Odd requests from UK tourists...

2012-04-04 22:24

London - Britain's foreign secretary is warning tourists that UK embassies overseas can help in emergencies - but not with requests for assistance booking restaurants, finding dog minders or assisting in amorous advances.

William Hague said on Wednesday that travelling Britons bombard consular staff based in 180 nations with bizarre demands.

One man called diplomats last year after he discovered ants in his Florida rental home. A tourist in Spain requested help finding a suitable spot for Christmas lunch.

In Hungary, staff were asked to translate "I love you" into Hungarian by a tourist smitten with a local person.

Hague says Britain is restructuring its embassy network and training more staff to help with emergencies overseas.

  • Lynn Truter - 2012-04-05 00:19

    so the English has never heard of google. shem.

      Mark - 2012-04-05 07:23

      So the English HAVE not heard of Google. Shem.

  • leigh.ridgway - 2012-04-05 11:11

    So the English have not heard of Google. SHAME.

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