Pakistan a terror sanctuary - India

2011-05-02 09:35

New Delhi - The killing of al Qaeda mastermind Osama bin Laden near Islamabad is further evidence that terrorists find "sanctuary" in Pakistan, Indian Home Minister P Chidambaram said on Monday.

"We take note with grave concern that part of the statement in which [US] President Obama said that the fire fight in which Osama bin Laden was killed took place in Abbottabad 'deep inside Pakistan'," Chidambaram said in a statement.

"This fact underlines our concern that terrorists belonging to different organisations find sanctuary in Pakistan," he said.

  • Snotty - 2011-05-02 10:50

    true the villa in which this monster was living in was built in 2005 worth over $1 million it has 2 mtr walls around it how come the paki govt did not know who lived in that house strange !!!!

  • Pen Of Zorro - 2011-05-02 11:04

    India has the guts to stand up to the Chinese and Pakistanis because the population of India will accept nohing less than the absolute truth. South Africa has sold out to the Chinese by denying the Dalai Lama entry into this country while India has literally given him a home. India's piety protects it - any effort to harm India in the past from Alexander the Great, Islamic moguls, the British empire and finally now terrorists. Whoever offends India brings aboout their own destruction.

      aa gone - 2011-05-02 15:42

      really?time will tell. maybe its because the hindus haves so many gods to protect them?

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