'Nuns' stripped for Berlusconi

2012-04-16 17:17

Rome - Women, including an Italian regional parliamentarian, dressed up as nuns and performed a striptease for Silvio Berlusconi at a party held at the former prime minister's villa, a witness on Monday told a court in Milan, media reports said.

Imane Fadil was testifying at a trial in which Berlusconi, aged 75, is charged with paying an underage Moroccan dancer for sex. Fadil, who is also Moroccan-born, described what she said was her first visit to Berlusconi's Arcore residence near Milan.

In the trial, prosecutors also accuse Berlusconi of having abused his then-position as premier to cover up his liaison with the dancer, Karima El Mahroug, who was 17-years-old at the time and underage under Italian law.

Prosecutors allege Berlusconi used the venue for sex parties also attended by El Mahroug.

Fadil, aged 27, said that at the villa she met Nicole Minetti, a former television showgirl, dental hygienist and current member of the local parliament in the region of Lombardy for Berlusconi's conservative People of Freedom party.

At one stage Minetti appeared dressed in a black habit with a white headscarf and a large cross dangling from her neck, Fadil said.

No offense

Along with another similarly clad young woman, Barbara Faggioli, Minetti began gyrating in a "sexy dance", Fadil told the court, according to the ANSA news agency.

Minetti and Faggioli subsequently stripped down to their lingerie, Fadil said. Upon leaving the villa she heard that the two women would instead be spending the night there, she added.

Fadil also told the court how on that occasion Berlusconi offered her an envelope containing four €500 notes telling her that the gesture was "not meant to offend".

Fadil was among several young women who were set to testify at Monday's hearing. Most of them say they attended parties at Berlusconi's villa.

Berlusconi, who denies any wrongdoing, was not in court.

The former premier has in the past cited work commitments for not attending hearings in the trial which began a year ago.

Fadil is seeking damages against Minetti in a separate trial in which the regional parliamentarian and two other people are accused of procuring prostitutes for Berlusconi.

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    Even the devil is going: \\

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    This guy has got away with too much too long. Hope they get the greaseball and pack him off to prison.

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    This punter is on a par with SA politicians, an idiot!!.

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      I think that the idiot is you. Immorality is universal, how quickly that you have forgotten about Bill Clinton. He would make best buddies with Zuma though!

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    I love this guy! - 2012-04-16 18:33

      A laying, thieving whoremonger?

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