Obama slams Republicans over tax

2011-12-22 23:03

Washington - US President Barack Obama on Thursday slammed a radical "faction" of Republicans for blocking a plan to give 160 million people an extended payroll tax holiday, raising the stakes in a bitter standoff.

"This is exactly why people get so frustrated with Washington... this is an issue where an overwhelming number of people in both parties agree," Obama said at a White House event.

"Has this place become so dysfunctional that even when people agree with things we can't do it? It doesn't make any sense. Enough is enough," Obama said.

Obama cited Americans who replied to a White House call for people to say how they would be impacted if the payroll tax cut expires on January 1, and they lose up to $40 in their pay every two weeks.

He said testimony was pouring into the White House on its website and on Twitter, adding that 30 000 people had replied at a rate of 2 000 per hour.

Obama called on House Republicans to pass a two-month bipartisan compromise to extend the 2% payroll tax cut. Republicans are refusing to endorse the plan, calling for a year-long extension instead.

"Nearly every Democrat in the Senate voted for that compromise. Nearly every Republican in the Senate voted for that compromise," Obama said.

"I am ready to sign that compromise into law the second it lands on my desk.

"So far the only reason it hasn't landed on my desk, the only reason, is because a faction of House Republicans have refused to support this compromise."

Some observers have questioned whether the showdown suggests that House Speaker John Boehner has lost control of his party caucus, including conservative Tea Party lawmakers elected in 2010 mid-term polls.

  • Walter - 2011-12-23 07:18

    Yeah, yeah, yeah! The yanks are deep in debt and the only way to get out of it is through taxes - personal as well as corporative. He's trying to bid for a second term and thrown the carrot out to buy the lesser earners and debt ridden people to buy votes. Get him out I say.

  • Francois - 2011-12-23 08:08

    Wlater, you have confused your intro with a Beatles song, it is suppose to be "She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah". I don't quite know what you are trying to say, but I assume that you don't want Obama to be president for another term. You have not stated that you want him out because he is black or because the is a Democrat. Let us hope it is not the former. Then the problem that Pres Obama is sitting with is one that was created by his predecessor, Bush, thus a Republican induced problem. To assist the middle class in the US is the best he can do as they are the people who like the middle class in SA bears the brunt of state taxes, if you call that vote buying,then it is fine, however I will rather call it a small effort to aid that middle class. Then there are two fundamental mistakes in your argument - the one is that higher taxes is the only way to get out of the mess - there is another and that is less spending by government, so would you rather not have the US (forget about the wars) helping the rest sommer net SA with Aids and then secondly how will more government taxes buy out debt ridden people if those taxes are used on running government or if you are trying to buy votes by lowering the taxes, how will you run the state and pay its debt. It is called a compromise and if you so strongly feel about your argument, will you please pay 80% taxes to our government as you are clearly not debt ridden and see no problem with paying higher taxes?

  • toibry - 2011-12-23 20:13

    Why do the nations rage and the people's plot in vain?

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