Security Council.

The Norwegian foreign office said that though it was reopening its Tehran embassy it had also summoned Iran's ambassador in Oslo to express its condemnation of the attack and to insist on the safety of their embassy and envoys.

Several European nations, including France, Germany and Italy have recalled their ambassadors from Tehran for consultations.

The international community has imposed heavy sanctions on Iran to curb what it fears is a programme to build atomic weapons. Iran denies the charges, insisting its nuclear programme is purely for peaceful purposes.

  • Ian - 2011-12-02 09:17

    come news 24, you fast asleep, al quida kidnapped a 70 year old man, wheres the report, we want to bash them

  • Fidel - 2011-12-02 09:25

    The progressive people of Norway, have such admiration for you. "The international community has imposed heavy sanctions on Iran". International community being a euphemism for the US and Western Europe.

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