Obama slams 'outrageous' Moscow bombing

2011-01-24 20:56

Washington - US President Barack Obama on Monday condemned as "outrageous" a suicide attack on a Moscow airport which left 35 people dead and over 100 wounded.

"I strongly condemn this outrageous" act, the US leader said, quoted by White House spokesperson Robert Gibbs.

There were scenes of carnage at Domodedovo International Airport in southern Moscow on Monday as corpses were stretchered out of the arrivals area after the blast, the latest deadly attack to hit the capital after the metro bombings in March.

Describing the attack as an act of terror, President Dmitry Medvedev chaired an emergency meeting of transport and security officials and ordered a special security regime across the country's main airports and railway stations.

  • Karoobloed - 2011-01-24 22:46

    Out of which unique ideological cave are we creeping here? Somebody pass me a can of Doom for crawling insects... As long as humans remain in charge of any country, with or without religious texts, mistakes will be made, even with the best of intentions. The USA is the one and only reason why Nazi Germany and the Soviet Communist threats were both overcome in the 20th century - which one of those 2 would have been your favorite to rule the world oh delicate one?. Hitler and Stalin's transgressions were a hundred times more odious than George Bush's. Too bad the populations in Irak and Afganistan could not bring themselves to enthustiastically embrace democracy, human rights and the equality of men and women, but rather decided to fight and kill than giving up their medieval prejudices.

      Karoobloed - 2011-01-25 21:09

      My comment above was in response to another contributor's comment which seemed to have magically disappeared. The comment painted the USA as the world's greatest source of terrorism - I took issue with that, although I know that one's particular religion my alter your perspective.

  • robt enry - 2011-01-25 23:31

    Barry Soetero, aka: US President Barack Obama is the last to give advise unless he said to build a Mega Mosque next to the airport so all could have a group hug....Barry Soetero is a fraud....

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