Obama: Assault weapons ban makes sense

2013-01-14 19:59

Washington - President Barack Obama said on Monday he thinks an assault weapons ban makes sense, after accepting what he said was a "sensible" list of plans to curb gun violence from Vice President Joe Biden.

At a White House press conference a month after the Newtown massacre, Obama promised a full response to Biden's ideas in coming days, but also backed restricting high capacity magazines and better background checks for gun buyers.

"If there is a step that we can take that will save even one child from what happened in Newtown, we should take that step," Obama said of the elementary school massacre that left 26 people dead.

"The belief that we have to have stronger background checks, that we can do a much better job in terms of keeping these magazine clips with high capacity out of the hands of folks who shouldn't have them, an assault weapons ban that is meaningful... those are things I continue to believe make sense.

"Will all of them get through this Congress? I don't know. But what's uppermost in my mind is making sure I'm honest with the American people and with members of Congress about what I think will work," Obama said.

Obama said that cabinet members led by Biden have "presented me now with a list of sensible common sense steps that can be taken to make sure that the kind of violence we saw at Newtown doesn't happen again".

Obama, who will be inaugurated for his second term next Monday, said he would present details on guns later this week.

Biden was tasked after the Newtown massacre to meet with key players on guns including the National Rifle Association, the powerful lobby which has adamantly opposed any restrictions on the US freedom to bear arms.

  • MJS1234 - 2013-01-14 20:19

    Good for you! NOBODY should have guns!!!

      bbooyse - 2013-01-14 20:32

      Outlaw guns and only outlaws will have guns - this country is one of the biggest examples of that. - 2013-01-14 20:37

      Dear mjs1234' if you are such a brave proponent of the anti gun lobby, then please be so kind as to put up a sign outside your house stating your opposition to firearm ownership and that there are no guns in your house. If you do not hold these convictions close to your heart then keep your opinion to yourself.

      colin.shephard.125 - 2013-01-14 21:40

      Only criminals support gun control since it makes robbing and raping so much safer especially in south africa where the police sometimes take hours to respond, that is if they even answer when you call 10111

  • Armanddebruyn - 2013-01-14 20:33

    the problem is that criminals will always get their hands on guns. You are only making those who are abiding by the law weaker in defending themselves. By no means am i saying this towards assault weapons only. I agree that assault weapons aren't really necessary. hand guns and and weapons with single fire are okay for defending or hunting or whatever reason you need them for other than military purposes. But in all likely hood criminals are going to get their hands on assault rifles and use it in their favor against the people they know would not be carrying those weapons. - 2013-01-14 21:38

      With the way the saps and army are "losing" assault rifles and other firearms in SA, you are quite correct

  • raymond.mcnelly - 2013-01-14 21:18

    What a hypocrite! How about Obama lead by example and disarm his secret service, and get rid of the armed guards protecting him and his family! All the anti-gun people are feebleminded sheep. It is a statistical FACT that crime is higher in a 'gun-free' zone than in a 'concealed carry' zone. It is not a theory, it is a FACT, backed up by real world data! Anti-gun polititians have an agenda, wake sheeple! Or get slaughtered!

  • Trevor Moller - 2013-01-14 21:37

    I see from the comments theres a lot of you out there that if you own guns you are safe well let me inform you owning a gun is a big responsibility but pulling is even a bigger responsibility and I bet all you gun owners your houses are covered with alarm systems electric fenced trellidoors safety gates so why have guns

      bbooyse - 2013-01-14 22:10

      It's simple...I see it this way: a country functions on a social contract. We participate as responsible citizens by voting and paying tax, and the government is obligated to protect us and look out for it's citizens well being (money doesn't just get paid for no reason). This government has proven consistently to be incapable of protecting it's citizens and it's offcials (who are armed and charged with protecting the populace) to be some of the most corrupt in the world. So yes, I'll take a gun thank you.

  • lyall.chazen - 2013-01-14 21:48

    The end of America as a free country. I guess Mr. Obama has no idea that Korean store owners did in fact NEED automatic assault rifles to defend themselves during the L.A. riots in 1992. A handgun can be quite limited in certain situations.

  • brendon.nel.7 - 2013-01-14 22:01

    No sh*t Einstein.

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