Bounty offered for anti-Islam film-maker

2012-09-22 19:09

Islamabad - A Pakistani government minister on Saturday offered a $100 000 bounty for the death of the maker of the anti-Islam film produced in the US that sparked violent protests across the Muslim world.

"I announce today that this blasphemer who has abused the holy prophet, if somebody will kill him, I will give that person a prize of $100 000," Railways Minister Ghulam Ahmed Bilour told reporters in the northwestern city of Peshawar.

"I also invite Taliban and al-Qaeda brothers to be partners in this noble deed," he said, adding that given the chance he would kill the film-maker with his own hand and "then they can hang me".

His comments came a day after violent nationwide protests against the "Innocence of Muslims" film left 21 people dead.
Thousands of Islamist activists in Pakistan staged demonstrations again on Saturday but there was no repeat of the previous day's widespread violence.

Protests against the film, which mocks Islam and was made by extremist Christians, have erupted across the Muslim world, leading to more than 50 deaths since the first demonstrations on September 11.

Tens of thousands took to the streets across Asia and the Middle East Friday as Western missions closed amid fears of violence.

The publication this week of cartoons mocking the Prophet Mohammed in a French satirical magazine has further stoked the anger over the film.

  • danie.strydom.7 - 2012-09-22 19:28

    How civilized. Can't wait to visit Pakistan ..

      erich.goosen - 2012-09-23 10:40

      I will also contribute to the bounty - all my Renown and Enterprise meat shares.

  • BuzzM - 2012-09-22 19:34

    Question: If I offer to pay somebody to bump somebody else off, is this not murder or attempted murder? That minister should be put behind bars!

  • ashley.stroebel - 2012-09-22 20:03

    WTF..............Isnt a minister part of government?? Government suppose to keep law and order in a country?? Bounty this the wild wild west?

  • fred.fraser.12 - 2012-09-22 20:07

    Through this crisis, the freer world can move towards freedom of expression with responsibility, from freedom of expression without responsibility. The Muslim world is at the other end of spectrum, just starting out with plain freedom of expression. The two can come together and fast-track this process. South Africa's Hate Speech constitutional provisions are a model that can be used. Unfortunately our government, in its immaturity among other things, has relinquished the high ground we had after Apartheid. We're siding with neo-Communist regimes, and doing business with brutally oppressive ones. The world does not see us the way it did after the fall of Apartheid. The model is there nonetheless, drafted by some of the preeminent constitutional lawyers around.

      joe.mase.7 - 2012-09-23 15:52

      I don't believe it. This stuff you wrote is actually very good. No cut and paste well done. You have a thumbs up from me.

  • hermann.hanekom - 2012-09-22 20:08

    Anybody surprised? Don't touch their idol. What a farce.

  • henk.vanrensburg.31 - 2012-09-22 20:19

    If your religion is worth murdering for, please start with yourselve.

      andzon.deboer - 2012-09-23 06:18

      The problem is they do - And they take several people with them

  • garth.baldwin.96 - 2012-09-22 20:21

    I wonder what the prophet would say..

  • kevin.watson.7906 - 2012-09-22 20:29

    Better not go and visit the USA unless he has a diplomatic passport, because he has committed an offence under US law.

  • miandra.vanzyl - 2012-09-22 20:29

    The film maker is hiding here under the name of Malema. Please let them know. - 2012-09-22 21:33

      Clever...but who will pay the ransom..I'm in for half!!

      julio.sanfona - 2012-09-22 23:05

      I have it on good authority that it was Juliarse Malema who financed the movie. Please someone, let the Pakistani minister know.

      stanton.clarke - 2012-09-23 12:00

      Nah, Malema was'nt behind this, the prophet in the video was WHITE.

      merven.halo - 2012-09-24 09:52

      If you're too stupid to pass a simple subject like woodwork, how can you make a movie?

  • Harold Chisimba - 2012-09-22 20:43

    Am christian and Idon't condone what happened,But why cant you (muslims) excercise tolerance and remission which prophet muhamad was preaching?

      scholesss - 2012-09-22 21:19

      ja the problem with moslem is that...they dont have tolarence...they judge by death..and blood...

      Harold Chisimba - 2012-09-22 22:37

      Oscar-Ibeseech you to call spade spade.

      joe.mase.7 - 2012-09-23 15:59

      @Hanif - A very good analysis. Thank you.

      merven.halo - 2012-09-24 09:54

      "yet we are not the ones who go throwing rocks and burning down government buildings" Christianity got its fair share of violence, mass murder and religious intolerance, bottom line is: all religions are evil.

      john.mongrol.52 - 2012-09-26 18:24

      @hanif why do u have to mention Christians when u revering to the USA? They don't screem "jesus u akbaar" when they go to war or read from the bible, the hatred in you people have blinded you from the simple and obvious truth. Islam is nothing more than a radical ideology that justifies killing in the name of islam

  • Shirley Van Heerden - 2012-09-22 20:50

    I am christian and have muslim friends. They are kind, generous and very good people. What a shame that a radical part of this religeous group is soiling the reputation of all Muslims in the world. It is only a movie, appauling - yes, but only a movie! Certainly the way you react to a load of BS defines you and not the BS! What a shame, so many lives lost due to some damn idiot.

      julio.sanfona - 2012-09-22 23:08

      Shirley, I totally agree with your sentiments, but why aren't there more Muslims showing their disapproval in this forum?

  • Johannes Bothma - 2012-09-22 20:57

    If the world put 1mil on each head of every muslim terrorist we would be broke!

  • george.pito - 2012-09-22 21:11

    Any counter offers. I dont know if it is Islam or Muslim but this world dont need to get rid of this weirdos.

  • mrova.blaza - 2012-09-22 21:19

    watched that rubbish movie on youtube and I must say it does not deserve all that hype it's getting. The muslim community should have chosen to ignore this idiot but I guess any attack is a call for help and please Mohammed help them.

  • Stewart Croucamp - 2012-09-22 21:24

    These religious fanatics are starting a new world war as religions always do.

  • keba.mothoagae - 2012-09-22 21:46

    Those wishing to grow the religion of Islam can now officially forget it.\r\n\r\nThe world has now seen what it really stands for. Those who claim it is a religion of peace can honestly jog on for their very loud silence over the actions of extremists is telling, to say the least. I'll honestly take a pedophilic moron masquerading under the veil of Christianity than the mindless violence that appears to define Islam. Truth.

  • cindy.wrathex.ruthven - 2012-09-22 22:02

    Disturbing to see such blood lust. These indoctrinated extremists are very dangerous. Will society ever be rid of this vile mind toxin ? Small vicious little brains are so easily distracted and quick to resort to the easiest and most primal reaction - kill anything you do not understand.

  • RudiErnst - 2012-09-22 22:23

    Yes, Bilour. You too, like the ANC-supporters in south africa, have no solution but violence. Yet, you condemn it when your people are the victims of mindless idiots who do not represent whites or Christians. It is that mentality that results in senseless killings by both parties. Pitiful - you should be ashamed.

  • Cameron - 2012-09-23 00:35

    WOOOw...what a peacefull people eh....

      muhammad.mokoena - 2012-09-23 01:01

      in Islam justice comes before peace. And u need to deal justly with the creator. Since he wishes that u be thankful to him. And it is his right since he has created u. Isn't that so? Look at what ur lord has given u. All u own and all u are is because of him. \r\n\r\nAgain, if god says that something is right we have no right to say its wrong. The problem is u don't know that the quran is from god. Please do research on the quran u will see what I am telling u is the truth.

      gerhard.kress.3 - 2012-09-23 08:31

      Homosexuality was and is widely practised in Islamic conutries. To please the homosexuals among his followers he promised them pre-pubescent boys in Paradise. So after committing plunder, loot, rape and murder in this life, the followers of Islam get "rewarded" by untouched virginal youths who are fresh like pearls. The relevant verses from the Koran are: Koran 52:24 Round about them will serve, to them, boys (handsome) as pearls well-guarded. Koran 56:17 Round about them will serve boys of perpetual freshness. Koran 76:19 And round about them will serve boys of perpetual freshness: if thou seest them, thou wouldst think them scattered pearls.

      muhammad.mokoena - 2012-09-23 08:48

      Gerhard ur twisted understanding is not what Islam teaches. In Islam the homosexual is Killed for his crime. Also the quran explains itself. If the quran was for homosexuality then why is the storyy of Lot in the quran where he destroyed people for doing that? There will be boys in paradise yes but they will be the likeness of ur children in this life? Don't u like to have kids around u? Don't u like to have fun with ur sons? This is the promise that God gave in the quran. As for the virgins in paradise. Yes, God will give the people of paradise virgins and He knows better what reward is most suitable and what his servants like. The issue again comes down to : is the quran from God? If so then whatever is in it is true.

      Cameron - 2012-09-23 12:42

      Ill pass thanks. After all innocent lives that has been taken in its name, i think i will stay faaar away from it.

      gerhard.kress.3 - 2012-09-23 17:03

      Only a degenerate criminal could have written the Koran. The Koran is a handbook for war, murder, rape, pillaging, looting, terrorising, subjugation of man, woman and child, sodomy, wanton executions of the innocent, even children and the hanging or stoning of women. The list is endless.

      joe.mase.7 - 2012-09-23 17:28

      Herr Gerhard - Perhaps if you read the whole book, you may learn something.

  • johan.krause.56 - 2012-09-23 04:49

    @mokoena - You clearly do not read and understand the bible correctly as you read with the muslim beliefs In Luke 19 Jesus do not promote killing! Please do your own research and go back and read all the related verses! Read Matt 25 as well for better understanding! Some verses below! The Parable of the Talents 14 ¶ For the kingdom of heaven is as a man traveling into a far country, who called his own servants, and delivered unto them his goods. 15 And unto one he gave five talents, to another two, and to another one; to every man according to his several ability; and straightway took his journey. 16 Then he that had received the five talents went and traded with the same, and made them other five talents. 17 And likewise he that had received two, he also gained other two. 18 But he that had received one went and digged in the earth, and hid his lord's money. 29 For unto every one that hath shall be given, and he shall have abundance: but from him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath. Mt. 13.12 · Mk. 4.25 · Lk. 8.18 30 And cast ye the unprofitable servant into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Mt. 8.12 ; 22.13 · Lk. 13.28 Lk. 19.11-27

      muhammad.mokoena - 2012-09-23 07:42

      @Johan thank you for helping me understand correctly. Please accept my apology for misconstruing the bible. I don't wish to be unjust or deceiving.

  • zaks2217 - 2012-09-23 06:15

    Blasphemy is punishable by death. Doesn't mean its the 21st century so Gods law has changed. We have adopted freedom of speech so we can say anything we want like, we don't care to insult any1! Even if muslims are the last people on earth to practice the Divine code so be it. Whenever they try to paint Islam in a bad light, more people want to know what Islam is. After 911 there has been more conversions in the US than ever before. All that matters is the end result. 'And they plan, and God also plans, Verily God is the Best of Planners'. So please carry on giving Islam so much attention in the media, it makes our faith only grow stronger.

  • samuel.mphela - 2012-09-23 07:25

    Wow! Really? This is not a good look for Islam. It's not representative of the peace they preach, now is it? Hope this madness stop. It's but a piece of film, for PEACE'S sake.

  • kenny.bianco.7 - 2012-09-23 08:01

    Inciting murder? Is this not an international crime? What happened to peace, top official of a country? I don't think I understand ISLAM some1 help me

      garth.baldwin.96 - 2012-09-23 09:33

      Just think back to the witch hunts that Christians engaged in.. That should explain the whole phenomenon

  • toofaan.monsoon - 2012-09-23 08:15

    This politician should be locked up. He just admitted that Pakistan supports Al Queda. Time to wake up Mr Obama. The Pakistani government is not your friend. Don't get into bed with these radicals. In their eyes, you are less than dirt just because you do not have the same belief system. Their government has demanded that an American citizen be killed!!! Will you let Romney be proved rigHt ??? Many people think that Iran is the worlds biggest problem with their nuclear program. They're wrong - Pakistan is the problem. Only held in check by India.

  • Bob.Cee123 - 2012-09-23 08:23

    So, has he been fired or arrested yet?

  • lizette.versteegh - 2012-09-23 08:46

    How sad when people commit hidious crimes like this and use 'religion' as their scape-goat ('Christians', who apparently made the movie AND 'Muslims' using it as an excuse to murder). There is only 1 living God

  • abubakr.moerat - 2012-09-23 09:19

    A new survey reveals the dramatically changing face of religion in America, with the number of Muslims in the U.S. soaring 67% in the decade since the 9/11 attacks.\r\n\r\nData released Tuesday from the 2010 U.S. Religion Census shows Islam was the fastest growing religion in America in the last 10 years, with 2.6 million living in the U.S. today, up from 1 million in 2000\r\n\r\nIn the Midwest and parts of the South there are now more Muslims than Jews for the first time. Immigration from parts of the Muslim world and a small rise in conversions are the driving force behind the growth, researchers said. Jones also speculated that the burst of anti-Islam sentiment after the 9/11 attacks could have done more to grow the religion's presence in the U.S. than slow it. Those on the fence about converting to Islam may have decided to do so on principle.\r\n\r\n\Persecution is sometimes good for a religious group — in the sense of being able to attract more followers, for some reason,\ Jones said. \Rarely is opposition a very effective tool in stopping the growth of a movement.\\r\n\r\nDr. Ihsan Bagby, associate proessor of Islamic studies at the University of Kentucky, agreed that any negative sentiments against Islam has only built up resiliance in the Muslim community. \You get stronger with resistance,” he said. “If everything is just peachy keen, it's hard to grow. I think the anti-Muslim atmosphere in certain segments of the public square have actually made Muslims more religious

      joyce.beeton - 2012-09-23 14:39

      I have always been interested to understand why Muslims who hate the West so much want to live in a Western country? They hate the Western way of life, criticize their style of dress and customs etc., prefer the Sharia type law, are anti-America in particular, so why do so many live in the UK and America instead of in their own Muslim countries

      lizette.versteegh - 2012-09-23 22:44

      Ie: murder

  • nicholas.breakey - 2012-09-23 14:08

    Eliminate this man I am sure a drone strike could be used, and the fact that the Pakastanis do not jail him makes me think the whole country may be a legitimate target.

  • joe.mase.7 - 2012-09-23 16:00

    I offer $200m (Zim dollars) to anyone that will turn 'Whatda.fuqbro' into a dog. He is not far from it so doing the job should be easy. Then we kick him and all his family to Portugal.

  • drakaz0613 - 2012-09-30 12:11

    what is the negative effect in releasing bounty for the film maker who made the film innocence of muslim?

  • drakaz0613 - 2012-09-30 12:11

    what is the negative effect in releasing bounty for the film maker who made the film innocence of muslim?

  • drakaz0613 - 2012-09-30 12:17

    what is the pasi tive effect in releasing bounty for the film maker who made the film innocence of muslim?

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