Obama likened to disgraced ship captain

2012-01-30 11:45

Washington - Top Republican official Reince Priebus sparked a political uproar on Sunday by comparing President Barack Obama to disgraced Italian ship captain Francesco Schettino.

Commenting on tough exchanges between Republicans vying to face Obama in November, the Republican National Committee chairperson told CBS the focus would soon shift to Obama.

"In a few months, this is all going to be ancient history and we're going to talk about our own little Captain Schettino, which is President Obama, who is abandoning the ship here in the United States and is more interested in campaigning than doing his job as president."

Asked by the interviewer to clarify his remarks, Priebus went further.

"I called him Captain Schettino, you know, the captain that fled the ship in Italy. That's our own president, who is fleeing the American people and not doing his job and running around the country and campaigning."

Schettino became infamous around the world this month when his Costa Concordia ship liner run aground, killing at least 16 people.

Schettino is accused of being responsible for the disaster and of fleeing the stricken ship before his passengers were safe.

The comparison to Obama prompted indignation among Democrats, with the Democratic National Committee describing it as "shameful".

Democratic strategist Donna Brazile described the comments as "misleading", and "shameful and disgraceful."

  • wesleywt - 2012-01-30 11:57

    Sorry Mr Republican. You actually mean Bush is that captain you are talking about.

      Kobus - 2012-01-30 12:05

      No Bush adandoned the ship long before.

  • Godfrey - 2012-01-30 12:33

    Signs of desperation. The main reason the racist bible belt republican rednecks hate Obama is because he has a dark skin. But never mind, none of their current crop of candidates has a hope in hell of beating him in November.

      modo - 2012-01-30 12:44

      I really hope you're right. The Republicans have been creating this completely fake Obama to run against, and it's scary to see how much of the American public is falling for their lies and exaggeration. He really is the best candidate for 2012 by a long way.

      Citizen - 2012-01-30 13:06

      I think youre being a bit simplistic with your view, Obama was always on a hiding to nothing when he took over a ruined economy, no matter what he did he was not going to make anyone happy. Having said that trying to spend your way out of a recession was never the answer..

      Godfrey - 2012-01-30 14:12

      @Citizen I don't know what he could do to recover from the chaos of little Bush. The US is so much in debt that I don't think anyone would dare to call it up so just add more.

  • Neville - 2012-01-30 12:40

    Bush left aal the RUBBISH on the shi[p

  • goyougoodthing - 2012-01-30 12:46

    As much as I dislike politics and all politicians, Obama at least had a half-hearted strategy to help the people of the USA in his domestic policy, which was foiled at each turn by the Republicans. After racking up billions for a manufactured war they now turn around and blame Obama. His biggest problem, I think, was being naive as to the ways of getting things done in the USA and actually thinking that the republicans don't run every thing. From the moment his campaign started he set in motion a trail of favours on borrowed money, as has been orchestrated by the very men he campaigned against. The USA is screwed.

      Godfrey - 2012-01-30 12:59

      Of course the root of the problem is that big business has the cash to favour political candidates so US politicians are incapable of doing anything which impacts upon the rights of the super rich to exploit the country and the world and guarantees that they will financially support the opposition. Even foreign funds are used to bankroll congressmen. As you say,"The USA is screwed", and with that, for the time being, the World.

      goyougoodthing - 2012-01-30 13:10

      That is why they should (but won't) have a limit on campaign funding and also mandate limited numbers of TV spots etc. In New Zealand, at election time, there are slots available at 6pm and are introduced with a note saying that this is a part political broadcast, paid for by the X party. It's fair and gives the small guy a chance.

  • Gavin - 2012-01-30 13:54

    Every president that comes into power inherits the sins of the one vacating the office. All he does is lie to the voters and sell his soul to business. Then he votes to increase the debt ceiling by another gajillion dollars. The world needs to ween itself off 2 things. It's addiction to the US Dollar and to Oil. Only then can we truly be free of the shackles of the past.

      goyougoodthing - 2012-01-30 14:52

      Why you get a thumbs down for that makes no sense.

  • prahalath - 2012-01-30 21:00

    First president I have EVER seen that has not disgraced his country in some way or the other during his term. Regarding the debt ceiling: He didnt start the Afghanistan/Iraq war: why blame him for it?

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