Palestinian PM and government to resign

2011-02-14 10:56

Ramallah - The Palestinian government was meeting early on Monday, with Prime Minister Salam Fayyad poised to hand his resignation and that of his cabinet to president Mahmud Abbas.

In the wake of the move, Abbas was to ask Fayyad to form a new government, with deliberations expected to begin immediately, a senior official said late on Sunday.

Abbas had already made known his intention to reshuffle the government headed by Fayyad, who was expected to retain the post of premier he has held since 2007.

Consultations on forming a new government have been in the works for several months but were delayed by the popular uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, he said.

On Saturday, the Palestinian leadership in the West Bank announced plans to hold presidential and parliamentary elections by September, running into immediate opposition from its Islamist Hamas rivals in the Gaza Strip.

Plans to hold a general election in January 2010 were called off over opposition from Hamas, which does not accept the legitimacy of Abbas's rule.

Last week, the Palestinian leadership also laid out plans to hold local elections on July 9, in what will be the first time Palestinians have gone to the polls since 2006.

Hamas has rejected all forms of voting called for by the Palestinian Authority, meaning the various polls will be limited to the West Bank.

  • igvirgil7 - 2011-02-14 12:11

    So much for Democracy under Hamas. Shades of Mugabe

  • emmamimie - 2011-02-14 12:45

    Its about time the moslem communities in this world were allowed to have quality of life and not be oppressed by governments. They do not have to live like the west but at least be free with in their religions. I am a christian ans try to live correctly sometime you fail but get up and start again, no need for a goverment to tell me how to live my life.Democracy has to be equality as well not one sided, everyone must feel freedom in all respects in their countries.

      Wonderboy - 2011-02-14 16:28

      Well said!

      NodrogBob - 2011-02-15 14:56

      It's not just their governments that oppress them, it's their religion!

  • NodrogBob - 2011-02-15 08:22

    Really, it doesn't change a thing. The next ones in will be the same! Same spirit. Actually they may be worse. Let's see as well what is going to happen with Egypt. If the Muslim Brotherhood get their feet through the door, because they are the ones behind the uprising in Egypt. They will not be democratic, but draconian in leadership, just like the Iranian Gvt, which is really run by the Ayatollahs and was taken over by using the same means as you see now in Egypt and other places. So perhaps the Palestinians are going to get a more vicious gvt.

  • Jaimo - 2011-02-15 08:54

    All these movements in these M/East countries are interesting - but can you see the World Shadow Govt. doing the same thing again and again -following their international blue print?? Watch Obama's craft - did I say craft? - looks all too familiar!!

      NodrogBob - 2011-02-15 09:18

      Yep, can see it clearly. A leopard never changes it's spots!

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