Official: FBI tipped off

2010-11-27 22:29

Washington - A law enforcement official says federal agents began investigating the suspect in the Christmas tree bombing plot in Oregon after receiving a tip from someone who was concerned about the teenager.

The official tells The Associated Press that Mohamed Osman Mohamud was acting on his own - without any instruction from a foreign terrorist organisation.

The official was not authorised to discuss the investigation publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity.

The official said on Saturday that Mohamud hatched the plan on his own to use a cell phone to detonate what he believed was an explosive-filled van at a crowded Christmas tree lighting ceremony on Friday.

The official said Mohamud alone planned the details, including where to park the van for the maximum number of casualties.

  • Olavin - 2010-11-28 08:19

    Wow, they actually said he worked alone three time in such a short space. Rubbish. The FBI helped him with the bomb. They even took him to a remote spot in Lincoln County, Oregon, where a bomb concealed in a backpack was detonated as a trial run for the upcoming Christmas tree attack. Then they made a bomb that wouldn't detonate and used him as a patsy. In an FBI affidavit, Mohamud’s absurd bomb plot began in August 2009 when he was contacted by email by an unknown associate overseas said to be involved in terrorist activities.

  • CATSHEAD - 2010-11-28 08:24

    Mohamud and his parents are newly arrived immigrants from the Islamic State of Somalia. Sadly, even if they are innocent, the whole family must be deported back to Mogadishu as punishment for failing to meet the criteria for new citizens set by their newly adopted country. This will serve as a lesson for all future "bombers"

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